ford rear end widths. A 1868-1972 9-3/8″ rear with an open differential got the 31-spline axles with the 1-17/32″ axle bearing I. It Also Comes with Disc brakes, and has E-brake shoes built into the Rotor assembly. Using a clock method to determine location, bottom would be 6 o’clock, and the top would be 12 o’clock. Axle widths Note: The lengths stated are for a complete axle from brake drum to brake drum. Could not get them off or on without letting all the air out. 1-Year FREE Warranty: We offer an industry leading 1 …. Only have the axle tubing width: Saloon & Estate 43″. Count the bolts on the rear-end housing, and visually identify the rear-end gasket shape; compare the gasket shape with the chart found on the Drivetrain site (see References section). 0″ NOTE: These width dimensions were measured with 1940 style brakes. The rear end will eventually go KABOOM. Find Ford Find fully detailed specifications, dimensions & performance figures information of Ford tractors. Built to Currie's standards, kit includes a new Currie Centurion heavy duty Ford 9-inch housing with heavy duty suspension brackets installed in the OEM locations and 31-spline performance axles. Artec Industries is excite to announce the NEW Ford 9 inch Rear Axle Truss. Currie round back housing with late/large Ford bearing flanges (width of your choice) All TCI Suspension bracketry installed and fixture welded; Nodular 3rd member with your choice of new gear sets ranging from (3:00 to 4:56). 25 has 12 and all Dana units have 10 bolts, but each has a different gasket shape. I have another rear end form a 1999 Town Car which is the same. The Ford 2000 is a 2WD utility tractor manufactured by Ford in Highland Park, Michigan, USA from 1962 to 1975. KEY FEATURES ON THIS FORD F-150 INCLUDE Leather Seats, 4x4, Heated Driver Seat, Flex Fue. Select kit according to spring perch boss width of axle. An axle is a central shaft for a rotating wheel or gear. (The 9-3/8″ differential on cars had a hood over the pinion. 8 is significantly stronger than the. The exact axle code is given on the door tag or on the stamp on the assembly. Approximate rear end widths measured from backing plate to backing plate. Mid Fifty 1948-56 Ford F-100 Parts - 1953-60 Ford F-100 Axle, 3in Dropped Tube, 53-56 Usa, Heavy Duty (2in Drop 57-60) - Part: 2890. The number of rear axles will usually determine what axle truck it is. A common upgrade is the Super88 which comes with larger axles. NOTE: This kit is designed for the Ford front differential with a 36 1/2” center pin to center pin mounting width. Here is how to calculate placement on an axle that is 60 inches wide (this is an example axle width) Axle Width / 2 = 30 inches Leaf Spring Width / 2 = 23. Ford rear ends are a crap shoot (& crap for that matter), either you get a good one or you don't. 4200 1933-34 Ford complete rolling chassis (independent front end) 4300 1933-34 Ford Truck complete rolling chassis (drop axle front end) 4350 1933-34 Ford Truck Economy frame with suspension brackets only (drop axle style) 5050 1935-40 Ford frame only with Mus II front crossmember. I don't know why your reference material doesn't show that. Total wheel-to-wheel mounting surface width is 54" (from hub-to-hub). All '81 and later V8 Mustangs and Capris, '83-'84 Mustang GT Turbos and Capri RS Turbos, and '84-'86 Mustang SVOs had a Traction Lok. The approximate measurements for a small SUV, such as a Ford Escape or Honda CR-V, are 6 to 6. All above dimensions are in inches unless otherwise noted. Discussion Starter · #1 · Feb 6, 2013. I have a ford 8" rear end for sale. Most of the time used axle shafts are installed in a rebuilt axle assembly. But I`ll be dammed if I can find any good information. Im hoping for a dana 44 or a dana 60 and not a corp 10. Joined May 7, 2006 · 13,085 Posts. For 64-73 Mustangs subtract 5 inches to get the bare axle housing width. I myself prefer the added strength of a 9 inch series Ford and a 57 to 59 Ford rear end is almost 58 inches wide. It was then replaced by the Ford 8. Our precision-built transmission is engineered from the ground up for intuitive operation and superior performance. Modeled after the popular factory 9" Ford stock housing which is now nearly extinct, the 9-Plus Hot Rod housing is similar to the early style. Yes, I would like my CV axles produced with 300M alloy steel. Fuel capacities are as follows: 30. 6" width (flange to flange) / 53. 26:1 gear found in some of the first years of the Fox Body Mustang to the 3. Econoline axles are $360 plus shipping - to drop your axle or exchange. The inner dual has a narrowed track width than the steer tire and the outer has a wider track. Ford Rear Ends, 8" and 9" Identification / Specifications. 42 to 48 are the widest banjo types and don't fit as well under an A. Find out how you can watch Ford Performance on the race track each week. I have saved much time and money by learning from everybody out there. The standard ratio in 56 with an 8 cylinder engine and automatic transmission was a 3. John's builds rear axles, wheel mount to wheel mount, to insure the same track width as a stock rear axle. 1995 and newer, they use the 8. Fixing a Leaking 9 Inch Ford Rear End. My currently stock '84 CJ-7 drivetrain will receive the following transplants: '96 LT1 350, SM465, D300, Ford 9" rear, Dana 44 front. Edmunds also has Ford F-350 Super Duty pricing, MPG, specs, pictures, safety …. The Julian Day cast in to the pumpkin above the casting number is the day the pumpkin or center section was casted. Browse our complete lineup of available fleet vehicles that will meet your needs. This label will show your axle code under the “AX” slot. 5" Bolt pattern: Your choice of 5 x 4 1/2" or 5 x 4 3/4" Tapered wheel bearings (3. I am thinking that if I could find a good front. 50 RATIO C2AW-4210-F / C2AW-4610-L. These rear ends are available for 225 each, your choice. There were many different rear axle ratios available but only two differential types; "limited slip" and "conventional". 