sig p238 vs p938. Then, at SHOT Show this year, we saw that Sig had a. They refuse to settle for anything less, and so do we. Top Rated Gear: Viridian Reactor 5 Elite Red Laser Sight for SIG SAUER P238 and P938 Handguns MFR: R5-R-238/938. My 5'1" wife has no problem shooting the P938. Sig Sauer's P938 offers the ballistic advantage of the 9mm cartridge in a platform similar in size to their best-selling P238 pistol. 70 in 6+1 Black Hardcoat Anodized Stainless Stainless Steel Gray Polymer Grip. The trigger is single-action-only. Chad compares the Sig p938 vs the Sig p238. With the P938, SIG SAUER offers the ballistic advantage of the 9mm cartridge in a platform similar in size to the best-selling P238 pistol. 4 Standard Conversion Kit Parts 646. Keeping this in mind, the P938 and G43 are basically equal, though the Sig offers a wider selection since its grips are interchangeable. Like a 1911, it is a single stack, semi-automatic, single action only pistol and while it does have a thumb safety, Sig has removed the grip safety that is commonly found on most 1911 style pistols. Sig Sauer’s P938 range is based on their trusted P238 platform and optimized for concealed carry. I have both the P238 and the P938 and the P938 will kick much harder. The capacity advantage of the Sig P365 due to its staggered magazine design dwarfs the competition. The Sig Sauer P928 is essentially an extremely small 1911, which can be a make or break fact for many people. There are a couple different versions available, all of which are micro-compact in size and utilize an external hammer with a single action only trigger. Complete SIG 238/938 Disassembly I noticed I never said the word ejector which is the part that pins with the sear. Jump to Latest Had Glock 35 OD / Glock 27/ Glock 39 OD 45GAP/ Ruger LCR 357/ Sig Sauer 522 OD / XDs45 / Sig P938 Extreme / Kahr PM9 with Crimson. Sig Sauer P938 vs Kimber Micro 9. Eye Protection Step 3: Pull back on the Slide and Locate the. With dimensions just slightly larger than its. It's ambidextrous operation has two selectable modes to choose from: a steady or pulsing laser. The P938 microcompact is inspired by the P238, but is still easy to conceal and even easier to shoot. Sig Sauer's P938 combines 1911-style features. The 938 Legion weighs 17 ounces empty, and that is slightly more than the original 938's 16 ounces. 95 which is unchanged from its 12-week average price. Sig Sauer P938 Pistols For Sale. 380 design, and is intended to be a low profile, conceal and carry, along with personal protection handgun. The frame is built from aluminum, and the slide is steel. Sig Sauer P238 Lady Review & Price GunData. Frame and slide are stainless steel and the barrel is carbon steel. is pleased to announce the expansion of the Legion Series of firearms with the introduction of the P938 and P238 micro-compact pistols. The trigger should reduce the reset range and I can hopefully smooth down the ridges to reduce the bite. The P238, built to perform and please every shooter inspired the P938, which delivers the same accuracy and reliability with duty caliber performance. An example of this is the recent release of the SIG P938 2nd Gen. If your Sig is a backup piece or if you want something accessible when seated in a car, consider a cross-draw OWB rig. 1; 2; The Sig P238 used to be my carry piece before I sold it to a friend. Not sure why but my eyes tend to pick that up. 380 round is just too small and does not pack enough punch for me. TexOkie Shaver said: I just ordered some upgrade goodies for my Sig P938. Sig Sauer P938 Equinox Review & Price GunData. REACTOR Gen 2 Green Laser and Holster. To conclude, to be honest, only you can make the real final decision as to which you think is the better gun. 3622 Views Share Embed Download. Like most Glocks you don't get much in adornment, but you get a hard working gun that you can trust to go off when you hit the bang switch