brake drum removal. Watch how to remove a brake drum that is stuck on. Pull the drum off of the wheel. Step 2: Inspect the Drum and Clean the Assembly. Try hitting the drum with a hammer on the corner of the drum all the way around and try taking it off. Joined May 15, 2003 · 31 Posts. You'll need to retract the adjuster. If the brake drum doesn't move or appears to be stuck, use a bit more force and make sure that the parking brake is disengaged - it will lock the brake drums in place if it is set. Re: Rear Brake Drum Removal Post by Dave Czirr » Tue Jul 31, 2012 3:55 pm Jon, as regards loaning a puller, the reason there is a space to add your location in your user profile is exactly for situations like this, I have no idea where you are located. You will need to remove the brake drums in order to work on or change the brake shoes. Wheels, Tires & Brakes - Rear brake drum removal - It's been years since I pulled drums myself. Yesterday, I wanted to check the rear brake shoe linings on my TR6 (nearly MoT time!), however, much as I tried I Brake Drum Removal . I was doing a clean up because i was hearing a noise while (completly) depressing brake pedal, evreything was fine while breaking. Reverse the rotation of brake drum, do same procedure in reverse. Most of the time all you need is a little penetrating oil around the centering hub and whack the drum with a shot-filled hammer on the face at the outer edge. Remove the retainers (if equipped). Re: \'63 cj5 rear brake drum removal. The structure of the 2 piece design of the Hudson (and others) brake drum needs those 5 rivets to give the drum rigidity, they were put there to do more than just keep the brake components together while the car went down the assembly line. the axle is bolted to the drum/hub assy. If that is the case, be sure to liberally spray the drums with brake cleaner to remove any of the film that may be present before installing them. Grab the brake drum by the edges and pull it off. Step 2: lock the car's front wheels to prevent any movement of the car. You will need to take the wheel bearing apart and take drum and hub off in one piece. What is Deep or Excessive Wear? It is important to inspect a brake drum for the following excessive wear conditions, which. Usually the brake pads are wore into the. I went to remove the drum on the 1st and the drum will not come off for the life of me. Use a lug wrench to remove the . They are a common item that gets stuck on and if you are not used to . Nov 7, 2010 #1 Hi, need some tool to remove the rear brake drums on the 1. I have made sure to adjust the brakes back off to the point that the wheels spin with ease. Describing an easy technique of removing a stuck brake drum from on a Club Car golf car rear brake system. Rotate the pawl wheel (UP I think as its been a while) to retract the brake shoes from contact with the drum. Back the shoes off, remove the drum retaining screws, gently tap the drum around is circumference on the wheel side (loosens the shoes from the drum), put WD 40 around the base od each wheel stud and then gently tap with a block of wood from the back of the drum working. Turn each bolt 2 turns at a time to prevent cocking the brake drum excessively. I tried PB blaster and a small sledge hammer, but to no avail cannot get them to come loose. Bolt size for brake drum removal. Ensure that the screw in the middle of the brake drum puller lies above the middle of the wheel hub. Drum Brake Spring Pliers Kit 3 Pc. Remove the E brake cable to release any tension on brake shoes. This is a modern reproduction of the original KRW Ford service tool for removing 1928-1948 Ford rear axle brake drum hubs. 4 Easy Steps to Brake Drum Removal. 18 45% off 45% off previous price $119. 2 S-camshaft Reference to the numbers in the text can be found in picture 4. Make sure that your parking brake is all the way off, the drum should rotate freely, then try to remove again. How do you remove the rear brake drums on an E350?. you will then see the bearing retaining nut. I don't remove brake drums everyday and always forget which way to turn the spanner wrench to loosen the brake shoes to free the drum. I want to replace the cylinder but I can't get the brake drum off the axle hub. If you aren't careful, you'll bugger up the seal in the hub at the back, so make sure to slide it off without dragging the whole lot on the shaft. See all 32 photos Removal of the original front drum brakes is the first step. Joined: Jun 