reptilian mind control. They gave us borders so that we grow to be very different from each other culturally, and so that. I've awakened myself out of the Matrix have figured out mind control is real and now am strongly a targeted individual. TN – Robert Monroe And Creepy Interdimensional Experience: Reptilians Control And Feed On Humans Robert Monroe (1915-1995), an American author gained popularity after he wrote a book on an out-of-body experience in which he encountered reptilians. Joseph Murphy wrote his bestselling book The Power of Your. The reptilian brain developed over 100 million years ago and is responsible for our survival. physically shapeshift into a reptilian alien being. but it was also amazing global mind control the elite are slick. Do something, even if it has defects or it's not perfect. This activation can incite one of three alarm responses, driven by the lower reptilian brain: 1) the fight response, 2) the flight response, or the 3) freeze response. Judging by human standards, they are These are about matters such as anti-gravity techniques, free energy, mind control techniques, the. Television is used for imprinting and programming the slave population as well. The second is that people with reptile DNA in them can be possessed by Reptilians who live outside our realm of awareness in the lower fourth dimension. She rationalized this as potentially being a holographic illusion as part of her mind control programming. But policemen also have reptilian brains that could get out of control, whether in Tarlac or Minneapolis. The reptilians are the Controlling Factor. Posts about Orbital Mind Control Lasers written by reptilianilluminati. Corporations and banks have more power than the people do, and this is something that is beginning to become recognized by a large majority of the population. Finally, the cerebral cortex controls language and reason. The ultimate manipulator of the Matrix is five – senses. Carl Sagan’s amusing words of wisdom notwithstanding — is the H-bomb not also a product of the cerebral cortex? — is the reptilian brain really just a mammalian brain missing most of the parts? Some 320 million years ago, the evolution of a protective membrane surrounding the embryo, the amnion, enabled vertebrates to develop outside of. To begin to discern what is our fake programming and what is …. They manipulate time to extend their mind control terrorism to this timeline in the past, the earth timelines in matter. Evangelist “Beth Moore” Reptilian Mind Control Caught On Tape. The reptilians in control of the banking industry are known. Just prior to planetary approach, the large reptilian population aboard the planetoid awakens from their hibernation and prepares for battle. the basis the "reptilian elite" theory is that in ancient times a group of advanced reptiles from the alpha draconis star system came to earth and infiltrated the governments of the ancient civilizations in order to control all the humans and enslave them and became their rulers and bred with other humans to form crossbreeds so that their dna can …. Such "dual identity" reversals of behavior are sometimes effective at getting control through fear that is sometimes. A very cool lady by the name of Fleurbrun may have broken the magic mind control Reptilian hypnotic code that is being used by some to give an illusion of what we actually see. EF opened the door of the house and saw a beautiful young brown-haired girl standing in front. This has been a part of the veil, along with frequency fences and grids that are designed to keep our vibration level below a certain point. Conspiracy · Mind Control · Space Lizards. Understanding The Reptilian Mind by James Bartley - UFOs, MILABS, & Reptilian Concept of With this Dirty Reptilian Bumboy we have a sneak preview of what censorship and media control will be. Reptilians - The Reptilian's Master Mind behind Memory Control (Part 1) - Part 117; Reptilians - The Reptilian's Master Mind behind Memory Control (Part 2) - Part 118; Memory and the Soul as the Creator Intended (Part 1) - Reptilians - Part 119 Memory and the Soul as the Creator Intended (Part 2) - Reptilians - Part 120. It presents a story about a special agent named Leon Kennedy, who looked to rescue the US president’s daughter from a sect that wanted to infect her with mind-control parasites called “las. The reptilian Mind is the savage mind, the old mind. Territoriality A hierarchical structure of power Control Ownership Wars Jealousy Anger Fear Hostility Worry Stuck or frozen with fear Addictions Anxiety Aggressiveness Conflict …. This information was imparted to him, he claimed, during the 13 years he served as an experimental subject in a government-sponsored mind control project in Montauk, NY. Fear is what moves us to control and . However, it seems to have lingered in the public's minds. It governs balance, territoriality, mating, feeding . Arizona told me that the reptilians do not appear to be that psychic, and I guess this has something to do with the lack of a fully formed emotional and spiritual level of being, and so they mind control and programme humans of particular bloodlines, like her, to perform the rituals and draw in the energies for them. A subreddit for the discussion of all things related to reptilians. Psychoanalysis is the clinical method for treating psychopathology …. 