with your booger hook. On the side of the Glock 43 in winnowing down between the Glock 43 vs Sig P938, the gun is everything you need and nothing you don't. P238 / P938 - Does NOT fit P938 BRG P238 DESERT P938 22LR TB Similar Products to Crimson Trace Laserguard Sight for Sig Sauer P238/938 Crimson Trace Laser Grip for Sig Sauer P220 (22) $394. The Sig Sauer® P938 Nitron is an extremely reliable and concealable semi-auto pistol that offers the ballistic advantage of the battle-proven 9mm cartridge. I've since changed on the trigger on the P238 to a SS Tillamook Precision. At the risk of sounding non-committal, I would recommend to visit a range and rent several pistols if you have the opportunity. 2 out of 5 stars : Best Sellers Rank. The P938 SAS on the left and Stand edition on the right with extended magazines. Related Stories: Preview: Sig Sauer's Ultra-Compact. The LC9 vs 938 may not be a fair comparison, probably a Kahr PM9 vs. 2021 Awards & rankings #27 Most Popular Lasermax Laser Sights. factory plastic) Plastic must be "OK" if SIG dares to use it for triggers in their guns but plastic triggers do NOT belong on a higher. I am looking at Bersa thunder plus for the high capacity, the P365 or Hellcat for commonality with my other 9mm, the P238 cause it’s a Sig, and just stumbled on the P938. The trigger is a bit spongy and always gives me the impression of plastic rubbing on plastic. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 20 Posts. Tillamook Precision Trigger for SIG. Results are only viewable after voting. The pistol features the SIG Anti-Snag (SAS) technology slide treatment with a flush-mounted FT bullseye fiber-tritium night sight, an ambidextrous thumb safety, and ships with (1) 7-round magazine. I prefer the Equinox but the Scorpion is a very close second. C If you're thinking about a 238/938/Kimber Micro trigger replacement check this one. SIG Sauer has expanded its Legion Series to include the P238 and P938 micro-compact pistols. Sig Sauer Handguns have various catergories For sale such as,Sig Sauer 1911,Sig Sauer P220,Sig Sauer P226,Sig Sauer P229,Sig Sauer P238,Sig Sauer P320,Sig Sauer P365,Sig Sauer P938,Sig Sauer SP2022. 380 in the same size gun makes a difference. What I don't like about the P938 us that, for some reason, the magwell looks oddly large compared to the rest of the pistol. 380 caliber magazine without adding extension. My husband bought the 238 for me, per my request, and I bought the 938 for him, per his request. The Sig has been my carry weapon for the past year. The Sig Sauer P238 is a small, pocket sized pistol chambered in. 2 oz: Sig Sauer P938 Nitron : 5. Extremely bright 520nm Green Laser with grip activation. MOore on May 27th 2020 Sig P238 Ankle Holster by BUGBite. S I own a G26 and a P238 (938, but in. This semi-auto handgun offers a cocked-and-locked single-action trigger and unmatched accuracy. It's an all-metal design with a lightweight anodized aluminum alloy frame. Sig Sauer P238 MagGuts™-High Capacity Magazine Conversion Adds a round to your 7 round Sig Sauer P238. SIG Sauer P238 Pistol SIG Sauer P238 Pistol Build. Between the two pistols, the Px38 series was SIG's best-selling design for years. ‎Sig P238/P938 Gen 2 : Included Components ‎Reactor 5 Gen II Green Laser Sig Sauer P238/P938 with ECR Instant On IWB Holster : Size ‎Fits: Sig Sauer P238/P938 : Additional Information. Custom designed to fit SIG Sauer P238 and P938. The best price for sig sauer p938 for sale online. LC9 vs Sig P938? Jump to Latest Follow 21 - 27 of 27 Posts. The SIG P938 is a reliable, ergonomically designed self-defense pistol for concealed carry. 