5" perches- Chevy axle with Ford 5-lug outers. (What you see below is a previous search for a Ford Ranger Rear Axle Assembly and does not include all the Rear Axle Assemblies in YOUR area. Increasing from a 28-spline to a 31-spline axle allegedly increases strength of the axle shaft by 34%, however I'll go by the capacity ratings of the axle assemblies provided by the manufacturer. The Ford Dana 60 bolt pattern is only about 1/4″ out of square, so it's nearly impossible to eyeball. This banjo rear end conversion requires the use of 1939-1948 Ford or 1939-1941 Lincoln hydraulic backing plates and a 1940 Ford-style drum. ) The aluminum drums, by the way, measure 0. Both of these are semi-floating axles. Joined Feb 23, 2009 · 26 Posts. Various upgrades are covered including one piece axle swaps, full floating swaps, ring and pinion swaps, locker installations, etc. Featuring a Mom's attic for extra storage space, a low deck loading ramp and a 2. High Performance Ford Engine Parts Interchange (SA Design) by: George Reid publisher: S-A Design, published: 2010-08-15: If there is one thing Ford Enthusiasts have learned over the years, deciphering which parts work with which engines is a far more difficult task with Fords than with many other engine families. Axle Tubes, Mild Steel, Natural, 48. The Strange 9 inch rear end for c10 is designed to match the OE axle width, location of the pinion, suspension mounting points, and bolt patterns. Vintage Parts USA - VPAIBKFB2BRHD SKU: 15858. For an independent front, we recommend Kugel Komponents as it is the best looking, highest quality IFS made. Also available in standard and high (800) horsepower configurations. After half a century, the rear axle on your 1969 Mustang is probably in need of some maintenance. FORD - Year & Model Axle Length Notes. Dan founded Blue Torch Fabworks in 2001 building production full w. This is for SUPER DUTIES (99-04, maybe 05+ but not 100% sure on the front axles). Get detailed information on the 2001 Ford F-150 including specifications and data that includes dimensions, engine specs, warranty, standard features, options, and more. I've found the information before but I spent a long time searing to come across it and I figure someone searching might find this thread easier. 8" to handle the power coming from that 351. 1938 FORD PICKUP TRUCK ORIGINAL SPECIFICATIONS. Currie 9-inch rearends are built to match the vehicles original equipment axle width, pinion location, suspension mounting points, and wheel bolt pattern - for a hassle-free installation that will get …. If you know your axle tag number, simply go to the second table. How to measure Ford 9” axles There are a couple of terms that are needed when measuring: Total width-this is the total width of the assembled rear end measured from the outside of one axle flange to the outside of the other. 1965 Ford Ranchero Car was built a V8 car. This combo includes all the parts that you will need for your weekend axle swap. Link arms are made from 1" diameter. The Currie F9 is 66 inches wide . The F350 truck by Ford used a Spicer rear axle for its complete rear end. My goal is to put my TH400 in in the fall, do the drive shaft and rearend. 8 in: Step Up Height - Side: N/A in: Front Hip Room: 55. 1999 Ford Explorer Rear Axle Assembly (Used/OEM). The Sasquatch ™ Package is available on all models except Bronco Raptor ™ and has several turn-key off-road features so there’s no need to piece together your own. i need to know if any of the OBS axles are narrower than a srw sd rear thanks in advance. All Pick Up in Store Ship to Home. If you have any experiance of information, please share it. Works with 40-619 or 40-619CM torque arm and 40-600 or …. CAMINOWORLD © All Rights Reserved. The axle was developed to replace the Dana 60 and Dana 70. Modeled after the popular factory 9” Ford stock housing which is now nearly extinct, …. 8`s used in the other Ford apps ? Crown Vic or ?? Looking for around 62 inches to start with. as to a direct bolt in from a …. 4 Wheel Parts, the largest retailer of 4×4 and off roading products globally, is excited Jeep, Trucks & 4x4. The TNT High Pinion Dana 44 Axle Truss makes swapping this axle into your Jeep a breeze, and is an easy way to further strengthen your front housing and end up with beefier axle brackets and components at the same time. Vehicle Application Axle Width (inches) '86-'93 Ford Mustang 8. The following pics are of a 1979 Ford F-250 Camper Special High Pinion Dana 60. · Land Cruiser rear axles are . The Ford 9 inch rear end is one of. It is stronger and safer than using a stock rearend. Edmunds also has Ford F-350 Super Duty pricing, MPG, specs, pictures, safety features, consumer reviews and more. I bought just the frame and drive train and was told it was an 81 chevy k20. Model 30: Drive-type, full floating axle with open end steering knuckles mounted on ball studs. Currie Enterprises CE-GMB5964X - Currie 9 in. Is there a vehicle out there that has close to the same width rear as our camaros? I dont mind shaving the axle, and changing it to a leaf spring setup, if needed. Standard Rear Axle Option Only F250 Rear Axles thru 8500 GVW drum brake 3. Both engines had a 2 bbl carb, a T-18 granny first gear 4 spd manual was standard while 3 spd automatic transmission. It comes in various widths and axle ratios and with various mounting systems (though mounted under leaf springs is by far the most common). Select from a broad range of available options and upgrades to configure the perfect rearend for your build. The 9 inch C1500 Posi Rear End is available in a variety of configurations to accommodate any application from. hopefully this is pretty close to body width although i could drop to et10 to give another 2" ish of track width if needed. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest. Heavy-wall tubes, along with a larger center section, significantly reduce distortion during welding of rear-link brackets or spring pads. 512" Brake Flange Mounting Surface 94-98 -- 54. 