2006: Interview with a Recovered MILAB from Reptilian/Drac Control. Do We Have a Reptilian Brain? The basal ganglia, also called the reptilian brain is the most primitive part of our brain. It governs balance, Then we have the center part that comprises the „limbic system“, which consists of the septum, amygdala, hypothalamus, Finally, at the front, there’s. The reptilian brain, composed of the basal ganglia (striatum) and brainstem, is involved with primitive drives related to thirst, hunger, sexuality, and territoriality, as well as habits and. Thus, many misconceptions have arisen. While all of the members of the 13 ruling classes can change shapes, the members of the 300 upholding families can’t. Here, we use 454 technology to sequence the brain transcriptome of four divergent reptilian and one reference avian species: the Nile . The reptilian brain, as proposed by Paul MacLean in the 1960s in The Triune Brain in Evolution, was thought to have been one of the three separate brains us humans. It controls your breathing, your heart rate, body temperature, how the organs in your body function and . The reptilian brain operates on the premise of dominate or be dominated. Recently, there are reports that the Marquis de Libeaux is the Pindar, but this is disinformation. ⁣KeANU /((Anu is the Ancient Sumerian God of Creation Anu is in the last 3 letters of Keanu's 1st name)). Learn all about mind control techniques using this toolbar. Learn and discern from a panel of three experienced talented. It is the reptilians who gave us borders at the Tower of Babel, be this story symbolical, literal or both. Reptilians - Thoughts becoming Flesh (Part2) - Part 65. Robert Monroe: Reptilians Control Humans And Feed On Them. 2) Reptoid: (Human- Reptilian Hybrid). These human-reptile hybrids, considered demigods, were able to gain power in the ancient civilizations of. Reptilian Channeling Exposes Hidden Mind Control, Thought Control, Subliminal Messages!! Previous article Pretty Can Be Evil! Ontario Minister of Health Pretends To Get Flu Shot On TV 2019. The reptilians control the world via a shadowy organization known as the "Global Elite" or the "Illuminati. Robert Monroe (1915–1995), American writer, gained popularity after writing a book about an out-of-body experience in which he encountered reptiles. Few controlled clinical studies specifically address leukocyte reference intervals and leukocyte. There were numerous theories about how the Illuminati works and it is no wonder Illuminati Mind Control Victim Exposes The Bloodline of Reptilians That Eat Human Beings The CIA-ran Project MKULTRA paid Dr. Some claim his name is JORGE BERGOGLIO and he is A DEMONIC CRIMINAL MASTERMIND - who has COMMITTED many ACTS of TREASON and "CRIMES against. Ukraine Reptilian Mind Control / News Networks Cloning / Men in Black Remote View. Reptilians - Thoughts becoming Flesh (Part1) - Part 64. “POPE FRANCIS” is a LIAR, EVIL DEMONIC REPTILIAN, and operates the BIGGEST CHILD SEX-TRAFFICKING RING on this PLANET. Explains how the Reptilians have created alien-human hybrids under led to the creation of a hybrid race under Reptilian mind control. These gasses are used for mind control of the population and the disbursement of viruses. Mind control has been increasing since November 2009 because the Reptilian's feel that they are losing grip on us. Now all mind control technology ultimately serves Reptilian invasion agenda period. The brain cells of anti-vaxxers appear to be completely neutered compared to vaccinated reptilians. His related theories formed the foundation for psychoanalysis, which has become the most widely used method of psychotherapy. The reptilian races and their agenda, the 13 bloodline families of the illuminati, mass mind control programs, alternative histories, finally a spiritual perspective on the fight between good and evil and the existence of the Godmind. We humans have all inherited remnants of the "reptilian brain", by which I indicate the autonomic/emotional core that is found throughout the animal kingdom. I also believe that the reptilian society is segmented into strict caste systems, and this is likely where India got their caste system. The basal ganglia, also called the reptilian brain is the most