900 repair sig sauer p238 p938 owners manual pistol gun - physics owner's manual - sig sauer genesis i sig p938 - youtube power technology wakil sig sauer p938 two-tone 9mm centerfire pistol with harrison guide civil repair manuals for hyster forklift lab 9th edition sig p938 manual. It is available either in natural polished stainless steel as well as in Robar Black Oxide , with your choice of serrated or smooth trigger. In Today's Vs Video we have the Sig Sauer P365 Vs the Sig Sauer P938. Improve Sig Sauer P238 & P938 Pistol Accuracy and Overall Performance. Ammo Armor Magazine Protector $9. Built to the exacting specs you've come to expect from us. Another downside to the P238 inherent to its construction is the limitations to. It has one noteworthy functional enhancement compared to the stock trigger blade. Roughly 400 rounds of this has been FMJ, with about 100 of Hornady Critical Duty 9mm and Sig's own 124-grain +P V- . The first 1911-inspired 9mm micro-compact by SIG SAUER®. The action of the pistol is remarkably smooth. We compare two pocket size 9mm semi-auto handguns, the Sig Sauer P938 and the GLOCK 43 - Hammer fired vs. A smart looking, small handgun built with the same accuracy and reliability as large frame SIG SAUER pistols. Micro-Tip Flathead Screwdriver 6. 22 long is for fun but not a serious caliber. Be that as it may, the P238 seems to be wildly popular with numerous variations available. 911 vs SIG P238 which one? Tags. The P238 Model is based off the Colt Mustang, which is a small frame version of the 1911 model handgun. You can also read our review on the Sig P238 the P938’s smaller 380 brother. By Guest Am mommas, March 19, 2013 in Women's Perspectives. ASIN : B076VSR8MZ : Customer Reviews: 4. If you cruise over to the Sig Sauer website you'll find a nearly endless list of selections on the handgun pages. easy for left- and right-handed shooters. Like the P238, the P938 operates like a miniature 1911: single action only with an external safety. With the extended magazine, you get 7+1 with the P938. LTG-772 Lightguard™ Tactical Light for SIG SAUER® P365. It all really depends on your preference. What is the SIG Sauer P938 Emperor Scorpion made of? Which is better P238 or P938? P238 vs P938: . 9 in for both, but they measure the 290 from the top of the slide and the 938 from the top of the rear site. Crimson Trace Laserguard Sight for Sig Sauer P238/938. The magazine holds 6-rounds of. SIG'S Popular P938 Pocket Pistol Gets the High-End Legion Treatment. SIG P938 has a SAO (single-action-only trigger) and SIGLITE Night Sights, which makes the handling much like their larger pistols, But with the advantage of being more than less than half the weight and size of the larger pistols. The result is the SIG P938 - a carry pistol of the highest caliber. The P938 SAS is a single-action-only hammer-fired pistol with an allow frame and Nitron finish. I am wanting a super thin gun that is 1911 type that fits in my pocket. The single-action pistol has a 6-round magazine capacity, and the SIGLITE® Night Sights are removable and adjustable for windage. With an overall length of just 5. The Hybrid Spring System is the latest in magazine spring technology developed by us for use exclusively in our MagGuts™ products. Review of the Sig Sauer P238. 380) lacks a grip safety, so no need to worry on that front. Sig Sauer P238 Two-Tone 380 ACP Centerfire Pistol with Tactical Laser. These calibers have garnered good reputations as “fight stoppers” when compared to the. REACTOR Gen 2 Red Laser and Holster. The P938 Nitron features a black, hard-coat anodized alloy frame, and a Nitron™ coated stainless steel slide. The P238 has an impeccable service record like any Sig firearm, but the. M&P Shield vs Sig P938 Conclusion So, we draw to a close this in-depth look at a pair of fine concealed carry firearms. With SIG Sauer's introduction of the P238 semi-auto pistol chambered in. The most compact 9mm in the Sig Sauer product line, the P938 offers the ballistic advantage of the 9mm cartridge in a platform similar in size to the P238 pistol. Been shooting the P938 today and will be shooting it more this evening (laser). Have many other Glocks & other handguns like H&K's