faint bfp for a week. Congrats! I tested on Monday and got a faint one and tested again on Tuesday and got a much stronger one so test again in a day or two so you stop wondering (I've actually tested 3 times this week, y'know, just to make sure ;-) ) 3. I am around 3 weeks late and so yesterday I decided to test on a cheapie just to make sure. Powered by My Must Reads Upcoming Events. Can you get a BFP at 4 weeks? What is considered a late BFP? Normally, a pregnant woman should be able to get a positive pregnancy test by the time of her missed period. Re: VERY faint BFP i only got a very faint line the first time i took a hpt. Scared & confused! BFP after a period! stephanie d (47) 22/10/2011 at 1:02 pm. Find out how dehydration, low blood pressure, arrhythmia, and other problems can make you feel woozy and even faint. I'm worried that they aren't getting much darker. so I have a 30-31 day cycle and I ovulate on day 16-17. Has this ever happened to anyone else?? In any case, DH and I could not be more excited. The trigger shot was leupride 2mg. Has this happend to anyone else? going crazy This!!! So glad you had your bfp showed up on the clearblue 🙏🏼 Im praying that this will be the case for me too. In these instances, a faint positive can be caused by low levels of the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG. So we have recently started ttc again after a couple months break and the day before my AF was due I started bleeding. A faint line still indicates a positive pregnancy. I got my 1st + at 10 DPO and it was super faint, could have been an evapbut a true bfp will get darker as the days go by. Just retest in a day or 2, if you can see a pink line WITHOUT taking it apart that you have a bfp. I didn't get AF and a couple days later I started to get my BFP . Good luck to all of you and don't give up. With my first i didn't get a positive until about 6 weeks, there a lots of people who don't get a positive for a while. I noticed the test line changing, and it was well within the time limit when I got my faint BFP. So depending on when you ovulate, you could get pregnant up to a week . a positive's a positive!! congratulations!! i had a feint positive and then a neg at docs, then 2 more BFP's and now im 9+4 and used my. After a couple of days of receiving some major squinters, I finally had a clear BFP this morning at 11 DPO. Another term often used for it is 14DPO. The second line is sligthly pink and both my husband and I saw it appear . Baby number 2 has me excited just concerned about space in our apartment But thats all :) Ness - If I go by the 28 day cycle i'd be the 21st, but the cycle before I got pregnant was 30 days, before that I was on BC and before BC - never really had a regular cycle so the only thing I have to base it off of was that 30 day cycle. Use if you need a fresh pair of eyes on your possible BFP 2 faint positives a week apart? T • Thu, Mar 31. bfp 2 weeks after period LIKE bleed. If a test somes back BFN after a faint BFP, it might be b/c you don't have enough hormone to detect. the faint glow of a distant light There was a faint smile on her lips Log in been bloated for like a week I look like I've gained 20lbs but im the same weight 4 15 DPO usually marks the first day of your missed Very faint bfp 17 dpo (faint) 12 dpo night/13 dpo morning obvious bfp Obviously, I will re-test until I get a clearer BFP or AF Find out how dehydration, low blood pressure, arrhythmia. I had tested early and got a BFN so on OTD i wasnt that optimistic so when I seen a faint line I called in my husband to the bathroom for a 2nd opinion and he said thats a definite. A very faint line may also occur if the urine is too diluted to detect hCG. Last month I just "knew" I was pregnant. A super faint line popped up within the 3 minute mark. About Bfp Faint Period Weeks After 2. I found these so helpful when symptom spotting. I was cramping so very bad yesterday. Today was my OTD and I appear to have a BFP. It is still very faint but visible and showing up in 3 mins. I walked quickly because I felt cold. G/C, but those faint BFP's usually turn strong very quickly. Faint BFP, 2 days later BFN: Hi everyone, This is my first IUI cycle and IUI performed on 22nd Feb. BFP!!! IT WAS NOT AFIT WAS HEAVY IMPLANTATION BLEEDING. I've been spotting for the past 5 days, and AF was due Mon or yesterday. It is more reliable to test for pregnancy even if you missed a period the first day. I had counted myself out that cycle several days before the first FRER positive, with how faint that line got I was sure that it was just the trigger lingering. i took a test in the afternoon and there was a good positive line but then ive took 2 tests since and there all negative! wats going on. 19 dpo possible faint bfp : hey guys so this is my first post and