25" ring and pinon to keep your truck performing with bigger tires? Grab this Yukon Ring and Pinon and be amazed with the quality and. It is setting on a 97 ford 2 wheel drive explorer chassie and running gear. Trick Chassis 9" Rear axle for 1978 to 1988 G Body cars Below is what comes with it for $895: Brand new center fabricated housing can (STANDARD) Others charge $100 more Internal axle tube gussets (STANDARD) Others charge $75 more 3". The base price includes: New High Pinion Center Section with 3. Rear Axle, Suspension, and Gears Gear Ratios and Identification Codes (Checkout this Page!) Rear axles can be identified by a code stamped on the front of the right axle tube about 3 inches out from the carrier and 30 to 45 degrees above horizontal or on a metal tag attached to a rear cover bolt. B 1225B Rear Axle Bearing For 1958-1959-1960 and 1962-1963-1964-1965-1966 Ford Thunderbird (B1225B) $ 31. Hey guys i need some help identifying the front axle in my truck. When considering which axle to buy, check if your rear differential will be compatible , namely through spline counts. However the problem is the body is off the frame, the fenders are stored off-site and. the 2 litre one would be fine for a V6. Keep in mind not just the width of the rear, but what wheels, and tires you plan on 98' Ford Explorer rear end in a 50' Ply Bus Coupe. I'm looking for the width of the axles in a 78 or 79 ford bronco or f-150 or f-250s with HP 44 front and 9" rear axle. Knowing your rear end's gear ratio is crucial when you are considering a transmission upgrade, needing to calibrate the speedometer gear in your transmission, selecting the proper gear sets in a transmission, or even getting professional help with a new axle ratio for your application. The Ford Ranger is the pick-up truck that will help you tackle any challenge head on, designed for both work and play. 50 inches 67-73 Mustang, Torino, Ranchero, Fairlane 9" 59. 00 ratio semi-floating Spicer 60. Narrowed Currie Built Ford 9" Axle Assembly With New 31 Spline Axles, Bearings, Your Choice of Gear Set, 11" Drum Brakes and Gear Lube. Shop our selection of Jeep Wrangler fab parts. Ford Performance's Mustang parts selection can make your early or late model Mustang stand out. Laser cut and CNC formed PnO steel, made in the USA! Front leaf hanger is 3/16th steel with a 3/16th skeleton brace, making it effectively 1/2" plate strength. I HAVE A FREE 14 FOOT STEEL BED THAT ONLY HAD WOOD, AND IS VERY NICE, WITH A HEAD ACHE RACK I BUILT AT BUTTE COLLEGE. You can swap out the front or rear assembly if you have the right parts to work with. 25 1957-1959 Ford, Ranchero, Station Wagon 57. IMMACULATE INSIDE AND OUT AND ALL ORIGINAL. The ford has the retainer on the inner axle. Chevelle 12 Bolt Rear End For Sale. The double bearing race in the banjo housing could not be replace. Detailed specs and features for the Used 2006 Ford F-350 Super Duty including dimensions, horsepower, engine, capacity, fuel economy, transmission, engine type, cylinders, drivetrain and more. All bearings and bearing races were replaced. Jump to Latest Follow Status Not open for further replies. Some options are subject to availability. 0 4" lug bolt circle B-body 62-70 59. 54 ratio semi-floating Spicer 60-U 3. Nominal axle length dimension for a Scout II width d44 assembly would measure 28-1/4" in length. The second version was produced from '96-2002. The Ford 9 inch is a semi-floating, drop-out axle. I spent most of last week cleaning up the rear axle and old wheels that I'm going to run on the street. a custom made Ford 9" (My MII uses the Ford 5 x 4. 15" diameter with external seal) Brake drum register (pilot) diameter: 2. They also are pretty common with 3. End Rear Width Chart Ford. A flanged Dana spicer axle shaft for a "late" Scout 800/d44 would be dimensioned as 27-17/32". Interested? Please send us your axle housings, ring gear, and differential with 11-tooth spider gears. I bought factory unit bearings that were redrilled to 8x6. Dana 30: This axle size is the most common, and you'll only find it on the front of Jeep. Rear axle cut-a-way drawing for 1940 car. The Ford Mustang rear end specifications have changed quite a bit since the beginning of the Fox Chassis in 1979. But my hope is I could get 2 shafts, whichever are the shortest, and narrow the axle for a project. 125" diameter axle tubes, and kingpin knuckles identify this as a 79 Ford HPD60. Shown are a few Custom 9" Ford rear housings built by our production staff. 8" fits the 1979-1998 Mustangs exactly. This type of axle uses an axle shaft on each side that is simply splined at both ends and has a drive flange on the outer end. 32" Trac-Loc Plate Clutch Limited Slip Differential - New design. 1933-1936 Rear End Widths Early V8 (1932-53) thats a good article posted by jseery, every jalopy builder should have it bookmarked. Do those year broncos and F-150 use the same width axles?. item 2 RTS Rear Axle Housing Ford 9in. com has thousands of parts in stock. Our rear axle shafts are made with 1541 steel and are induction heated with rolled splines for optimum strength. I have everything I need for the project except for the t-case adapter, wiring harness, and …. Please take careful note of all options when ordering product. Ford F-250 / F-250 Super Duty With Ford 9" Series Axle 2004, Axle Housing by GearFX®. We took actual measurements of spring centers, they match F-150, F-250 and F-350 pick ups with single and dual rear wheel axles exactly. 219" Centerless Ground Steel Tubes 57" Housing Tip to Tip Width. Power Brake Booster Mounting Bracket Kit, 1964-74 Chevy GM Car. Every PACCAR Engine is meticulously designed for maximum power, performance, and efficiency. IFS hub swap - Gets you about 3" more width. Explore our single, double and super cab models, available in both 4x2 and 4x4 drive trains. This label will show your axle code under the "AX" slot. The later axles (95 on up) with disc brakes measure 59 and 3/4 inches, so that would work with some newer deep backspace wheels. " Tip #2: If you have a Dana or any custom width rearend and want to run original Mopar …. 