but none would fill a deep concealment role. Dimensionally, it is only a little larger than the. Since, I have pretty much claimed the 938 as mine as well. Gun Review: SIG Sauer P938 Nightmare. Watch Sig Sauer P238 Disassembly Video for Installation. Custom Sig Sauer P238 Trigger Kit to Reduce your Sig Sauer P238 Trigger Pull by 50% making it a must have for Sig Sauer P238 Accessories! Custom Sig Sauer P238 Trigger Job without the Custom Price! Best Sig Sauer P238 Upgrades for Increased Accuracy and Performance! Also fits and functions for a Sig Sauer P938 Custom Trigger Upgrade. Any thoughts or experience on Sig P238 vs Kimber Micro? Looking for a reliable and accurate. Should you buy the Sig Sauer P938 vs Kimber Micro 9? Read our comparison of these two guns here and discover which one you should choose!. In terms of relative size, the Sig P938 doesn't fare much different from the Kimber Micro 9. The Sig Sauer P238 handgun comes in at 5 1/2 inches long and is one mean little carry gun. This is a factory 7-round magazine for Sig Sauer P938 pistols. No purchase is necessary to enter the sweepstakes, but you only have until April 30. The Sig had the best sights of the three by far so I went with it (the Equinox model has a green front sight). The P238 Lady is a small frame, sub-compact pistol, designed for conceal and carry, and self defense purposes. This laser sight is easy to install and blends seamlessly into the trigger guard for invisible profile and smooth draw. However, with this comes an extra round in the magazine. Norman is a US Marine Corps veteran as well as being an SSI Assistant Instructor. Review: SIG SAUER's Popular P938 Pocket Pistol Gets the. I have never looked at a Kimber Micro before. With the introduction of the P938, SIG SAUER now offers the ballistic advantage of the 9mm cartridge in a platform similar in size to the best-selling P238 pistol. My Glock 43 will probably be replaced by my 9mm Colt Defender. Being all metal is a hugh plus in this case and helps dampen the recoil. 9-inches, and a barrel length of 3. Sig P938 The P938 is a 1911-inspired single stack weapon that is available in. Sep 21, 2010 252 18 Bloomington. The new value of a SIG SAUER P938 pistol has risen $2. Reduce your Sig Sauer P238 & P938 Trigger Pull from 5lbs to 2. Since we don't get the capacity, G26 for me. I love my "original" SAS packing it around with me while working on foundation business or running errands. The all new Sig P938 Legion Micro-Compact comes with a precision trigger machined from aluminum. Meanwhile, the slide is stainless steel, either bare or with Nitron coating. 380 ACP round is pretty much a shorty-9mm round. Sig Sauer P938 Emperor Scorpion. Sig P938 vs Sig P238: Recoil Demonstration. This lightweight, all-metal pistol builds on the trusted P238® platform, delivering accuracy and reliability with duty caliber performance. Nonetheless, there have been a few pocket and micro carry handguns that they've offered in recent years that have deeply aroused my interests: The P238 and P938 series of pistols. Viridian's green lasers utilize a 510-532nm wavelength range creating an optimum target dot that is up to 50 times brighter than red lasers. 1911 Grips | Smith & Wesson Revolver Grips | Browning Hi-Power Grips | CZ Grips. A single-action-only trigger, coupled with FT Bullseye Sight, the P938 handle like a much larger pistol, yet is still easy to carry concealed. SIg P938 ankle holster by Bugbite. Internal OEM components are replaced with MagGuts™ components. 