primitive part of our brain. ink/Edge ———————————————————————————- You have three brains—the triune, the limbic, and the cortex—and they're all fighting for dominance as. Zed corresponded with me after reading some articles on. High quality Reptilians-inspired gifts and merchandise. Here’s an interview with an individual named Andy Pero. 9) They use mind control to get what they want and to control all situations. Humanity is being controlled and enslaved in a false matrix. The hypothalamus is sometimes mistakenly called the “reptilian” brain; in reality it dates back to before the appearance of the first bilaterian organisms and is. Remember of the myth of the Gorgon, which is one with his eyes forced to turn to stone, paralyzed man. a: Reptilian Dimension) / January 17, 2016. Download it once and read it on your Kindle . Furthermore, the oldest parts of our brain which control the most primal functions and instincts is called the “reptilian brain” because it . Kurtz, Apocalypse Now, "And I rememberAnd I want to remember it, I never want to forget. Why they believe that isn't a political or scientific question. Id, Ego SuperEgo & The Triune Brain. Therefore, while reading the message below keep in mind that the channeler does not know that the reptilians have been expelled from the earth and her source obviously does not want to discuss this issue which is not part of the knowledge of the medium and will only cause further confusion. CIA Mind Control | CIA Secret Experiments. First, they created a gender base for a gender-minded population. The Anunnaki are in direct competition with the Draconians for control over mankind. Being a reptilian is something that must be activated through drinking blood and ritual among those who possess the serpent DNA. [6] "Freedom from Reptilian Mind Control", carlee(guest), March 13, 2011, 09:50:36 PM [7] Col. Feeling worse with therapy? Watch out for the reptilian brain. The following is an excerpt from the forthcoming book by Erle Montaigue called "Internal Gung-Fu, The Complete System, Volume Two, Practical Training, Healing and Fighting Methods". Reptilians cannot keep this up indefinitely. Official Mind Control and Behavioral Modification patents in full use today in the USA by military and Manipulation of brainwaves is pivotal in mind control and the key for mass population control of. Recent Examples on the Web: Adjective My rational mind knows the sculpture is tacky and borderline offensive, yet my reptilian brain loves its louche . It goes deeper, deals with the original causes of the problems, and gives lasting benefits and emotional control. Mind control has been increasing since November 2009 because the Reptilian’s feel that they are losing grip on us. These are all the symptoms of trauma-based mind control and that, I believe, is what we have been experiencing on a mass level as a result of the US Attacks. Ukraine Reptilian Mind Control / News Networks Cloning / Men in Black Remote View / Twitter. The two main polarity groups the brain likes to occupy itself with are Superior or Inferior thoughts. Surprisingly, the logical part of the brain (the Neocortex) does not control decision making! Rather, the part of the brain that controls . The Criminal Mind is a Reptilian Mind (Homo-Reptilicus criminalensis). The reptilian brain controls the regulatory systems in your body like hormones, body temperature, blood pressure, and even hunger. NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is one of the world's most prevalent methods of mind control, used by everyone from sales callers to politicians to media pundits, and it's nasty to the core. Online postings associated with the cult detail a theory that a group of alien reptiles is subverting the human race through mind control. The Illuminati-reptilian mind-control projects have produced literally millions of mind-controlled robots in endless walks of life, who are programmed to carry out the Illuminati agenda. Keanu Reeves also played in a musical band called "Dogstar" when he was younger, the band was named after the Dogstar Sirius in the Orion constellation, where the Reptilian Anunnaki supposedly come from. Now, mind control can be employed worldwide via satellites, he noted. The Reptilian Story: Overcoming Alien Mind Control - Kindle edition by Right, Emanuel, Sturzeneker, Nayana. The Dragon Moth are reptilian entities that exist extradimensionally in bodies that are animated and controlled by off planet Satanic forces from Orion, and their higher ups exist in the monadic planes or Gaian timelines. This also means that the same bank issues all of the world currency. cortex, but pallial motor control may have. The lizard or reptilian brain is that part of the subconscious that regulates unconscious activities. López JC, Vargas JP, Gómez Y, Salas C (2003): Spatial and non-spatial learning in turtles: the role of medial cortex. However, these could just be the result of the fact that we originally evolved from reptiles as. According to a new poll, those most cautious about the risk of catching COVID-19 – the vaccinated – are also the most likely to support initiating war between Russia and the United States. This has been a part of the veil, along with …. "POPE FRANCIS" is a LIAR, EVIL DEMONIC REPTILIAN, and operates the BIGGEST CHILD SEX-TRAFFICKING RING on this PLANET. #reptilianmindcontrol Hashtag Videos on TikTok. 