27, 2015 Member: #158235 Messages: 130 Gender: Male First Name: jerimiah. These drums conceal the brake shoe assemblies, which work primarily with the parking brake. Joined: Mar 1, 2010 Location: West Virginia Local Time: 11:43 PM. If the drum does not come off easily, back off the brake adjuster one full turn (23 teeth). My Question is this: Does the . Brakes: Remove in rear brake drums. Posted: Tue Apr 14, 2020 4:16 am Post subject: Re: remove brake drum on ford 3600: Herve,I was wrong about the screws,Google Ford 3000 brake drum removal,a U-tube video comes up and it shows how to remove the drum,it states you may have to loosen the star wheel adjuster to get it off,but mostly hammering on the surface of the drum like a car is the usual way to get it off. The shoes wear a ridge at the edge of the drum and get caught by it. All you have to do is to remove the cotter pin (107), the castle nut (106) and back your brake lining off with the help of the adjuster. A few wacks with a hammer on the outer circumference of the drum will usually break the rust and drum loose. First you will need to undo the castellated nut and split pin. No big problems with disk and removal of the caliper for the most part. the tap the drum with a hamer a few times and it should pull of. OK all, getting ready to check/replace rear brakes - lo-n-behold, FSM shows a SLIDE HAMMER to pull drums off!. Removing Brake Drums, The "Easy" Way - Eric The Car Guyhttp://www. Released it, heard a clank as the drum moved, and pulled the drum off with my hands. It works with the hubs with a groove in the taper, but not the 1928-29 hubs with a standing rib on the taper. Ive disconected the hand brake cable from the back of the drum. 3)Raise the back of the truck and support it securely on jackstands. OK, 2002, I have removed the hub nut and washer, what next?. The rear drums are fitted on a taper with a key way. Use fleet history, if available, to determine the approximate wear rate of tractor drums. These devices utilize brakes shoes and not brake pads. Locate the access hole on the outside of the brake drum. All you'll succeed in doing with a pry bar is to break the drum. « Reply #7 on: May 24, 2010, 12:08:29 PM ». Kwas revisions on-going [Comments Added] General Preferred and Approved Puller Designs Preparing for Normal Drum Removal Removing a Difficult One Inspecting Drum Wear Lip Reinstallation of Brake Drum Guideline for Tightening Drumnut "Drums freeze". First post on this forum! I am am trying to remove the drums on my 88” 73 Series III and the drums are rusted . Today I took of one rear tire, but unable to remove the brake drum:. I thought I'd inspect my brake shoes, removed the wheel and tried removing the drum, which appeared to be stuck most vehicles with brake . Jump to Latest Follow Status Not open for further replies. Like sharkey44 said check the e-brake, you may need to back the brake adjuster off, and ther might be a couple little star washers over the whell studs to hold the drum on during assembly at the factory. Can anyone tell me what size of bolt I need to remove the rear drum please? Damian http://www. Discussion Starter · #1 · Apr 27, 2007. This causes the drum to pop off the hub and come off. Of course the parking brake must be disengaged before you adjust the brake shoes or remove the drums. I had some difficulty getting the drum off. Remove the rear wheel and clips from the wheel studs. Tap the hammer against the brake drum with an outward motion. To remove the hub grind off or drill through the head of the rivet, then use a punch and a hammer to drive the remaining piece through the hub and brake drum. Re: Brake drum removal ???? Reply #9 – Saturday, Feb 22, 2020, 08:11 AM Could be mistaken but I've only seen threaded holes on front discs to help removal if the same method was used on rears the bolts would probally damage the brake plate as it's very thin I think the slide hammer is probally the best way to remove. Use wheel hoist trolley 587 121. To remove your brake drums you will first need to first remove the wheels to which the brake drums are attached. Mac : {) 1962 K10 short step side, much modified for rally. The rear axles are,I believe, called semi floating and the brake drum is just rammed on to the sloped axle stub. 1970 390 4speed Bittersweet shadow mask AMX. To do this safely, you'll need to use a secure method of raising your car and keeping it raised while working on it. com, the global platform for anything forklifts