380) which still kicks like a mule but is easier to control. Today a Lasermax Centerfire For Sig Sauer P238/p938 Red Laser (cf-p238) will cost you an average of $83. He, unfortunately, received injuries to his body while serving, that included cracked vertebrae and injuries to both his knees and his shoulder, resulting in several surgeries. I did wait a bit to let the bugs shake out first. If you want a slim, subcompact single-stack 9mm but would like a gun with some class, two guns you might find yourself considering are the Sig P938 vs Kimber Solo. Nevertheless, as with any business, some are better than others. Think about it for a minute, 10+1 in the Sig is as many. It weighs in at 16 ounces unloaded, and likewise has either a 6- or 7-round magazine with extended baseplate available. Sig in foreground holds 10+1, Glock 6+1, 2nd Sig 12+1, S&W Shield 8+1. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 18 of 18 Posts. But my plan is to sell it as it has been replaced first by a Glock 42 then by a Glock 43. Once I'm sure the Defender will prov to be reliable, prob be my go to for carry. SIG Performance Custom Trigger For the SIG SAUER P238 / P938 Colt Mustang , Mustang II, Colt Pocketlite & Colt Mustang XSP - Metal construction (Aerospace grade 6061-T651 Cold Finish anodized aluminum vs. SIG is always moving forward, improving on the best for the best. Funny thing about the way Sig did the height measurements on the P938 and the P290RS. Apples to Apples, the Sig P938 Vs. 22 Long Rifle was introduced in 2014. The Colt had a slightly better trigger than the other two but not markedly better. People all around the country - heck, all around the world - like a small 9mm. Â Most likely, SIG SAUER purchased the rights to manufacture the Mustang from Colt, though under their own label: the P238. It fits either the SIG P238 or the P938, as the two models use the same trigger blade. SIG P229 PISTOLS - SIG SAUER P229 FOR SALE ONLINE. I compared the Sig P238 Equinox, the Colt Mustang and the Kimber Micro Carry side-by-side. Sig P938 vs Sig P238 Comparison. Viridian's red lasers utilize a 635-650nm laser wavelength to generate the brightest, sharpest red dot possible. Sig P938 vs Kimber Solo For Concealed Carry. A SIG SAUER P938 pistol is currently worth an average price of $853. Sig P238 or P938? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 36 Posts. Sig P238 / P938 Grips #raascogrips Custom 1911 Grips, Ruger 22 45, Para. One of the key features of the SIG P238 is its diminutive size. The SIG P938 for sale online is a lightweight, all-metal, 9mm single-action pistol that delivers on its promise to provide the operator accuracy, reliability and a high-caliber of performance. Joined May 17, 2012 · 18,867 Posts #21 · Sep 25, 2012 I purchased a P238 some time ago because of the way it felt but have since traded it off because it was just not dependable enough, and now there are 9s that are. The P938 is signifagantly smaller and lighter than any ultra small 1911. 00 : 9mm luger sig sauer p938 sas fort mill, sc: new old stock: 3/26/2022: $659. You can also read our review on the Sig P238 the P938's smaller 380 brother. The Sig P938 is darn near the same size, with a 3-inch barrel and standing 5. SIG Performance Custom Trigger For the SIG SAUER P238 / P938 Colt Mustang , Mustang II, Colt Pocketlite & Colt Mustang XSP. The only one comparable I've tested is located in SIG's Legion P238 (review coming soon). Compact yet powerful, this Sig Sauer P938 is a semi-auto handgun modeled after the M1911 and chambered in 9mm. Accurate, dependable, and highly concealable, this gun's beavertail frame is made of hard anodized alloy, and the slide is made of stainless steel with a nitron finish. A trip to the range will probably settle the carry decision. Our comparisons of the MP Sheild M2. Crafted with a polymer grip, the Sig Sauer P938 Academy Exclusive NS 9mm Sub-Compact 7-Round Pistol features a 3-inch nitron barrel, a nitron-coated slide and an ambidextrous manual thumb safety. Taking care of your holster is an important thing and there are many options including break-in or adjustment. The inspiration for the Sig Sauer P238 is a gun everyone is familiar with, the Colt 1911. Configuration: Without Flashlight, Dedicated Mounts: Sig Sauer, Mount Style: Frame/Trigger Guard Mounted. In 