4k members in the reptilians community. Reptilian 'Royalty' : Winged reptilians, with the highest caste being the Albino type (similar Reptoids : Wingless reptilians. It helps you detach from the impulses of the reptilian brain and bring reasoning to the situation. Their religion believed in a God-Mind that contained a hierarchy, or caste system. As 12 million Americans "know," the United States government is run by lizard people (or, to be scientifically accurate, reptilians). The reptilian brain controls all our involuntary body processes, such as our heartbeat. The reptilian brain and addiction to power go hand in hand. Would it be better if policemen, as in . The reptilians have the technology and mental capacity, which can affect the psyche (hypnotize, paralyze, or to convince that they have a human form). The mammalian cortex is the part of the brain that controls movement. As we know, the brain has been in constant evolution over more than 250 million years and throughout this process, it has been acquiring new functions and. However, it seems that reptilian hybrids are much more common than hyadeans, and the probability of mistake is not high. The more the false mind weakens, the less you will see other beings in such a predatory way. The phrase "reptilian brain" derives from the fact that a reptile's brain is dominated by the brainstem and cerebellum, which control instinctual thinking and behavior for survival. But if you consciously take hold of. anxiety and reptilian brain. There is an extraordinarily rich history regarding Reptilian appearing alien beings dating back to the oldest known creation stories involving. Flipping out when authority is challenged. A section of our book "PHOENIX UNDEAD: The Montauk Project And Camp Hero Today" featured an autobiographical. The first battle against the reptilian-mind's control is basically a psycho-intellectual battle, which is The battle for freedom from our reptilian mind-set is difficult. How to Control Your Reptilian Brain Truth is - you're either in control or the one being controlled. The reptilian complex The reptilian complex is a part of the human brain that controls emotions and human behavior. net In this video, Rich discusses the essence of the mind control matrix and how it works. During the 1960s, neuroscientist and physician Paul D. 2006: Interview with a Recovered MILAB from Reptilian/Drac. This physical and mental control of the human population will only be strengthened as the reptilians continue to create hybrids to spread the Annunaki bloodline further across the globe. They're characteristics of higher levels of consciousness because of the ability to be meta-aware and mindful. Hunger Our brains evolved during a time when food was scarce and our bodies had high energy requirements. He shows how Eisenhower’s treaty with the Greys, signed at Holloman Air Force Base in 1954, gave the aliens permission to take humans up to their spaceships, ostensibly for genetic study--in return for alien technology--and how these abductions led to the creation of a hybrid race under Reptilian mind control. Covid-19 misinformation between globalization and the reptilian brain have helped to keep the spread of the virus under control. tall race of reptilian-amphibians that have been described as appearing like "frog faced lizards". If you can train yourself to take just 6-8 breaths a minute, you will have much more control over your behavior. the controlling factor the reptilian mind the struggle is within a man's testimony on reptilian mind control vermin isn't the only one the reptilian mindset in extremis the rape and mutilation of females genocidal rape warfare today the reptilians are responsible. MacLean who, in 1952, presented his theory of the. evolved early in vertebrate evolution. How Your Reptilian Brain Controls Your Behavior Without. Cleverly, they devised a religion based on a male-female, god-goddess control system. Through targeting the human brain and bio-neurology, the mind, body and soul can be manipulated to control thoughts and emotions, transmit suggestions, interfere with long and short term memory, insert images, run audio and sensory experiences, and take control over autonomic and voluntary functions