5- inch 60 inches, cab to axle 191. I don't know why they had to have the …. The width of the axle shafts is 1. Choose from a variety of rear axle shafts, ring and pinion sets, and differentials to suit your needs. What about 99-04 srw and drw trucks WMS measurements. Gears engage well, but overall the rear end is very noisy. Bolt In 9" Ford Housing for 82. Lower spring mount on 67 and later Chevelles fit over a tower on the rear end and the pigtail is a smaller diameter. The Ford 9 inch rear ends can be found in just about any Ford car or light truck. Body camera and other video released this week shows a confrontation which led to the eventual police shooting of Tyrell Wilson, 32, …. Here is an example of a weld repair on a factory original housing. Straight Axle Ford Falcon Gasser. Ford 9 Inch Rear-End Widths and Potential Donor Cars The Ford 9 inch rear end is one of the most popular axles in automotive history; Ford’s 9 inch rear axle was produced from 1957 through 1986 and was installed in nearly every Ford passenger car and truck at one time …. Then pull the engine and rebuild it for the spring. Click the "product info" tab for more information on axles that work with our kit. Ive heard the 5600lb axle is the minimum for a normal 8' plow or larger on a diesel superduty, 6000lb being better , is this true? c. Home Forums > Classic Ford Trucks > 1973 - 1979 Ford F100, F150, F250-F350 Truck Forum > Front axle Discussion in ' 1973 - 1979 Ford F100, F150, F250-F350 Truck Forum ' started by Jamz3333 , Apr 22, 2020. Tech help for our customers and Old School Customer Service! All at C&G Ford Parts 760-740-2400. Our experienced and friendly sales staff are available to help with any of your Ford 3600 tractor parts and engine parts needs. Dexter ® offers the most comprehensive line of axles, actuators, and disc brakes engineered specifically for the marine market. In some cases both an 'A' and a 'B' prefix part number are shown for a particular gear set. 75” Height (Top Down): 52” Track: 49” Tire Size: 6. Works great with POSIES Spring #R40L, R36L or AJ40NH depending on rear axle perch width. Differential and Torque Tube Assy - Typical 1932 to 48. Just wondering what the width of the XD, XB and XY/W diffs were. Here, we have a set of 16X10 wheels wrapped with a set of P285/60R16 tires. 64-72 GM A-Body 9-Inch Rearend Builder. Ford calls their version of the limited slip differential "Traction Lok". This is our entry level 05+ Superduty Axle Conversion Kit which was designed to use all the factory parts from the Superduty suspension and steering to keep things and simple as possible. "M" Width of the housing end can be found in Chart "B" on page 5. Complimentary Ford Telematics Essentials. Theres a 2007 police interceptor (Crown Vic) in my local pick a part with the rear end still in it. Sob Encomenda - a história do Ford 51 no Brasil por Antonio Peron. But seems to be debate on exact widths and and which is narrowest. close Thank you for visiting www. 5 inches from the center of the axle, or 6. Includes information on engine horsepower, torque payload capacity, and much more. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jun 1, 2010. The Ford 8 inch differential was supplied with Ford Falcon, Mustang, Comet, Cougar and some Ford Fairlane's. 8 is an automotive axle manufactured by Ford Motor Company at the Sterling Axle Plant in Sterling Heights, MI. The Ford 9 inch rear end is one of the most popular axles in automotive history; Ford's 9 inch rear axle was produced from 1957 through 1986 and was installed in nearly every Ford passenger car and truck at one time or another; It was then replaced by the Ford 8. Joined Jul 11, 2011 · 7 Posts. The current axle measures about 60 ½", brake drum mounting flange to flange. Differential Oil Capacity: 2 1/4 Pint. 1 in : Tailgate Width/Height : Approach Angle : 31 deg : Departure Angle : Rear Axle : …. The stock axle width is maintained. I need to get an idea of the rear axle widths on my stock axle sterling 10. i plan on running 10" MO's with offset around 30mm. That's a little wide for a swap into our vintage trucks. 99 and newer Mustangs use a 59 7/8 inch wide rear axle. 55 ratio full-floating Spicer 70-U 3. Ford's 9 inch rear axle was produced from 1957 through 1986 and was installed in nearly every Ford passenger car and truck at one time or another. 1937-41 ford front straight, I beam,solid, axle. com You’ll now be redirected to your local Ford Dealer site. Ford Rearend ID and Info · 1965-1966 Mustang 8 and 9-inch housing width: 52 1/4- inch · 1967-1970 Mustang 8 and 9-inch housing width: 54 1/4- inch . They go as far as to offer custom widths at no additional charge. 【TOP DEAL】⚡️ Buy Brake pad set for FORD TRANSIT MEYLE 0252448419/PD Brake pad set MEYLE-PD Quality, Front Axle, incl. The 57-68 early passenger car and half-ton pickup rear end is considered a medium duty unit and came in both 28 and 31 spline axles. Jeep Front Axle Truss Ford High Pinion Dana 60 Jeep XJ, TJ, ZJ, MJ TNT Customs. These axle assemblies had bolt-in axles and were used sporadically in A-Body wagons as well. The housings are welded in high quality fixtures ensuring a true bolt-in. Ford Axle Kits come with 5-4 1/2 Bolt Circle Rotors. All Moser Engineering bolt-in Ford 9" housings are made with new heavy duty housing cores, seamless steel axle tubes (3. Meet the Chuckles Garage "Strange Bird" 1962 Ford Falcon Futura A/GS drag car. 5 inches total length is 38mm difference between housings if you want to shorten to xw-xy length from xa-xc housing. 5" rear axle height is shorter than the width and the shape appears "oval". CAPACITIES CARGO BED AREA Width with mirrors folded 77. Discussion Thread: How to: Rear disc brake conversion for stock Ranger rear end Mod: Rear disc brake conversion on stock Ranger rear-end If you are wanting to upgrade to rear disc brakes but don't want to swap to an inferior explorer axle setup, this is the mod for you. 99 WARN Standard Locking Hub Set for 1983-89 Bronco II & Ford Ranger. 2" housing flange to flange / 43. Note casting number C8AW-4668-B on pinion support and the double ribs …. See key features of the 2022 Ford Super Duty® Chassis Cab F-350 XLT truck. I can't use an off set differential. 8" Rear Ends If you own a 1979-2014 Mustang, then it came equipped with one of the two Ford rear ends - Ford 7. Ford Mustang Complete 9" Rear End Packages. guys im exploring some options for my lowered sd. Factory: Highland Park, Michigan, USA. 1966-1967 Fairlane and Comet 9" Rear Housing with 3" Tubes and 60" Track Width. You may also need to change the gear ratio as most Explorers have 3:73. The width of the 99-04 Dana 60 matches the 14 bolt very well. 5 Sterling axle in place of existing axle or changing bolt pattern on the front axle from metric pattern to 8x6. The total width of the early rear end is about 60 inches and the later one is about 61 inches. 