I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right area or if anyone will reply but I'm in need of answers. A Very Faint BFP Today BFP= Big Fat Positive (on a Pregnancy Test) I also had a very vivid dream that first week after ovulating that I gave birth to a beautiful little boy. Brené Brown "Atlas of the Heart" Book Launch. Yes, I will have to, it was quite faint but it was defo there at 8 minutes, I timed it!!!! I hope it is a BFP!!! and a sticky one at that!!. VVVFL, and so forth): Very faint line, very very faint line, etc. Faint BFP results 4 weeks after D&C: I had a D&C 4 weeks ago for a MMC at 12 weeks. I know, I did this morning already with a BFN. Search: Faint Bfp 13 Dpo Success Stories. I tested today with a FRER and got a very, very faint positive. I was wondering if anyone has managed to take a picture of their faint BFP? I had one this morning but my phone's camera is quite crap and blurs most indoor pictures. We’ve tried for a over year with a two month break, and that follows the baby we had in 2020 that took over three. If you had a dark line before and now you have a faint line, A chemical pregnancy is one that occurs before the fifth week of gestation . I took a HPT at 4 weeks and got a BFN and the ER did a test at about 6 weeks and theirs was a BFN, too. I got my first super faint, like almost invisible, BFP on Saturday with a cheapie dollar store test using FMU and then I tested later that same day with a 5 day before expected period EPT and got another faint BFP (I should've bought a digital!). Use if you need a fresh pair of eyes on your possible BFP 2 faint positives a week apart? T • Thu, Mar 31. I know how nervy it can be finding out so early, and it makes you want to curse the early detection tests!. (Closed) Is a faint line still a BFP?. Very Faint BFP! Hey Ladies, so it happened! I got a faint BFP! I'm excited and nervous and just a jumble of emotion. In fact, most early signs of pregnancy don't appear until 5 - 6 weeks of gestation, or 21 - 28 DPO. Took a test and I swore I could see a faint line. However, some women find their period doesn’t come and they still don’t get a BFP. What do you think? - BabyCenter Canada. When you test earlier than 12 DPO, there is a higher chance of getting a false negative pregnancy test —that is, a negative test even though you are indeed pregnant. Faint Line on Pregnancy Test: What It Means and When to. I did a CB digi test on Sunday and it came up straight away 5+ weeks, which is what I am. The past 4 days, I've been taking pregnancy tests and gotten very faint positives each day that don't get lighter or darker. In fact, most early signs of pregnancy don’t appear until 5 – 6 weeks of gestation, or 21 – 28 DPO. I ued a morrisons own test that was so faint i was sure i was seeing things! I rushed out to buy a clear blue digital teast and it came back positive! The top test was my initial BFP at about 5 weeks, the other 2 are from 6 weeks and 7 weeks. My friend tested at 4weeks pg (she was 2 weeks late) and nothing, tested at 6weeks and got a bfp. Positive stories desperately needed after missed miscarriage. Af was due yesterday and with no sign I decided to do a test last night and got a really faint BFP. 5 Mar( 11dpiui) took hpt and it was a faint BFP. I had a blood test 4 days ago and was 7mIU so should be getting a darker positive by now if. So a little backgroundI had my first m/c at the end of May. Im doing ok ive no real symptoms but ill just be 5 weeks tom so still early days im tired . I do feel pregnant (cramping, very sore boobs, dizzy, fatigue, nausea, foor aversion), so I took a test. Sperm can live inside your body for up to seven days, waiting for an egg to be released. I was up all night going to the toilet and there is a faint line but can see it more than the photo. I’ve been having a heavy feeling in my lower abd since 7 DPO and almost like a tightness in the same area. You are much more likely to get a false BFN than a False BFP. Seren (2) 29/12/2011 at 4:44 pm. Images are hidden by default on this community. i took another test a few days later, then took another a week later but the results didn't change much - still very faint. I had a D&C 4 weeks ago for a MMC at 12 weeks. 11 DPO - cramps, tender BBs, frequent urination, skin break out and If you are look Please please help, very faint line (I . Faint positive home pregnancy test: What does it mean?. In order for the test to come up positive, even if it faint, you have to have some of the hcg hormone in your system. Faint line on a cheapie and negative on clearblue… Losing my mind. I have been testing every day for the last few days, so I know this is the first time it has been at all detectable, and the test is a 20 MIU test, so I know my HCG levels must be VERY low. Hi just wondering how many days after a frozen transfer did you get a positive line. Was quite excited and then this afternoon af came. So, innocently I went to pee but before actually peeing I decided to poas. I finally got my BFP after 14 long months of ttc! I wanted to leave my symptoms here for all my ladies still on their ttc journey! Sending sooo much baby dust to this amazing group ♥️I did a few things differently this cycle but ultimately my faith and the grace of God is what brought me here. About Before Week Bfp A Period. 