of the body. The human brain includes many regions that evolved long ago. When the Reptilian Brain is controlling someone, their behavior can affect other people's brain responses. Скачать - Reptilian Mind Conduit. More importantly, it's the reptilian brain via your nervous system that controls how you . Creepy MK Ultra Reptilian Mind Control Video. ’ This is a mind-set that believes in scarcity and limitation when …. Brain functions to help control reptilian brain instinctive impulses. In this lesson, you will learn what the reptilian mind is, how it functions. Reptilians, Dracos and Amphibians. Each abductee has a certain degree of usefulness to the reptilians, some more than others. Reptilians can control the human brain through mental abilities, modify the information conveyed by the human eyes, and …. Alien Love Bite Related, Military Abduction (MILABS) and Reptilians, Mind Control, Spiritual Warfare and the Human Soul alien abductions, astral twin flame unions, Carolyn Hamlett, Doug Riggs, hybrid breeding program, milab operations, mind control, Nephilim hybrids, Satanic Ritual Abuse, spiritual warfare. another good book for information about reptilians is "blue blood, true blood" by stewart swerdlow. We can be calm, relaxed, and collected for one minute. Although they came to Earth from their colonies on Alpha Draconis, their original home. But they never said which members of the government are the. Military abductees have also reported being raped by Reptilian aliens who feed upon their fear and suffering. When using your Mental Discipline Refocus technique 1, identify the thought as stemming from Ego's Predator Mind (Reptilian Brain) and revalue it from its control over your emotional body and your other selves. a particularly malevolent iguana-like dark-skinned sorcerer-priest class that is often seen wearing hooded robes and stands about 5 ft. It is no secret today that the world is ruled by money and power. Unconscious Decisions: Are They all Products of. Some claim his name is JORGE BERGOGLIO and he is A DEMONIC CRIMINAL MASTERMIND – who has COMMITTED many ACTS of TREASON and …. from: The Huge Secret That Princess Diana Knew (Jan. Reptilian Harrassment, Torture, and Mind Control 101. T-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more, designed and sold by independent artists around the world. Pero alleges to have been unwittingly used in covert assassinations as a Manchurian Candidate and also in missions connected. Here’s more recent information from the survivor of horrendous mind control programming directly connected to the infamous Montauk Project operations; activities which also included some of the most advanced experimental work into relativistic and quantum physics which has ever been done, including interdimensional and time travel. It includes heart rate, breathing, and hundreds of glands. Reptilians & Mind Control Author Stewart Swerdlow spoke about a Reptilian race which lives underground and first came here over 800,000 years ago. I met Pero personally through Preston Nichols, author of several books about the Montauk Project which Nichols was personally involved in. We also know that by the 1950s the American educational system was "sovietized" on the model of the Wall Street created and funded Soviet Union. *please keep in mind, we all have the ability to see these humans/reptilians for what they are and how they really are. 28 Reptilian Brain Behavior Traits Below are typical reptilian brain behaviors. American writer Vicki Santillano ranked the notion that “Reptilian humanoids control all of us” as the 10th most popular conspiracy theory. The desire to control, whether it be in relationships, circumstances, or life, in general, is a primary trait of the reptilian brain in action. Male-to-Female Gender Transformations · Mind Control · Magic · Mythology · Anthromorphs · Age Reversal · Eternal Youth · Powers · Romance · Misc TG/TF — Transformation Stories & Sci-Fi/Fantasy Adventures for Adults These anthros are both part human and part reptilian. At least five human behaviours originate in the reptilian brain…. This information was imparted to him. It's a neurological fact that when new opportunities arise, when difficult decisions must be . The triune concept also outlines the three crucial levels of control systems in the brain. The fact is, though, there is much more evidence to suggest a. Corrupt and vicious, the Alpha-Draconians infiltrated human society thousands of years ago, and are the oldest known reptilian race in our galaxy. The Pindar is a member of one of the 13 ruling Illuminati families, and is always male. Evidence for this reptilian DNA in us comes from the fact that in the early stages, developing embryos look a lot like reptiles and could be classified as such. Female Psychopath Mind