2009, three years after SIG's initial success with the P238's release, they followed up on customer demand for a 9mm version by releasing the P938. The P938 Legion includes a new precision machined aluminum trigger and aggressive trigger guard checkering along with an ambidextrous thumb safety allowing for easy manipulation and accuracy. SIG P938: A Complete Review of the SIG Sauer P938. Sig Sauer P238 vs Sig Sauer P938 Nitron. E SERIES™ Red Laser Sight for Sig Sauer P238/P938. The P238 is built on an anodized alloy beavertail style frame with fluted aluminum grips for comfort and a secure hold during rapid fire usage. Sig Sauer P238 Extreme Pistol -The P238 is built on an alloy beavertail style frame, Nitron finished slide and Hogue Extreme Series G-10 grips for comfort and a secure hold during rapid-fire usage. Sig went the extra mile and brought out what I think is a far better choice in the P938. The Sig Sauer P238: a Classic Pocket Carry Handgun. The Sig Sauer P238 Academy Exclusive NS 380 ACP Sub-Compact 7-Round Pistol features a stainless-steel slide with slide serrations and an anodized alloy beavertail-style frame. Aug 17, 2015 - Explore Jonathan Walker's board "Sig P238" on Pinterest. And, it has a bigger 9mm brother, the Sig p938. Stainless adjustable trigger to replace the Sig resin trigger. In an ankle holster, either one is great. While it could be argued either way, it is just something worth mentioning. It may not sound like a lot, but it can feel like a lot depending on your pocket. Save big on a new sig sauer p238. The Glock G43 is also a locked-breech. THE P938 Spartan II is all stainless steel in a distressed coyote finish. Allen Company Glenwood Leather Belt Slide Gun Holster. Can anyone tell me you believe which one is better, pros/cons, etc?. This is an acceptable weight for concealed carry, especially for in the pocket. Sig P938 original model on left; Sig P938 Legion on right 6. 38 in a Kramer pocket holster and I carry a Sig P365. The P938 Is The Same, Just A Little Bigger The P938 is just like the Sig P238, just slightly bigger in every dimension including the bullet that it fires since the 9x19mm is just a hair bigger than the. GI Model 3, GI No Name CCO, STI Trojan, Kimber Ultra CDP II, Kimber Classic Gold Match, Kimber Eclipse 10mm, Coonan Classic. So, check out our Sig Sauer P938 vs . Apparently Sig used the same extractor, extractor spring, and recoil spring from the P238 into the new P938. The Beretta Nano and the Sig Sauer P938 are both available locally, and both have had fairly good reviews. Though a word of advice pocket 9mms can kick like an ornery mule. Other artist series grips are made in our studio to replicate natural materials. And I carry and shoot both of them often. 380 ACP (9mm short) ammunition, and can also hold extended clips. 380 Auto P238 pistol, the micro-compact P938 Stand packs more "punch" thanks to its chambering in 9mm Luger and a 7-round magazine. Which one would I choose. 380ACP Single Action Only Pistols. I'm looking at this as a cost and availability thing. The Sig Sauer P938 is a subcompact design, which is also a solidly built 9mm, weighing in at about 1 pound! This gun has been around for quite a few years now, and shouldn't just be taken as just a concealed carry. 716K subscribers in the guns community. The P238 from SIG Sauer is a fine little firearm. LG-492-HBT Laserguard® with Blade-Tech IWB Holster for Sig Sauer P238 & P938. Choose from a selection of holsters, grips, lasers, and more. Springfield XDs/Mod 2 9/40/45 6 item Sig Sauer P238/P938 6 item Sig Sauer P365 5 item. With black grips, a Nitron-finished slide and a 6+1 capacity, it may be compact, but it's still ready for combat. 