and materials handling. Next give the drum a solid, hard pull to see if you can remove it manually without tools. Then it would be like a flanged axle when you want to remove the drum. Discussion Starter · #1 · Oct 5, 2020. Of course if people don't use their parking brake thats a problem too. Removing the wheel and brake drum · Jack up the rear axle under the rear differential using a floor jack, and place a jack stand under each side . If the drum still doesn’t come off, then your brakes are probably stuck open preventing the drum from coming off. I go through the steps so anyone can remove their drum brake. Use a puller to remove the drum. Kiene Diesel Accessories developed a safe way to remove a seized brake drum, using the new brake drum puller adapter for its Wheel Whiz and Wheel Grabber. 1969 T50 fire truck, almost nos, needs a few things. Removing Stubborn Brake Drums: A Step-By-Step Guide. The brake drum is extremely rusty and won't budge. metal flakes were more like dots about the size of the point on a straight pin needle. Next, remove the hub nut dust cap with a . Place each of the brake drum puller's 3 hooks evenly around the brake drum's flange. 1951 Chevy Styleline Deluxe 2 door sedan / purchased from second owner 6-19-2000. Need help on how to remove the brake drum. Nov 18, 2018 #1 Hello, is there anyone out there who can explain how to remove the rear brake drums on our 2011 Fiat 500L Twinair? The rear brakes have an annoying squeak when cold and I wanted to get the drums off and clear out any. You just need the correct size bolt. brake drums, drum brakes, removing drum brakes, brakes, automotive brakes, rear brakes, back brakes, drum brake secrets, how to remove brake drums, auto, . Run car in 1st gear, depress clutch, then hit brake, causing abrupt stop with rear drum. Break the initial hold of lug nuts, so that they can more easily be fully removed once corner is in the air. This is a discussion in the forum 'Technical Troubleshooting' on Forkliftaction. 4)Remove any clip nuts securing the drum to the studs. 3 If you're having trouble, use a screwdriver and rubber mallet. Trying to remove an old brake drum on a '71 FJ40 with out taking off the hub. Anyone have any brake drum removal tricks? Removed the two screws, backed off the adjuster,drum is stuck. PDF Brake Drums SERVICE MANUAL. putting back together lube the bearings with a little gear oil. The first thing that you should do if you are wanting to remove your brake drum is to try wiggling it off by hand. The outer wheel bearing should easily pop out in your hand and the brake drum should be removable with just a little tug. So as I struggled I gradually figured out exactly how the brakes worked inside the drum. Check to make sure the brake booster has brake fluid. Question: How To Remove Drum Brakes. com/Here is a little quick tip that I plan to post as a . Your best method to remove the drum is a rubber mallet. SOLVED: Brake drum removal. Joined Apr 27, 2007 · 5 Posts. On the Sable and Taurus trying to rotate the star wheel to manually adjust the drum brakes or to remove the brake drums can be quite a pain. Mitsubishi adventure brake drum removal, oil change ang belt. I did also go to the back side and loosen the adjuster to make sure the. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jun 2, 2010. Quote Reply Topic: How to remove brake drum Posted: Mar/08/2016 at 9:51am: I am trying to see how much brake shoe I have left on my 69 AMC Javelin SST but cannot get the drums off. A needed to take to break drums of my 53 can't remember why. This car has been sitting unused for about 18 or so years and that drum is not budging. Remove rear wheel and tire assembly from vehicle. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 4 of 4 Posts. Make certain the two slotted retaining screws are removed from the face of the drum. remove the nut and pull the assy free. 1970 Amx missing most everything, or in a box. If you could push the car, then I would say the parking brake is off and the brake shoes are not seized to the drum. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. You keep on talking about removing the hub and I am not sure why you are trying to remove the hub to remove the brake drum. First attempt at drum caused my 3. Remove rear brake drums from hub and bearing assemblies after loosening the two brake drum screws. TA, TAC - Disc & Drum CHECK BRAKE ADJUSTMENT AND CHECK WHEEL NUT TORQUES • Before entering service. You can check the parking brake adjustment nut and back off the nut to make sure the two cables don't have any tension. Re: From Brake Drum removal ? 