3L features a free-breathing 2-valve-per-cylinder induction system and gen. STEERTEK ™ NXT Fabricated Front Steer Axle Designed as the platform for both Hendrickson’s next generation and OEM proprietary front suspension systems, STEERTEK™ NXT provides greater reliability, innovation, weight savings, and is a …. 8 is becoming a very popular axle to install to just about everything. item 1 FORD 9 INCH DIFF + AXLE KIT DIY KIT HOUSING LARGE BEARING CUSTOM WIDTH HOT ROD 1 - FORD 9 INCH DIFF + AXLE KIT DIY KIT HOUSING LARGE BEARING CUSTOM WIDTH HOT ROD. Sort By: Relevance Price: High to Low Price: Low to High Brand. Was wondering if anyone has a chart of rear end widths for newer gm cars and trucks. 8" ring gear, Independent rear system, With posi traction. Explore the range and find a vehicle to suit your lifestyle. 56 1/2" 71-77 Ford Maverick 8",. Rear Axle Measurements REAR SUSPENSION The following is a general list of rear ends and their dimensions to help narrow the search for a possible candidate to replace the torque tube rear end or just get a better set of gears for highway driving. Thursday Tech Specs - Ford Rear End Widths Ford Rear End Size - Width / Rear Axle Size - Width / Chart Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Strange has designed a true bolt in rear axle for those wanting to upgrade the C10 rear rend on their classic Chevy truck. Googleing 9" rear ends on the net I found out that "67-73 Torinos had 59. 1937-1947 ford wishbones, split ready for final trimming and bungs 2 1/4 inch perch width. The plate layouts vary depending on the. The 05+ F450/550 axles are wider but according to the below article, swapping to 8-lug SRW hubs narrows the track width by about 10 inches, which brings the axle width to 74". 4 Suspension or Axle to Ground - Rear 7. Power Brake Kit - 1948-52 Ford Truck. 90" from each wheel mounting surface. The car was sold as a 4 door sedan, hatchback, and station wagon. you will also have to measure from axle flanges side to side to get the correct width also. Can someone please tell me what is the width where the FEL bolts on to …. Dana 50/60 front axle has a WMS~WMS of 69. I need to know the out/out width at the wheel mounting surface. 8 59 11/44 FORD 65-66 Mustang 57 11/44 67-70 Mustang 8. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jul 18, 2014. 8 in a lot of applications and suspect they came in different widths. A DRW pick-up axle is 6" wider than a SRW pick-up axle. Rear-end track width measurements of classic American cars including Chevrolet, Ford, and Mopar vehicle rear axle widths Newest [ March 26, 2022 ] Handmade Toe Boards & Transmission Cover for '37 Ford Sedan Delivery Builds and Examples. Trucks typically have the rear-end housing located under the leaf spring. Your choice of reconditioned big web housing center piece, or new fabricated housing center piece (10 lbs lighter and 30% stronger). 248-437-5060 Mon - Fri: 12pm - 5pm EST Sat-Sun: Closed. We will be in touch if there is a problem with the options you …. unveiled its 1957 vehicle line in October of 1956, in the press materials there was only brief mention of a new rear axle assembly for its cars and light trucks. Western Differential can customize axles to fit your needs, whether you’re trying to change the number of splines, stud pattern, which type of bearing is used or length. Quick ID guide for the Ford 8 in. 25" Brakes are 9" or 10" 4 lug Drums Gear ratios from factory are normally 2. I am leaning toward a f**d 9" and was wondering about width. Thereof, how do I identify a Ford 8. Cargo Volume to Seat 1 (ft³): 81. 73:1 ratio found in some of the most current performance models, Ford has offered factory gear choices to fit almost every driving style!. 00; Max tire widths for non mini tubbed cars are 255mm. Most Ford leaf spring cars have the rear-end housing located on top of the leaf springs. There are numerous various in brakes, hubs, differential orientation, wheel bolt pattern, and width. Tell me you did it, and it worked out great. No guarantee as to the accuracy of this data. The Dana rear end is a bolt in swap for the both the 8 3/8 and the 9 1/4, all rear ends can be had with the same size u joint yokes, vans are good place to. NOTE: These width dimensions were measured with 1940 style brakes. All our 1999 Ford Explorer Rear Axle Assembly inventory come with a 1-year warranty, FREE shipping and 30-day money back guarantee. Our custom axles are made by Strange Engineering and Moser Engineering. of torque, courtesy of twin independent variable cam timing (Ti-VCT), as well as the Ford port-fuel and direct-injection (PFDI) system with two injectors per cylinder — one in the air intake. I'm putting it in a 1974 Ford Pinto with a 351W. Have a Question? Email Us Get Answers From Pros. Ford Rear End Size - Width / Rear Axle Size - Width / Chart. Brackets are in stock locations, lower control arm brackets have additional mounting holes. electric) QR Code Link to This Post. the FORD 9" has advantages and lots of aftermarket support, but Ive used a DANA 60 rear with its heavier axles and bearings and 9 3/4" gears in all my race cars , they are slightly heavier (about 60 lbs) but basically indestructable compared to the 8 7/8" 12 bolt chevy or 9" fords. The pumpkin is centered in the housing, which puts the pinion 1" offset from center, requiring different length axle shafts. Differential Housings for Third Member. Jeep Front Axle Truss Ford HP Dana 44 Radius Arm Style Jeep XJ, TJ, ZJ, MJ TNT Customs. Determine housing width by measuring the distance between the axle flanges located on the outward end of each axle tube. 1973-78 Chevy Nova, Rear Bilstein Shock Absorbers. 5- inch 84 inches, cab to axle 179. 