0 ounces empty while the P238 weighs 15. These are two of my favorite 9-millimeters ever made, especially for concealed carry - possibly the best handguns ever built in the world, in my opinion. Unlike the 238, the Nightmare ships with an ambidextrous safety. You've got one already and you're looking for the absolute best laser sight for your Sig P238 because it one day may even save your life. Sig P238 vs Kimber Micro vs Sig P938 vs Kimber Micro 9? Jump to Latest Follow 21 - 40 of 42 Posts. It has a 10 degree cant, and is recommended to be worn at 3:30 - 4:00. I have a SIG P238 (380) and a Kimber Micro 9. Pros and cons: M-LOK and KEYMOD vs PICATINNY Mil-Std-1913 RAIL. I have carried a long time and owned several pieces. Crimson Trace LaserGuard Red Laser Sight for Sig Sauer. The barrel length on the P938 is 3. Surprisingly mild shooting for such a small 9mm, even with a sore wrist. Custom G10 grips adorn an easy to conceal and simple to shoot all-metal handgun that is available in a wide array of models and styles. I don't recall the capacity on the P238. Sig P938 vs Kimber Solo: Sorting Through The Slim Single Stack Subcompacts. The slide features front cocking serrations and X-RAY3 Day/Night sights. A more apt comparison would be a Kahr P380 vs. Sig’s own molded plastic holster fits the P238, P290RS and P938 like a glove, but Galco, DeSantis and others also offer effective options made with leather. 380 ACP, a similar gun in appearance, but very different in overall function. The Sig P238 came nicely packaged in a plastic carry case, complete with a holster. Their Inside The Pants Holster is an open top design optimized specially for quick draw. The P938 SAS Micro-Compact has undergone a radical dehorning process resulting in an ultra smooth, snag free profile that's ideal for concealed carry. The slide is engraved with the Greek phrase "MOLON LABE" ("Come and take them") while the custom. SIG Sauer P938 Pistol Review: You Won't Sauer On This One!. 00 Notify When Available Quick View. A single-action-only trigger makes the P938 handle like. 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars. In fact, the two pistols share so many of the same features that when viewing the P938 from a distance, most folks swear. 96 inches, the SIG SAUER P238 is the ultimate firepower in an all metal frame concealed pistol. You’ve got one already and you’re looking for the absolute best laser sight for your Sig P238 because it one day may even save your life. I owned a p238 and put it up for sale the day I shot a p938 and decided to buy one. If Sig made something along the lines of a micro-sized P239 with DA/SA trigger & SRT, I would buy it. Just like the P238, there are a range of models available, . 22 LR version of the P938 in the works, and a few months ago they revealed that there would also be rimfire conversion kits available for existing 9mm P938 pistols. Okay, don't take it as trash talk, but . 22 LR, with a slide, bull barrel, full-length guide rod and magazine conversion produced by Sig Sauer and offered as the standalone model P938-22 shown or as a conversion kit ($349) for the 9mm model. See more ideas about sig sauer, guns, sig. Have to manually disengage to fire the weapon. The Sig P938 is a mini 1911 style 9mm pistol from Sig Sauer. 17 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $853. P938 / P238 Trigger Return SpringThis is a 10% increased replacement for the stock trigger return spring. This pistol is topped with SIGLITE night sights. Midwest Gun Works Gunsmiths can offer you the knowledge and skill that your Sig Sauer firearm deserves. Glock 43 Has A Lot To Offer For A Bare-Bones Pistol. Possibly a Hellcat to achieve higher capacity, but I have yet to see one. Seem like a logical step ahead? Before anyone even says it, do not turn this into a caliber vs caliber pissing match. For shooters who gravitate toward 1911 pattern handguns, the P938 offers a sub-compact, easily concealable handgun that will be an easy transition from a full-size 1911 handgun. M&P Shield, XD-S9, Kahr CW9, Walther PPS if you just want a small, single stack 9mm you can rely on. 0 inches and the barrel length