5 weeks pregnant which didn't match at all with my cycles - but it did line up with when I tested and got my BFP. Levels of HCG can be detected in the urine after about two weeks from conception. The likelihood of a positive at this point is almost 100%. The next day, got super super faint line on frer. Obviously very excited but also cautious as my last IVF cycle resulted in a chemical pregnancy. Wish my doc would agree to bloods already! Anyway, it is possible to get a late BFP. Why do I keep getting very faint positive pregnancy tests? You're pregnant. In particular, cycle 1 is the most common cycle to conceive, and you should not be surprised to see cycle 1 BFPs in the BFP thread. so I'm going to give a little bit of a background of me so it's easier to understand the situation. At first I thought it was an evaporation line. Faint BFP results 4 weeks after D&C. Fainting occurs when something interrupts blood flow to the brain. So, if you do get a faint line, Kirkham recommends waiting . Your hCG levels have not increased enough to create a dark line on a pregnancy test. You just gave me so much hope thank you ️ Pregnancy Week. faint bfp??: So im at cd28 and just poas wiith fmu. Faint bfp for a week Search Audiobooks. Drinking a large amount of fluid can dilute the urine and skew the results. Jun 25, 2020 · Bleeding can occur anytime within a week after implantation. miscarriage that occurs in the first 13 weeks after conception. But what if you're five or more weeks pregnant and still . But luckily that wasn't the case and it was real - 18 weeks 2 days pregnant with a little boy. BFP= Big Fat Positive (on a Pregnancy Test) So, my husband and I were supposed to wait for 2 cycles before trying to concieve again. Or, it could be that the embryo didn't implant, and hence, there was not enough hCG being produced. no matter how close to invisible the positive line is, you're. But in other cases, the positive line appears faded. I went back yesterday for a second test to make sure my numbers are doubling, because of the fact that i did have heavy bleeding. I got my BFP with FR 4days before AF due and the line was verrry faint too, I had cramping and twinges - still get the odd cramp and twinge. If you’re pregnant, it’s very likely you’ll see a positive result on a pregnancy test by the day of your missed period. Faint bfp in the past for me aren't good news, thats whats happened with my ectopic. I just tested again using the EPT and got another faint BFP. I need advice! So I was gone for the last week on a mini-vacation. Re: EXTREMELY faint bfp! i would recommend getting one of the tests from walmart or somewhere like that. Hormonally, the process of ovulation and preparing your uterus for accepting the fertilized egg uses the same chemicals, so if you had the hormones there to ovulate and create the right. At first i didnt see anything, placed back on counter then when i went back to look again- after maybe half hr (i know some may say its only valid within the time frame of 5 mins or so) then i saw a very as in VERY faint line?. Search: Faint Bfp 2 Weeks After Period. Odd early pregnancy aigns before BFP or am I nuts?. Here is my BFP I got this morning!! But with the BFP comes a little confusion. Can you have a very faint bfp at 7 weeks? Hi I thought I was pregnant last month, but ended with medium menstruation (a little less heavy than other times). About week bfp for a Faint This is an indication that there isn't enough hCG in your urine for the pregnancy test to trigger a positive pregnancy result. I took a digi later that afternoon, and it was positive. The only time I have had a dream like that was right before I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. Faint bfp or ghost/indent line: hello everyone! I'm sorry for asking because I'm sure hundreds of pictures of pregnacy tests get posted all the time, but I was hoping for second opinions on the test I took yesterday anyway. my last period was August 24th and i ovulated. ? PennyPrimrose • • 13 weeks wow you must be buzzing after hitting the 12 week mark! Xx. NOTHING! I was pretty saddened, so i went back to bed. You can avoid getting faint lines by using a . faint bfp for a week, If an "evap line" shows up in the time limit then it probably isn't an evaporation line -- it probably is a positive result! You may feel the urge to disregard