【TOP DEAL】⚡️ Buy Brake pad set for FORD USA Explorer Mk1 (UN46) FEBI BILSTEIN 116074 Brake pad set Front Axle Width: 63,5mm, Thickness …. Did the 1949 Ford really begin life as a Studebaker design? O lançamento do Ford 1949 na Wigg S. Aftermarket axle housing - Requires a longer “long-side” inner axle shaft. Feb 18, 2007 · The axle length is 29 5/8 inches with 2 3/4 inch hang out on the ends. 00-16 Max Speed: 65 mph Fuel Capacity: 15 gal Range: 285 mi Electrical: 6 neg Transmission: 3 speed + reverse (T-84) Transfer Case: 2 speed Model (Dana 18) Front Axle: Dana 25 Rear Axle: Dana 27 Wheelbase: 80” (203 cm. 5" Stock axle splines: 31 spline is common (upgradeable to 35 spline) Width: 58 1/4" wide (2" narrower then XJ or ZJ) Notes: 8. Get the most useful specifications data and other technical specs for the 2011 Ford Mustang 2-Door Conv GT. Bolt-in housing and axle packages include new housing, Custom Alloy Axles (28, 31, 33, or 35 spline), bearings, studs and heavy duty retainer plates. You really can't determine anything unless you have the exact wheel and tire combination in your hands. Types Of Nine Inch Axle Housings. One of the features which distinguishes this axle from other high-performance or heavy-duty solid axles is that unlike other axle designs, access to the differential gears is not through the rear center cover; rather, in the Ford 9 inch, the rear cover is welded. 0 System with Bilstein ™ Position Sensitive Dampers and fender flares — these rugged components work …. 5051 1935-40 Ford frame only with IFS front crossmember (for. 5's were reserved for single rear wheel (SRW) applications, where the larger 80 was used in all. 300M alloy steel housings and axle shafts are available at additional cost for Dana 60 Non-Unit Bearing Axles, as well as the '02 and up Ford F-250 Dana 60 Unit. All wheel cylinders take 3/16″ standard line. 00 64 81 All Gm 10 12 Bolt Rear Axle End Disc Brake Conversion Calipers Right C1063. You really can’t determine anything unless you have the exact wheel and tire combination in your hands. Denny's Driveshafts stocks the Ford 9 inch rear end pinion yokes in a variety of u-joint series in the 28 spline version and also a 1350 series for the 35 spline pro gears. Swap a 78-79 High Pinion Dana 60 Arm axle, into your Jeep TJ, LJ, XJ, ZJ or MJ. Dropped Tube Front Axle Complete Kit. 8 solid axle gear install doc file. Tech help for our customers and Old School Customer Service! All …. Dana 44 Front Axle Disc Brake Upgrade Kit – 8 Lug – 76-79 Ford. These are highly sought after, and as such, are hard to find. I am looking for the dimensions for a 78-79 Ford Bronco 9" axle housing. We can build the housing with the small web Round Back Housing. Get detailed information on the 2002 Ford Thunderbird including specifications and data that includes dimensions, engine specs, warranty, standard features, options, and more. ON THE FIRST $1,000 OF ACCESSORIES PURCHASED. Looking for information on the 8. We have provided a link to the source of each rating - …. 125 for customer service, availability and technical assistance. I am looking for the width of a 1973 A-body rear end. How To Measure Ford 9" Rear End Housings. 75 be shortened just in case it may be to wide. The Sasquatch ™ Package is available on all models except Bronco Raptor ™ and has several turn-key off-road features so there's no need to piece together your own. I’ve got a 9” ford that’s 57” axle to axle. 8 LSD axle 4 stud PCD etc, after arriving home with the axle we found it to be 2" wider (59" wide) than the current capri axle :-(so we had to decide wether to run different offset wheels front and back, or get the axle narrowed,. Fellow HAMB'r "HotRodMike" needs a differential to put under his /39 Ford Coupe. As pointed out in the text, the rolling stock plays a pivotal role in determining the width of the rear end housing. Axles came in 28 or 31 spline versions from the factory. I cleaned most of the crud off but had no luck. If you're aiming for a drag build, consider a set of rear axles with C-clip Eliminators. axle tubes with 3/16" wall thickness. The dana pinion stands forward about 2" more than the 9 1/4, the driveshaft will need to be shortened accordingly. Pinion offset to right of center 2-3/16". 29" Spring Perch Center to Center. devinshaw, Apr 7, 2007 SHARE POST #16 Aman Member. Ford Rear End Width Chart Rear Axle Ratio Charts For 1967 1972 GM Trucks. 2L SOHC 2-valve flex-fuel V8 engine, SYNC® 3, integrated trailer brake controller & more. Can somebody tell me the original width (drum to drum) for a 68/72 Chevelle's. 4 engine, Auto trans, made in USA. I know the locker mechanism and what it looks like but do you identify the size of a 9. Guest · Discussion Starter · #1 · Nov 23, 1999. 8 axle was released in '83 and made its way into the fox platform in '86. New 9″ Ford Rear Housing with New Axles New 9″ Ford rear end housing, custom built to your specified hub width. Ford 8 8 Rear End Width Chart Lovely Rearend Identification. To this day, the Ranger can still be found with either the Ford 7. cab to axle 169- inch wheelbase; 84 inches, cab to axle 193- inch wheelbase; 108 inches, cab to axle 205- inch 120 inches, cab to axle 167. 25 1957-1959 Ford, Ranchero, station wagon 57. The rear axle is a narrowed Ford nine inch, to 58 inches drum to drum, with new style flanges and bearings, and new Moser axles with the 5 on 5 1/2 bolt pattern. Can somebody measure the overall width of a MGB rear end for me from I just bought a Ford 8. Includes: Two 1-3/4" spring shackles w/ nylon bushings. For this example, we will use a typical Ford 9" unit that is being modified to fit under a '32 Ford. Note: Image above is for informational. Buy Any Yukon Gear Kit - Get a FREE Yukon TrailSac. Actual wheel track could be as much as 6" to 8"depending on drum size: 46" to 47" '66 to '77 Bronco 48" to 49" '72 to '75 Datsun pickup '71 Dodge Colt '72 to '73 Mazda 50" to 51". Rear End Widths - - Back - - Home > Specs > Rear End Widths : Representative for comparison purposes only. The key is using Chevy small bearing spindles and the matching brake caliper brackets and calipers along with Ford 5 lug wheel hubs and rotors. Front axle load-Rear axle load-Wheelbase: 109. 5" center to center lug pattern is 5x4. 1 in : Tailgate Width/Height : Approach Angle : 31 deg : Departure Angle : Rear Axle : Specifications Subject to Change. PDF How to measure Ford 9. Throughout the years Ford mixed and matched axles to different vehicles. 5" axle, but 90 to 92 Rangers with 4. But this time, the Camaro and Nova rears are also different because even though Nova went to the "wide" axle, they stayed with the "narrow" spring perches that the "narrow" early rears used, so a rear end that was set up for a 76 and later Nova will be the correct width for a Second Gen Camaro, the spring perches will likely be wrong and fit. A budy of mine tore his D44 up and put an 8. 