on the . The subcompact 9mm market is a big one. In fact, the attractive price tag was on the pistol because no one wanted “yesterday’s news”, which is a very common phenomenon in gun circles. Inspired by the 1911, this lightweight handgun offers leading accuracy and durability, delivering total confidence when called upon. Sig Sauer's P938 range is based on their trusted P238 platform and optimized for concealed carry. SIG's guns are typically of excellent quality, but this is a solid step above that. Sig Sauer P938 holsters can come in a large variety of materials and carry styles that will allow you an easy draw and re-holstering while being comfortable at all times. This is a ProMag® STEEL 10-round extended magazine for Sig Sauer® P938 pistols in 9mm. The 938 is going to be a 1/4 pound heavier fully loaded, which is about 25% more. Compare the dimensions and specs of. Sig Sauer P938 Nitron Semi. 0 in BBL, Single Act, Checkered G10 Grips, Siglite Night Sights, Black Finish, 6+1 Rds Hinterland #: 50332 MFG #: 9389EDGEAMBI. Factory sighted at 50 feet, but is fully user adjustable for Windage and Elevation with provided tool. I have fired a good variety of ammunition. Double stitched for the best look quality and comfort. Jump to Latest Follow 21 - 38 of 38 Posts. Compare prices from more than 30+ gun stores. Surprisingly the difference in length between the two is basically the same. Even with the light trigger of the LCR, I. Has anyone done/seen/read a side by side of the two of them?. The recoil of the P238 is really nothing, IMO. I chose it rather than a P238 because I didn't want to add another ammo caliber to my roster. In a world of "double-action only" compact pistols, one might find it odd that Sig Sauer would introduce a single-action, sub-compact like the P238. SIG SAUER P229 is basically the same pistol as the Sig P226 but just a more compact version, this makes it great for concealed carry. This conversion uses our Hybrid Spring System. Glen determined that he could also improve the trigger's function slightly by including a small screw on the top of the blade to limit its forward travel. Walther P22Q 9 months ago Survival Master. 38 ammo and 9MM ammo available now is far superior. Thinking about picking one of these up as a lighter (about half the weight) alternative to my Kimber commander size 1911 9mm. A place for responsible gun owners and enthusiasts to talk about guns without the…. The first 1911-inspired 9mm microcompact by SIG SAUER®. As a carry gun between the two, I'd opt for the P938. Has Anyone Swapped to a SIG P938 from a J. 99 : 9mm luger sig sauer p938 9mm 7rd 3" barrel nib not p238 938-9-brg-ambi 798681443352 3 inch " barrel missoula, mt 59808. The P238 is an extremely compact handgun. Find the Sig Sauer P938 for sale, in models such as the Sig P938 Extreme, Sig P938 Scorpion, Sig P938 Nightmare, and Sig P938 SAS, along with Sig P938 magazine, Sig P938 grips, Sig P938 holster, and other Sig P938 accessories. A little torn on caliber, however, doing some. The 938 is going to be a 1/4 pound heavier fully loaded, which is . It’s basically the same price as the P238. 1 Unloading the Pistol (Magazine not Empty) 63 13. P229 SIG Sauer P229 Pistol Carried by Secret Service, and other branches of security and law-enforcement, the P229 is a compact-sized gun which was the first to utilize the. But the these parts (the extractor, extractor spring, and recoil spring) from the P238 were not enough to properly function and extract the 9mm round. Sig P938 pistols are modeled on a 1911-style, single action design, with an. What is the difference between Sig Sauer P238 and P938?. These lasers feature 2 modes of operation (constant and strobe) and up to. Pros and cons for both and which one would I choose and why,. The P938 SAS sports full-size "SIGLITE" Night Sights. We take a look at the new Sig P365 pistol along with the Sig P238, Sig P938, and the Ruger LC9.