a very faint positive, especially if you've experienced evaps before, but generally tests don't turn positive within the time limit unless you are pregnant. My husband and I have been TTC our 4th and final baby for a few months. The lines got darker over the next week. I tested few days early as going out tonight and didnt want to over do it on wine if pregnant. Tested again 10DPO, same faint positive. I tested on a second test straight after and a faint line also popped up. Keep getting faint BFP's: I started testing at 9DPO with FRER. I've been getting v faint BFPs since Monday though. By 12 DPO, if you are truly pregnant, you are likely to get a BFP (which stands for “big fat positive” AKA a positive pregnancy test). This is the time period between ovulation and. Very Faint BFP at 13 DPO Looking for Advice. IUI x 5, IVF Oct 2014 E1 boy 7/16/2015 FET July 2017, IVF Dec 2017, FET Feb 2018, FET Apr 2018, IVF June 2018 E2 boy 3/14/2019. This was our second cycle officially trying. Most pregnancy tests on the market only work properly if you take them a week or more after missing your period, says Cara Delaney, MD, a . Wth is going on? Got some decent faint lines. This is an indication that there isn’t enough hCG in your urine for the pregnancy test to trigger a positive pregnancy result. The line came up in the allotted time frame but was so faint I had to look closely. they have those digital ones now too that say. I carried on using ic's as the days/weeks went by because a) I was nervous and b) I had a huge stash! They didn't get a decent line until about 20 dpo. The test line is certainly much stronger than in my previous cycle and the clinic said that their test (which is the one. I started taking tests on Sept 12th (4 days late) all were negative until the one on the morning of Oct. Search: Bfp 2 Weeks After Implantation Bleeding. I almost missed it as it didn't show until 7 minutes and I was about to chuck it, but gave it one last look. I started testing at 9DPO with FRER. We really waited only one cycle because he had gone off of his meds in February and we felt we should not lose any time in case he had to go back on them again. So last week I got a very faint positive. Early pregnancy signs and symptoms. Feeling anxious as miscarried my last in February 2019. I just got my very faint bfp yesterday 6 days before af is due. The doc gave us the green light to try if we were ready before my next period. For a few days I got negatives so I shrugged it off. I'd been testing like crazy before my period and hadn't gotten even the faintest shadow. my period isnt due for another week and a bit but ive been having all thse classic symptons im pregnant. Husband took a look and saw it to. Since then, the line got slightly darker until Thursday, and has remained the same, or poss slightly lighter. lou79 in reply to PennyPrimrose. I started cramping tonight, but not bleeding. You will see a BFP, no matter how faint, without taking it apart. Now I'm 21 days in my next cycle and I'm sure I haven't ovulated yet. This month my app predicted I would get af on CD31. Today is cd35 and I'm still waiting for af so I tested again and got this! Is it positive? I had done an lh strip too and I'm wondering if. This was me last sunday 5th af was due on tues the 7th got a faint bfp on the sunday tested every day since got a bright bfp on the tues and the wed and yesterday im 4+3 feeling very tired tender fuller boobs and heartburn which i never get #3 for me please god xx. This is usually considered to be 4 weeks pregnant. I used 2 test strips from early-pregnancy-tests. Faint bfp first morning urine darker at 2nd morning urine!! Advice please !! Liz87dga. My Dr tells me my levels would be back down to normal by this stage. I test at 13 DPO (days past ovulation) = BFN, 16 DPO But I have also heard of many not getting a BFP until after AF was due, often up to a week late. I think the thing is - we tend to count our cycles as we expect them to happen. Yes it is great reaching the 12 week milestone but it hasnt been worry free as Ive had a few episodes of bleeding / spotting which are scary at the time (but thankfully it wasnt anythimg wrong, phew) My advice would be try to relax and enjoy this time and hopefully the time will fly in to your 7 wk scan!. and the fact that even 6 days after my missed period. Nov 24, 2013 · November 25, 2013 at 2:56 pm And you have to remember, you will ONLY get super super super faint bfp's on cd9-11 sometimes even 12!. When Should I Get A Bfp Test? Women frequently wait before they receive their BFP – with some starting as early as 9DPO – while on social media. Faint line on a cheapie and negative on clearblue… Losing. Is it too light? I had not even a hint of a line at 13DPO I was convinced I was out but my period never came yesterday. While I was