25 or 5x108mm, and the taurus/sable twins up to 2007 used the same, the rebadged 500 they called the taurus in 08 had 5x4. Ford Rear End 8" , Rear Axle - $295. Choose Dexter for trouble-free towing. Somewhere I read that the S-10 rear end width varies depending on 2x4 or 4x4. 8 solid rear axle, possibly up until 2003 with a sport model before all IFS, and the Sport Trac Exploder trucks have them until around 2005- I recently pulled a short side axle from one of those that was a 2003. Ford Fiesta features and specs at Car and Driver. We stock and service Standard, Nodular or Aluminum Yukon, Moser and Strange Cases too. This would probably make a nice rear end for a Jeep Wrangles since it is approximately the same width. Adjustable Width Front1987 Ford 6610 Axle - farm & garden - by owner. Gm 12 Bolt Rearend Guide How To Identify That Swap Meet Find. XL 2WD SuperCab 6' Box $24,410. Boasting more technology than ever before, interior comfort and a range of smart safety features, the Ford Ranger is the only truck. I could have narrowed this front axle to any width I wanted but then I would have needed custom made axle shafts. Vehicle: '71-77 Ford Bronco (D44 front, Ford 9″ rear) Bolt pattern: 5 on 5. 8 is definetly stronger than the D35 and D44. Ford 9 Inch Rear-End Widths and Potential Donor Cars The Ford 9 inch rear end is one of the most popular axles in automotive history. The reason I asked was because I know a guy with a 59 inch Ford 9" for sale. Ford Maverick features and specs at Car and Driver. 9 Suspension or Axle to Ground – Front 8. 8-Inch axle used in the Explorer is highly desirable because it came with 31-spline axles over the typical 28-spline found in the Ranger version. Swap a High Pinion Dana 44 Ford Radius Arm axle, into your Jeep TJ, LJ, XJ, ZJ or MJ. 75" Height (Top Down): 52" Track: 49" Tire Size: 6. When you do the Ford knuckle conversion the axle can float so the universal joint center wanders away from center line of the ball joints. This is housing width as you orginally asked for, not axle flange to axle flange. This kit is the perfect way to ensure your axle is installed in the best way possible, so that you can experience the drive of your dreams. The area I wanted was the spring hanger and the top two mounting tabs for the drum backing plates. 50 inches * 1991-2003 Ford Explorer 8. Jump to Latest Follow NEWS PARTS JEEP & 4x4 ATV & UTV. Ford 9 Inch Rear-End Widths and Potential Donor Cars The Ford 9 inch rear end is one of the most popular axles in automotive history; Ford's 9 inch rear axle was produced from 1957 through 1986 and was installed in nearly every Ford passenger car and truck at one time or another. Most numbers should be within 1/8″ due to ’rounding’ of factory information. Works with Super Bell tube or I-beam axle or dropped Ford axle. If you have QUESTIONS about Ford 9" Rear Ends, please visit our Forum. It has been swapped in to Ford Rangers, Bronco II's, Jeeps, Chevy S-10's and even some cars. Please Note The Following Vehicle Location is at our clients home and Not In Cadillac, Michigan. At this point, it should be pretty obvious the Ford 8. 5 size? G80 is positive traction and possibly a limited slip. Discover Ford Australia's latest line-up of passenger cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles. In this version, the axles bolt to the housing ends just as on a Ford 8- or 9-inch. Trick Chassis 9" Rear axle for 1978 to 1988 G Body cars Below is what comes with it for $895: Brand new center fabricated housing can (STANDARD) Others charge $100 more Internal axle tube gussets (STANDARD) Others charge $75 more …. 2003 Ford F150 Specifications. 50 inches coil springs 1972 ford van 3/4 ton …. The following table shows the various Ford part numbers and gear ratios for the matched ring and pinion gear sets used on 1928 through 1934 Model A (103-1/2" WB) and Model B (106" WB) Ford car and commercial chassis, not trucks. Dana Spicer 701166X Front Axle Thrust Washer Kit 1998 to 2004 FORD F-250, F-350 F-450, F-550 SUPER DUTY and EXCURSION with Dana 60 Front Axle CLICK HERE for More Details Part Number: 701166X Diagram Number:. I was told to get one the same width as mine. GM B-Body Complete 9" Rear End Packages. $100 1953-1956 F100 Bendix brake parts original drums, backing plates, Inquire with your needs. 1962-67 Chevy Nova Ford 9" Rear End Housing and Axles, Multi Leaf. Impala X Frame axle swap 9" Ford widths OK, so I have a 63 Chevy Biscayne wagon its been sitting for a few months (8 or9) and I have finally gotten the gumption to start back on it. Maybe I missed it somewhere as I was fairly sure a 3. Popular Science, july 1948 - Story of teh New Ford. Build Your Own Mustang Visit Ford. The 12 bolt housing is wider than the stock 7. Width: Spring mount eye to eye: 1928-1931: 57. Factory Mustang and other fox body cars. Or, tell me I am insane to even botherThanks for the help in advance. 8 LSD axle 4 stud PCD etc, after arriving home with the axle we found it to be 2" wider (59" wide) than the current capri axle :-(so we had to decide wether to run different offset wheels front …. 99 WARN Standard Locking Hub Set for 1990-97 …. No matter what Dana 44 axle you start with it is very easy to convert it to the standard Ford/Jeep/Scout 5 lug pattern. Call our toll-free customer support line today if you have any questions. 