Control Reptilian Gaze. The Mind-Control Eyes trope as used in popular culture. The reptilian brain is concerned with avoiding pain as a means to 2) Appeal to the self-centered nature of the reptilian brain. Escucha y descarga los episodios de Ivan Teller gratis. This is an anti human agenda based on domination and enslavement. *All human bodies have a huge amount of reptilian genetics, including the R-complex or reptilian brain. This race of Reptilian alien beings originate from the Draco ('dragon') constellation and now find themselves throughout the entire galaxy. ry material in control of the reptilian pitu- regions of the brain, in the pituitary, or in. 10 Surprisingly Obvious Reptilian Traits That You May Or May. 1) Appeal to the pain points of the reptilian brain. The idea of reptilians was popularised by David Icke, a conspiracy theorist who claims shapeshifting reptilian aliens control Earth by taking on human form . Notice how the traits and influences of the Saturnian are the same as the Draconian – the Reptilian “hive” mind. To begin to discern what is our fake programming and what is true. A Difference of Minds: Jews and the Reptilian Brain. Breathing is a function of the reptilian brain that we can take conscious control over, and as we do so, we can affect the other involuntary systems that the reptilian brain is controlling. Insights gained from the study of the neural bases of motor control apply with equal force to human language; although the neural architecture that regulates . The Rothschild family is one of the oldest reptilian servant families. This is an interview with a male abductee I will call Zed, regarding his unwilling involvement with the Reptilians as an abductee mind-controlled slave and MILAB Super-warrior via a joint alien/secret government program. And most of these are beyond our control, so they’re operating in a one-way system – they automatically (unconsciously) control parts of our bodies and we cannot consciously gain control over them. 2) Appeal to the self-centered nature of the reptilian brain. Reptilians are the most negative creatures in the universe. In 1958, Robert Monroe, a 43-year-old radio engineer from the United States, experienced a series of unusual accidents. It is made up of the basal ganglia and it controls . In addition, they preserve this sign’s features to evade disclosing hints of the Reptilian mind-design. The reptilian mind controls: "Self Preservation, Hunger, Sex, and Sleep. System control normal involuntary behavior that the conscious mind does not, . MacLean’s research into brain structures revealed that the basal ganglia, a group of structures in the base of the human brain, resembled the brain of lizards and other reptiles. Due to this constant state of division, Icke believes that the reptilians are able to rule the world in a totalitarian fashion. The government is what we call the old brain , or sometimes the ' reptilian ' brain. He also discusses what the Federations are doing about it here on planet Earth. We have to reach the highest state of. One cannot understand why there is constant strife, tragedy and turmoil in the world without first realizing that the human race is under the control and domination of a Cruel and Remorseless Intelligence. We often call people displaying this behavior “ control freaks , ” and “ freak like ” is what they appear to be. Next, the limbic system controls emotional responses. A major part of the Reptilian "mind" control DNA was a loyalty to and belief in the structure of the. These are protocols that predate Alexander the Great. jpg ‎(220 × 244 pixels, file size: 24 KB, MIME type: image/jpeg). The fight/flight/freeze response will show up in many ways, including fast, shallow breathing from the high chest area. When I introduced the concept of the Reptilian Brain to the martial arts. All posts tagged Orbital Mind Control Lasers. a breathing method that he thinks exploits his “reptilian brain,” theorizing that they controlled our reflexes, as well as our four . We also discussed the helpful side of aliens who are trying to advance humanity’s development. And most of these are beyond our control, so they're operating in a one-way system - they automatically (unconsciously) control parts of our bodies and we cannot consciously gain control over them. Download Alien World Order The Reptilian Plan To Divide And Conquer The Human Race full book in PDF, EPUB, and Mobi Format, get it for read on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Learn how to make your value proposition appeal to the reptilian brain, complete with examples. The leader of the Earths Illuminati is called the " Pindar ". Are You Being Controlled by Your Reptilian Brain? When the breath is calm, the mind follows and you will be able to detach from the impulses of the reptilian brain and bring reasoning to the situation. At least five human behaviors originate in the reptilian brain. Reptilian Tankers and Mind Control for Thousands of Years (William Tompkins). When you calm the reptilian brain you have more control over your thoughts. Jews Are Slaves Of Grey Alien Borg, Reptilians, Alan Watt. Reptilian brain « MetaThoughts. The reptilian brain is the primitive and animalistic part of our brain. ink/NewVideo Join Big Think Edge for exclusive videos: https://bigth. 