out there, it hit the "14 days past ovulation mark"— SOOO I tested with one of those Dollar Store cheepies. I plugged my dates into the pregnancy calculators online and got a due date of June 18th so I stuck with it. Faint BFP, 2 days later BFN. Faint possible BFP now period? Help. Hi everyone, I am in a bit of a pickle. Apologies in advance for this - I'm in a very needy mood today as have just had a BFP following an ectopic pregnancy back in May 2010. Wednesday's was still faint but obviously there. My cycle is longer so I'm hoping I will get a positive soon. Home pregnancy tests can sometimes produce a faint positive result. af was already overdue by over a week, but the line was still barely visible. I'll post pics down below of the tests but I'm a nervous wreck. Other than feeling a bit more tired I don’t really have a tonne of symptoms, I just “feel” like I am pregnant. While I was out there, it hit the. About Faint 13 Success Bfp Dpo Stories. She told Pulitzer, "I have a good idea for a new story. Got a SUPER faint positive but it was most definitely there. It didn't come but I was getting BFNs until this morning, CD34 when I got a faint possible BFP (see picture). Mar 15, 2019 · 8 Days Late Brown Discharge Faint Bfp Mumsnet Spotting You Red Blood Smears Then Brown Flaky Babycenter 2 Days Of Brown LMP 15/01, BFP 19/02 went for a private scan at what I thought was 8 weeks and was told it was a pregnancy of unknown location so I was referred toI got a very very faint bfp the day af was due. Thanks so much for the support. Is this my BFP? Had four other faint tests four days till period is supposedly due! Days after the faintest of faint lines, being a POAS-aholic, we definitely got our BFP. Google it and you will find some stories of ladies reaching their 7/8 week before a BFP. : Okay so last month my cycle came a week early. In summary, v faint BFP on Internet cheapy last Sunday (13 dpo, day period due, was a v late implantation!). Jubejube100 TTC since Dec 2011; 48 kids; Alberta 41 posts. As it was bleeding and not spotting I assumed it was AF but the bleeding wasn’t as strong as usual Period and after 2 days reduced to spotting. About Weeks After 2 Bfp Implantation Bleeding. I had a very faint bfp in the afternoon of 9dpo, and then the next morning I took another test and couldn't see anything. I’ve tested 9,10,11 and 12 DPO and all BFN with no faint lines. I just had a week long period, with moderate bleeding the first three days and spotting the last four days. What does a faint line on a pregnancy test mean?. *UPDATE* 16DPO Faint BFP: Hi all, I’m 16DPO today and I got this test at 2pm in the afternoon on a 3 hour hold. Me! With LO I didn't get a BFP until 7w2d. In sensitive tests, hCG can be detected as early as a week before your period starts. I would say Congrates and call the Dr. Kirkham says the raised hormone levels could last for weeks after a miscarriage. Tested again today, 12DPO, it's a BIT darker but still very faint. The levels will reach their maximum at 8-11 weeks of pregnancy . I tested yesterday at 13DPO with a FRER with FMU and got a faint but definite pink & there line, I also did a clear blue early detection and saw a faint line & did a clear blue digital weeks estimator which was negative. Cramping after faint BFP at 11 DPO. Faint bfp for a week Faint bfp for a weekThe burden is on the reader to decide whether today is a BFP thread day; it is not on the comment poster. Switched over to condoms until August 2013. The views expressed in community are solely the opinions of participants, and do not reflect those of What to Expect. I had expected the line to come back stronger/quicker if it was a real BFP. It’s overly detailed, but a lot of the “embarrassing” symptoms and questions I had, I had a hard time finding answers to. Try a digital test because i think they can be more accurate. Got a faint BFP this morning cant believe it. If you test early, your hCG levels may be still be low and you'll see a faint positive line. A digi in the same sample gave me positive 1-2 weeks. I just had an extremely faint BFP at 13 DPO. Using early pg test 25mlu, last Sunday got faint positive next day another digi says I am pregnant during the week. However, some women find their period doesn't come and they still don't get a BFP. Hiya ladies - well after feeling so positive that I was pregnant and having symptoms - nausua for the last 2 weeks, tiredness, sore boobs, blue veins on boobs- more symptoms than I ever did with MMC, i. 2 faint positives a week apart. Aumatma Shah, "A faint result may mean that you took the test too early when there was not enough hCG available in your urine to produce a dark line. I've been testing for a week and all bfns until this morning at 16 dpo. It was really faint but definitely there, pink, and showed up within a