7,000-pound axles give the 14ET added weight capacity for unmatched durability and strength. WellFord never made a 1995 f350 dually 4x4 as a pickup, just a cab and chassis. It could not be removed by any means. I replaced the entire rear end with one from a 99 F150, 4. See your Ford or Lincoln Dealer for complete details and qualifications. I really don't like the way my single wheel front 60 sticks the tires out of the fenders. Yukon high performance ring and pinion gear sets for 1964-2004 Mustang. Farming out the narrowing process: When I first looked into this project, I got price quotes for farming the project out to a local machine shop. 4" Dropped and Drilled Solid Axle - 46" 1928-31 Early Ford Tudor L-head A-bone (Fits: Ford) Brand New. 25 inches 1957-1959 ranchero and station wagon 57. Includes Street Performer 31-spline axles, spring perches, brackets & tabs, third member studs, all fasteners, axle seals and housing vent. Flanges are dual-drilled for both 5 on 4-1/2" Ford/Mopar and 5 on 4-3/4" GM wheel bolt patterns, and include two sizes of wheel studs (1/2"-20 Ford/Mopar and 7/16"-20 GM). Rear Axle, Under CDL, Hydraulic Brakes, Spring Suspension, Regular Cab, A/C, AM/FM Radio, Manual Windows Mirrors And Locks, Dual Air Bags, 2 Passenger Vinyl Seating, Dual Air Bags, Rubber Floors, 16" Steel Wheels With Great Tires, 35 Gal Gasoline Tank, 16'L Aluminum Van/Box Body, Translucent Roofing with Lighting, Harwood Flooring, Rear Roll Up. Discussion Thread: How to: Rear disc brake conversion for stock Ranger rear end Mod: Rear disc brake conversion on stock Ranger rear-end If you are wanting to upgrade to rear disc brakes but don’t want to swap to an inferior explorer axle setup, this is the mod for you. The 9-3/8″ rear end with a Traction-Lok differential got the larger 1-5/8″ axle bearing I. 9 Inch Ford Rear Axle Information · 65-66 Mustang 57. Ford Ranger – Australia’s Best Dual Cab 4X4 Ute 2021. For instance, FJ60 axles have the hump slightly further out than a 40's. 9 Suspension or Axle to Ground - Front 8. I used the Eastwood Versa Cut 60 to blast right through the axle and cut off the area I needed to use. One of the axles had to be replaced with an original one, as the threads were obviously treated. Vehicles with Similar Dimensions. 25, 1967-1973 Mustang, Torino, Ranchero, Fairlane ; 60. Available in 1/4 inch increments from 23" to 62". 2015 Stage 3 Roush '66' Ranchero w/almost done 302 T-5 swap 2000 4x4 Ranger 2003 4x2 Ranger '69' Fairlane Cobra, 428 4-speed waiting for work. Hey guys I have a question on axle widths for 05+ up superduty trucks. Located in San Dimas, (Southern California) EarlyFordStore. AAM# Vehicle Make Year Axle Type Axle Ratio # of Teeth Notes; AL3Z4026A: Ford: 1987 - 2011: 8. What it Does: Fits Chevy or custom axles with 31. 2070960 63-64 Chrysler same width as all 61-62 rear ends listed 63-64 880 above ( 2070259 / 2070270 ) SG axle shorter than open rear axle (63) SG axle and open axle same length (64) flange to flange: 55-5/8" (est. 8" gears better than Ford Performance : stronger and quieter. FORD REAR ENDS, 8” AND 9” IDENTIFICATION / SPECIFICATIONS Introduction The most popular rear end around is no doubt the Ford 9 inch unit, it is used by restorers, street rodders and racers alike, regardless of what brand of car the axle is going in. 8-Inch rear axle has found homes in numerous vehicles besides the Explorer. One of the axles had to be replaced with an original one, as the threads were obviously …. Even though it was developed more than 60 years ago, the Ford 9-Inch is the rear axle of choice throughout the American high-performance world. To find your Ford Aerostar Rear Axle Assembly from a RECYCLER NEAR YOU, just enter the YEAR of your vehicle and your ZIP code in the above form and press the "FIND" button. Ford 9 inch rear end, out of a 86 ford F-150, 5×5 bolt pattern, 2. Numerous Ford passenger cars would be conceived and created using the Falcon's basic building blocks, in a variety of wheelbases (103″ to 117″), widths (front/rear track from 55/54. As mentioned in other post above, the width is almost identical, you get rear disc brakes, a stronger axel and you might can find one with the OEM Locker. If interested please call 870 565 6636 please no help selling. 5" Rear Differential Cover 94-21 Ford F-250 / F-350 AFE-46-70022-Main 15. This used Ford F-150 is priced $2,400 below Kelley Blue Book Was $27,965. SpynTec Hub Conversion Kit For Ford 99-08 Superduty Axle to Jeep 07-17 JK Swap. If anyones interested I would be willing to post it. Hi, I have recently acquired a Ford Escort former South African historic saloon car racer. Ford Motor Company reserves the right to modify the terms of this plan at any time. Casting numbers # 2070051, 3507881, 3723675 Info: 1 3/8" Pinion stem, 9 bolt cover, 55. This is an '87 GN 8-1/2" rear with aluminum drums. As it turned out, all ten nuts holding the third member in place, were loose. A bolt and plate arrangement hold the spring in place and the pigtail is the same general diameter as the rest of the spring. 8 rear end vs 8 and 9 inch Which is Best Episode 46 Manic MechanicCheck out the web site: www. If measuring the drum-to-drum distance, add. The most popular rear end around is no doubt the Ford 9 inch unit, it is used by restorers, street rodders and racers alike, regardless of what brand of car the axle is going in. For mini tubbed cars you can pocket the lower link bar into the. Ford OBS Axle Conversion Kit (05+ Superduty Swap) $1,549. I'm struggling to identify the type of rear axle, which has a welded diff, as I want to put in an LSD (car is road legal). 50 inches; 1993-2009 Ford Ranger 8. Joined Dec 30, 2014 · 790 Posts. The 2003-2007 Powerstroke equipped F-250 and F-350 trucks featured a Dana 60 assembly up front and either a Dana 80 or 10. Ford 1/2-ton Pickup Truck, 112-inch wheelbase (Chassis 81-C, Body Type 830) The 1938 model year pickup truck featured the first totally new cab since 1935. 8 rear end? You can identify the Ford 8. How to Measure Ford Rear End Axle Splines, Flange Width and Height Ford 8 Inch and 9 Inch Third Members - Identify 28 and 31 Spline Axles, Yoke Flange Width and Height Metro Auto Parts Market. Tired of breaking your Dana 30 front end, then install a Dana 44 or Dana 60 front end with ease. 25 66-69 Comet/Fairlane , 67-70 Cougar 59. The 1964-67 Chevelle housings measure 60. In its stock configuration, you should be able to transplant an 8-inch into any mid-size muscle car of similar frame width and an engine that does not develop over 300hp. John's Industries Ford 9" Rear End Housing for 1955. The Moser Ford 9" rear end is 100% bolt in compatible for your 1959-1964 GM B-Body Impala, Biscayne, Bel Air, etc. Jeep YJ Full-Width Axle Kit for Ford Front Axle. I think 1997 and newer F150's have a track width of 67 inches. This partnership extended to the Lariat, XL and XLT versions. * Some pages require Microsoft Word and Excel v7 for Windows95 ©. 54 ratio (thru 8500 GVW) drum brake 3. xw-xy 9 inch diff width/ length housing 1378mm or 54. I've got a 9" ford that's 57" axle to axle. 5 inches and from the center of the axle to that of the driveshaft flange of 10".