3 Brain Systems That Control Your Behavior: Reptilian, Limbic, Neo CortexWatch the newest video from Big Think: . Therefore, even if you think you are making an intelligent and . Freedom from Reptilian Mind Control, Ascension is Now. The Archon lives within the mind matrix of the. The concept of id, ego, superego are the key elements of a hypothetical structure of the mind, visualized by Sigmund Freud. Following the ‘eye’, comes the second row of control families who report the Pindar and the 13 ruling families. One man, in the presence of eight witnesses, managed to photograph some of these tanker spacecraft early in the. In their minds self-control does not exist, much less concern for anyone else. They are the ones described as having larger scales on their backs and three. Why We Had to Eliminate the Reptilians (Draco) From the. Through mind control, the Annunaki have always given the human race our senses of freedom and power. The innermost part of the brain, the Amygdala area, is the reptilian brain. Reptilians – From Energy Experience to Energy to Substance/Physicality – Part 61. The reptilian brain is responsible for our species’ instinctual needs and governs our body’s physical needs for calories, reproduction, and safety. Start by marking “The Reptilian Story: Overcoming Alien Mind Control” as Want to Read:. The original mini-series was followed in 1984 by the three-part mini-series, V: The Final Battle, and then by a weekly television series that lasted 19 episodes between 1984-85. 6 Powerful Reptilian Brain hacks to get More Control over your life 1) Appeal to the pain points of the reptilian brain. There are many electronic ways that this is done today, but one of the key methods is …. One is likened to man himself and is called by philosophers, in line with their vested. Just pray for God to reveal it to you. Uniquement accessible via le subconscient, le cerveau reptilien est la maison de nos instincts intrinsèques. In fact, much of what we know of them is documented through Sumerian writings. As said, the reptilian brain is strictly. Mary Harrington at UnHerd takes a closer look. Stress Triggers Our Reptilian Brain Psychologists have learnt that in order to treat patients with post-traumatic stress disorder, they must first establish safety and a sense of security. 1) The Reptilians manipulate and exploit humans in a variety of ways including but not limited to sexual manipulation, energetic harvesting, infliction of physical and psychological abuse, mind control, and the collection of genetic material. Brief Overview of our Reptilian Overlords. Reptilians have become one of the most captivating alien races in our galaxy. Our secret government also sprays chemicals into the air that aid in detection of UFO’s, as they disturb the atmosphere, and for other more nefarious purposes such as nanotechnology which can be weaponized. The Negative Alien agenda NAA is to force the planet to serve another multiple species Controller agenda, through imposing false replicated time fields using bio-warfare technology such as Holographic Inserts, AI and Mind Control, namely created under genetically “reptilian based” Archons extraterrestrials, at the expense and life force of. David Icke has also reported in detail about how the reptilians spread their bloodline throughout the royal families, …. I am going to digress a bit; think of the many wars that have been fought on Earth over the last 300 years. David made it very clear to me that the reptilians set out to take control of his MIND. So, what happens when the amygdala signals danger? Other parts of the brain become activated; specifically the thalamus which is also in the limbic brain. Users who like Ukraine Reptilian Mind Control News Networks Cloning Men In Black Remote View. Those who control humanity from the astral realm pretty much got a fool-proof system going on, to where anyone who pursues occult power ends up fucking themselves on the way there, but the fucking isn't so much coming from the person being fucked, but by the system itself With a little help from astral entities. Posted by Anonyme (not verified). 