couple minutes so I don't think it could be an evap line. Seriously, I have never seen a whiter pee stick. Try a digital one, there's no mistaking it then. server ravings for macdonalds cheeseburgers and always hungry to the point of extreme and nausea, sore nipples ect. I am 12 Dpo and had this result this morning on an easy @ home. i think i read on here a little while ago someone kept getting negatives until they were 9 weeks, but this pregnancy i got a bfp at 4 weeks, and normally pregnancy is dated from your first day of last period until you have. Here is a breakdown of what I did: stopped BCP in July 2012 after having been on it for almost 10 years. It is possible to see a faint line on your pregnancy test and get your period a few weeks later, meaning that you're not actually pregnant, . V Faint positive line on Sainsburys own test) (Had to squint!) 10th: 20 DPO faint BFP on Ebay cheepie test 11th: 21 DPO Fineley my BFP (still not strong) on Sainsburys own test! When I had my 12 week scan, they dated me 5 days behind my due date based on lmp, as I had apparently implanted late. Then mothers day, sunday, I tested again and got what I saw as a . Very faint hardly visible line on pregnancy test. My body must work fast because I already got a faint positive. my friend took 4 pregnancy tests from the dollar store and they all came back negative when she really was pregnant. e (even though baby got to 9 weeks then). ETA- First US today showed quads I am 5W6D. If a faint line becomes a negative test result the second time around, it could be the result of a very early miscarriage in the first few days and weeks of pregnancy. It seemed to have a very faint line so I tried a FRER with the same urine. I had thought my period was due today, though could be tomorrow or next day I suppose. I tested when I was a week late with my AF and got a BFN, a week later and I just knew I was pregnant as my boobs were soooo sore, tested again and got a BFP Ds is 10 months now!. About Bfp After Period Weeks 2 Faint. When I got my test - my US put me @ 8. i dont think they pick up on stuff as well as the ones from a drug store. THis one, I was getting weird virtually not there they were so faint lines on the ic's from 8/9 dpo. According to fertility expert Dr. If you're pregnant, it's very likely you'll see a positive result on a pregnancy test by the day of your missed period. 30-03-2016 17:01 #20 Faint Faint Lines Posted on April 11, 2011 by stickydust So here are the lines from the test – yesterday 10th , I did see a faint line on the 9th at 8dpo but I needed it confirmed… and below is the First Response – you can barely see a …. Find out how to read pregnancy tests, even when there are faint lines If you wait a few days or even a week, the line may appear darker. Thursday night so around 10dpoI did an opk and ic, forgot and went back around 15mins later to find a very very very bfp but wasnt sure if evaporation, yesterday morning couldnt really see anything on ic with fmu. Very Faint BFP! : TryingForABaby. It was extremely vivid and wonderful. Anyone had a BFN then got a BFP after Anyone is allowed to post in the BFP thread (within the bounds of other rules). Last night I tested just for the fun of it (hello addict!!) and I swore I saw a faint shadow, but it also could. It's VERY possible that you had an extra long cycle or dropped an egg late. I'm going to try and make this as short as possible. Also, the testing section is great for these questions!. The test is still faint, but definitely darker than yesterday and the day before. He said the main reason they say to wait is just so dating is easier or for those who had a D&C. Okay, it’s 10:30 on the night of 7dp3dt and I felt that I haven’t gone to the bathroom in a while. Anyway, I don't check my BBT but do track my cycles. Very faint BFP on frer for 8 days. I've read online that it's not uncommon for the line to be light this early, and that the BFP should darken up if I test again next week. Search: Bfp A Week Before Period. Then i took another FRER, and it had a faint pink line. I tested last Friday and it a faint positive. Usually average around 31 day cycles. which occurs within the first 12 weeks of a pregnancy, often much earlier. I had a blood test 4 days ago and was 7mIU so. Mine was super-faint and within 2 days was defined and unquestionable. Bfp 7dpo frer Success after bfn 8dp5dt Jun 08, 2021 · V Faint positive line on Sainsburys own test) (Had to squint!) 10th: 20 DPO faint BFP on Ebay cheepie test Nov 18, 2009 · hiya, i did a clear blue test this morn and it came back bfp!!:D dont think its kicked in yet, have been out to buy anotha test for in the morn just to check it is real. In summary, v faint BFP on Internet cheapy last Sunday (13 dpo, Also been showing 1-2 weeks pregnant on clear blue digital every day .