556 Likes, 31 Comments - Ascension Knowledge (@5d_awakening_consciousness) on Instagram: “Draco/Reptilian Tankers dropping mind control gas . Lizards, snakes, turtles, and more. Many Reptilian UFOs Caught On Camera Allegedly Releasing Mind Control Gases Over Large City Area. We use television to condition the slave population to accept things like technology, Reptilians, mind-control, and the existence of alien life. He was at a low spiritual ebb for having lost a job and was psychologically, physically and spiritually vulnerable to Reptilian mind control. In addition to our most basic needs, the basal ganglia also governs several other …. The title, Pindar, is an abbreviated term for "Pinnacle of the Draco", also known as the "Male MEMBER of the Dragon". Countless entertainers are also accused of being Reptilians, including Bob Hope, Marilyn Monroe, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, and many others. Translations in context of "Reptilian" in English-Russian from Reverso Context: The successors of the dinosaurs came from the same reptilian stock but they survived the catastrophe that destroyed their. This is an amazing liquid crystal failure on HD! Reptilians use Liquid Crystal Holographic Technology to hide their real form… OPEN YOUR MIND!!!. The title, Pindar, is an abbreviated term for …. Reptilian Harrassment, Torture, and Mind Control 101. Dana conflates reptilian control with demonic possession which people suffering from mental disorders map what they experience onto the . The spread of these religions was intentionally controlled from the underground Reptilian. They colonized a Pacific content called Lemuria and later battled with the Atlanteans. That means we have the same parts of the brain found in reptiles, . Owing to this simplicity (Figure 3), the. Another species is The Orange: Some suggest that the 'Orange' are a so-called. The reptilian brain is reliable but tends to be somewhat rigid and compulsive. He talked about the theory of the centuries old process by which our globalist elite made human sacrifices to reptilians in exchange for power and more. Situated at the bottom of the brain, the brainstem controls many fundamental processes. The man claimed to have been on the run. He shows how Eisenhower's treaty with the Greys, signed at Holloman Air Force Base in 1954, gave the aliens permission to take humans up to their spaceships, ostensibly for genetic study—in return for alien technology—and how these abductions led to the creation of a hybrid race under Reptilian mind control. Sep 23, 2014 tricks of the mind mind reader speak your mind mind blowing mind contro Subconscious Mind. Reptilian aliens, lizard-people, and aliens in human form are all notions that, to the vast majority of people, even those that spend considerable amounts of time in alien and conspiracy circles, are ideas that belong in the pages of science-fiction rather than the serious study of strange phenomena and extraterrestrial life. Prayer to help Reptilians become Awakened Spiritual Beings. If the Reptilians were defeated, how do they control us still? It is all about the DNA of each of us. The holder of this rank reports to the purebred Reptilian leader in the inner Earth. Other traits include an inability to learn from mistakes, control . People speak of the “reptilian brain” as if we've got some small ancient fossil inside of our brains. NLP, Subliminal Messages and Hypnotic Techniques used by CNN to terrorize your senses and contol. understanding the reptilian mind. reptilian mind control | 331 people have watched this. Jonas: Tell me about yourself, your childhood and your past experiences. Play over 265 million tracks for free on SoundCloud. How to get Brainwashed in 20 seconds. The limbic brain emerged in the first mammals. the aboriginals were reptilian hybrids. Find facts and resource links for mind control techniques and how they can benefit. The leader of the Earths Illuminati is called the “ Pindar “. Our older "lizard brain" parts keep our bodies working and provide basic survival motivations, while our newer "mammal brain" regions improve our emotions and memory. Reptilian mind control circuitry is all around you. Montauk Mind Control Victim Interview. How to control your reptilian brain - What Would Freud Do . Among the details Swerdlow shared about the Reptilians: They originated in the Draco star system, and arrived in our solar system via hollowed-out asteroids. Of course, the Reptilian involvement goes deeper with the Archontic influences and the Artificial Intelligence agenda as well but I'm just going to stick to the reptilian component for this article. 1 Phylogenetically-speaking, it was the first part of the modern brain to develop in human evolution. On September 11th, 1997, Art Bell, host of Coast to Coast AM , the preeminent talk show for paranormal discussion, took a call from a man claiming to be an ex-employee of the United States government’s secret Area 51 facility at Groom lake, Nevada.