65 chevy guy #636549. Release the brake by prying down against the starwheel with a brake spoon. Remove the nut and wheel bearing, then carefully lift the hub off the axle. It’s sort of like using a reverse puller. Here's some pics of KR Wilson's solution to the hub removal problem. Heat the drum around the center evenly and it usually loosens so that you can remove it by hand. Before installing puller to remove rear hub and brake drum assembly, remove axle shaft nut, and screw it onto the axle shaft with the castles on the nut pointing inward (see Fig. The main trouble was leaving the parking brake engaged. Maybe someone with a '30s model can confirm. Step 1: Loosen the wheel's nuts and, by using a jack stand, raise the rear end of the car. (And I'm sure you would have noticed the. If the drum can't be turned, then heat is the least destructive method of freeing it up. Some brake drums have provisions to insert bolts to help you remove the drums easier. Looks like the axle is splined to the brake drum, thanks If I understand correctly what you're doing, you need to go ahead and pull the axle out of the differential(the inner part of what looks like it is splined to the drum) then you'll see the. im having trouble removing my drum brakes from the rear- there arent any nuts left, and i have a mustang handbook thats just not helping out much. Participate in this conversation or start a new discussion. This is done through the brake adjustment hole in the drum or on the backing plate using a brake adjuster tool to turn the adjuster to loosen the brakes enough to remove the drum. make sure to set the preload on the bearings ie tightness. How do I remove the rear brake drum from a 1978 gmc 7000, I have the tires off and the axle cap. On the parts diagram it looks like the hub location on the shaft is stepped down from the seal/bearing portion. Old front brake drum removal. Used to remove thru axles, brake drums and wheel hubs, among other things. I took the rear wheels off and could not for the life of me, remove the brake drums. Sisu S-Cam Drum Brakes - Maintenance Manual 1. This is a new REAR Brake Drum for 1947-1970 3/4 Ton Chevrolet & GMC Trucks with 8-Lug 12" Drums. Use a heavy hammer, about 2 pounds, to give a moderate thump to the brake drum, same as if you were trying to free the drum from the hub. What bolt thread and size do I need for rear brake drum removal? To use in the two threaded holes 180° from each other on rear drum used for drum removal. Joined May 10, 2008 Messages 69. Then hit the drum with a hammer inbetween the studs. Discussion Starter · #1 · Apr 2, 2011. Video tutorial on the five different ways to remove a stuck drum on a brake assembly. Make certain that your drum adjuster has backed off the shoes by turning the drum--- it should turn freely with no rubbing noise. 25 mm bolts into the drum to push it away from the hub bearing unit. The holes to access the axle stud nuts are not large enough for the size socket needed to get them off to remove the drum. Bolt size for brake drum removal. PB blased em and beat on them for a while before i looked into my haynes manual. Draw the brake drum forcefully towards you. Today, Gunite continues to be the industry standard with heavy-duty brake drums as standard equipment with more OEMs than any other brake drum manufacturer. also, i think im doing a search wrong, because either i keep coming up with results that have nothing to do with the topic, and it apears to be the entire days posts, or it will come up with Zero results if i type in "rear drum brake removal" in. I have to believe that C50 brakes also depend on which springs were specified when the option list was filled out so beware. first, back off the brake adjuster until it falls off (or close enough), then using a rubber mallet, gently knock . Learn how to replace your drum brakes including the wheel cylinder and bleeding the brakes. Car makers and component suppliers have always been looking for ways to shave a few cents off. It is fairly simple to open the drum. I attempted to remove the brake drums on my 1932 Chevy. A brake drum puller works just fine, or a length of chain attached to opposing lugs and whipped like snap the whip, will pop them off once the nut is off and the rust is suitably dissolved. Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 16, 2006. Soak the screws overnight w/ PB Blaster. If working on fronts some drums are held to the hub by the wheel studs being swedged in place. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 14 of 14 Posts. Does anyone know what size socket I need to remove hub nut?. There should be a hole that gives you access to a star wheel. How do you remove drum brakes? Turn the adjuster screw to loosen the shoes. To get really tough rust to release make a mixture of 50% acetone and 50% automatic transmission fluid, and keep it soaking for a couple days. JC Whitney brake drum puller Eastwood Products brake drum puller Hook this on the flange of the drum at three equally spaced points, with the center screw pressing on the center of the disk wheel axle flange or inside the center of the wire wheel hub. The drums should always be removed even if the front brakes are . Re: rear brake drum removal questions. jerimiahcontreras [OP] Well-Known Member. Universal Wheel Hub Drum Puller 7-1/2" Spread 3 Arm Rear Brake Drum Removal Kit. I sprayed pb blaster around the axle and also the studs and let that sit in over night. Joined Oct 4, 2014 · 111 Posts. Jun 1, 2005 #2 Max Power Registered User. The portion of the brake drum rim where the black paint stops in this photo is the 'rim' where you want to hit outwards. Use a screwdriver to attach the brake drum puller's. Preparing for Normal Drum Removal: While corner is still on the ground, and tire contact with ground keeps wheels from spinning, remove hubcap for access. It's kept from spinning around the axle by a Woodruff key slotted into the axle. This model has an offset gear reduction not straight axle into the differential. He got the driver side drum off, found a leaking slave cylinder, replaced it and the brake shoes so all is well there. Step 1: Loosen the wheel’s nuts and, by using a jack stand, raise the rear end of the car. SOLVED: EZGO rear wheel removal. When I look at the brake drum I noticed that the hole in the brake drum is actually larger than the wheel stud, so if you removed the hub/drum rivets the brake drum would be able to move rotationally on the hub as you applied braking; I dont think this would do much good to the threaded studs in the long run, hence the need for the rivets in. There the whole lot pressure weld themselves to the axle and it becomes virtually impossible to remove the drum without a 3 armed puller. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 9 of 9 Posts. After the nut is off, is there a special puller to remove the drum? I remember as a young kid in my dad's garage, he had something to remove that. The Ultimate Drum Brake Repair and Replacement Guide; If this is the case, cut or drill out the holding pins from the back (that hold the shoes in place) and remove the screws to the brake cylinder, then pull the drum off. Remove the lug bolts and fasten the three arms of the puller back to the drum with the lug bolts so that the center screw of the puller is located over the axle stub. I would appreciate it if someone could give me info on the removal of the rear brake drums. Removing Rear Hub and Brake Drum Assembly. You might have to back off the shoes as suggested if the drums are a bit worn, but otherwise, it sounds like the drums should come off fairly easily after the retaining screws are removed, especially if the brakes were inspected last spring. Drums look to me like they should come off. Remove the hub from the spindle, being careful not to allow the outer bearing cone to fall out. Drum Brake Spring Pliers Kit 3 Pc. Then move the block of wood to the other side and do the same. Note: If the brake drum spins freely but you are still unable to remove the drum, the shoes may have worn a groove in the drum over time. Brake drums come in various diameters and depths (width) according to application. Hi, The easiest way to remove brake drums is to use 30 mm 12-point socket and just unscrew the bolt behind metal cap. Struggling to get the rear drums off, I've backed the handbrake cable off and popped the grommet out of the back Rear brake drum removal. I have removed the tire-rim,castle nut,hub,aluminum drum cover and both brake cables. Posts 208 Thanks 0 Location Austin, TX Vehicle(s) '73 CJ5 with '84 258, D30/D44 Jan 28, 2011 #1 Hello from Austin! I just purchased my first Jeep which is a '73 CJ-5. rear drum brake removal and refitting and adjusting. I've shot break-free fluid on the bolts and center and tried to pry the brake drum free. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jun 2. If the braking surface of the drum has cracks, blue spots or grooves, it needs to be turned or replaced, which is a service most of our stores offer. Hi guys, Just doing a bit of maintenance to the old girl before the summer here kicks in. Brake drum remove safe and proper, ussing 12mm bolts. We've been hearing a rubbing sound from the rear area of the golf cart and thought it was time for a brake inspection. Once the center section breaks free, THEN use the jacking bolts jesusno2 . Brake drum should now be free from center of axle, allowing drum removal. The drums on the Tarus/Sable can be a pain sometimes to remove. Place both the cap and the nut in a safe place until you need to reinstall them. This tool helps make the task a bit easier! Simply tighten the tool to your wheel hub with your lug nuts and then tighten the handle up against the axle. Is there a trick to get stuborn drums off?. i might tough it up a tiny bit with some 300. If they don’t come out in 2 or 3 whacks, move on to the next method of removal or you will break the bit. The manual advises to back off the adjusting nuts if the drum cannot be removed. The Drum is probably fuesd with the hub, you probably have to try adn tap it off or use a slide hammer on the studs and yank it off. All XJ Non-modified/stock questions go here - Stuck Brake Drum Tips FYI - I struggled with removing my brake . 2)Release the parking brake fully. being very carefull to not strike (and so to damage) the axle to hub studs, hit the center of the axle with a big …. 1961 - 1966 F-100 & Larger F-Series Trucks - 1968 Camper Special rear brake drum removal - I'm trying to remove my old, and very rusted rear brake drums on . The holes are not to hold the drum at all or there would be bolts in the holes! When the tire comes off of this car for the first time, and the drums are about to come off for the first time. After you take the 4 center nuts and washers off, put the tire and wheel back on the drum, then take a big hammer and smack the backside of the tire, spin the tire 180* and smack it againkeep doing this and the drum should eventually pop off. HINT: If the rear brake drum cannot be removed easily, perform the following procedure. I am trying to replace all the parts on my 1966 Ambassador Drum brakes. Also spray @ where the center of the drum is on the hub, don't be chinsey with the spray, SPRAY it! Tranny fluid works,as well as Kerosene. Loosen but don't quite remove the large axle nut, and screw the center screw of the puller against the end of the axle. In my defense it was getting very hot, which seems to increase dumb mistakes for me. Custodian Registered Joined Jun 10, 2005 380 Posts #4 · Jun 12, 2010. Re: Brake drum removal ???? Reply #9 - Saturday, Feb 22, 2020, 08:11 AM Could be mistaken but I've only seen threaded holes on front discs to help removal if the same method was used on rears the bolts would probally damage the brake plate as it's very thin I think the slide hammer is probally the best way to remove. jack the truck up, use something to hold the seat down (to take the parking brake off) take the axle out, (use a common screw driver and pliers to remove [unscrew or pull off] the cone shaped washer/spacer around the axle studs. How to remove a stubborn brake drum. If the drum is stuck, a light-duty puller can be used, but first check that the parking brake has been fully released. Remove the entire drum & hub assembly. Joined Jan 28, 2015 · 127 Posts. I need to change the rear brakes but I am unable to remove the brake drums. I work on the center hole and hub making sure the fit is not so snug and then apply a little anti sieze. Brake Drum and Wheel Hub Removal Some of the most difficult jobs in the maintenance or restoration of an old Jeep, have to do with the removal of something that's been on there a long time. First remove the two screws holding it in place. They made it sound like i needed to remove the axle shaft and hub assy first. Brake Drum Inspection There are two areas of the brake drum that are subject to wear. That adjustment is under the plastic peice surrounding the lever towards the rear. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 13 of 13 Posts. Also, pick up the brake tool to back the shoes off, $7 at any auto parts store. The rear brakes on my Ford Focus ZTS keep squeaking, I have had it back for service and it appears all that was done was the dust blown out of the drums. there was a lot of white dust on the shoe where it came off. Then clip the jaws on the outer edge of the drum and tighten the center bolt until the drum breaks free. Rap the end of the axle with a BIG hammer to loosen them. The problem is with the removal of the drum itself. REMOVE REAR BRAKE DRUM SUB-ASSEMBLY (a) Release the parking brake lever, and remove the rear brake drum. At that point you can remove the drum & Hub assembly as one piece. HiI'm helping out a friend and I'm trying to remove the front brake drum off a RD688Sairbrake released, wheel spins, but drum wont . Discussion Starter · #1 · Feb 20, 2005. 1987 Cobra Trailer Brake drum removal. the drum turns freely so I don't think the brake pad is too tight. The drums must be removed to inspect or service the rear brakes. If so, revert to your "beating the hell out of it" procedure. Every other vehicle I have done brakes on has an access to loosen the adjuster with the exception of this one. Hi There - My 1999 Hyundai ATOZ rear brake drum is stuck on. I want to be able to take the drum off without having to remove the tapered hub from the axle. Decided to do it on my 97 F150 XLT Extra cab. I have beat the hell out of it with a . Unscrew the release bolt in the parking brake chamber so that the brake drum can be rotated manually. I AM LOST! Nothing like the 4x2 duallies Ron. It's time to do bearings, but I can't figure out how to get the drums off. The front brake drums will come off by removing the outer front wheel bearing, by removing the castellated nut and split pin. How to remove a stuck EZGO golf cart brake drum?. Hit in the following order with some force - (clock hands) 12, 3, 6, 9, 12). It may help to wiggle it a bit as you pull. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Be sure that the parking brake pedal is in the release (most upward) position. (one direction with tighten the . Learn the steps for how to adjust drum brakes. Once you have the bolts, insert them into the holes in the front of the drum and run them down. 5 Ways How to Remove a Stuck Brake Drum : 5 Steps (with. In the place where there should be a removable rubber cap there is a solid piece of metal secured from the inside. (b) Remove the hole plug and insert a screwdriver through the hole in the backing plate, and hold the automatic adjusting lever away from the adjuster. T2T Registered Joined Jun 6, 2010 906 Posts #6 · Sep 4, 2010. You will also find a coupe of threaded holes on the . I have a 98 Jetta with rear drum brakes. How to Remove Brake Drums. Remove the plug and with a flat blade screwdriver, reach inside and turn the star adjuster and back off the brake shoes. Remember to release (Back off) the adjustment of the brakes before removal of the drum. Depending on how the drum is stuck will affect which . If it still won't come off remove the bolts on the major adjusters, tap the bolts inward towards the drum till the shoe comes off the adjuster "shoulder". I need to replace the wheel cylinder on the drivers side, but I cannot get the drum off. Behind the brake drum there is a rubber plug that is about 1" long. Then I got to thinking, "If the emergency brake is on, that drum isn't going to come off. Attempting to change the brake shoes on a 1. " I'm by no streetch a mechanical newb, but this one's. tried to change the shoes on my rear brakes yesterday, Anyway, the drum is obviously in bad shape since I was unable to remove it. Uncle Josh Posts: 2,677 Senior Contributor January 2017. brake drums for the heavy-duty commercial vehicle industry. In this case the drum adjuster was stuck so first try to get it off by wiggling . Repeat the process from side to side and the collar. if you want to take off the drum with the hub take off the cap remove the center . Discussion Starter · #1 · Apr 11, 2015. Normal wear is the most common reason to remove a brake drum from service. You may want to stick some WD40 in there if it doesn't work straight away. How to remove a stuck brake drum. Any ideas for getting a tricker brake drum off? Wrangler is in park, parking brake is not engaged. I am going to separate the brake drum from the tapered hub and slightly enlarge the hole that the stud goes through. Sometimes, if badly worn, there is an interference between the drums and the shoes. Remove and discard the three small screws on the drum; had to buy an impact hammer as these were rusted also. (see image) Remove the brake drum. Turn the brake drum so that the access hole is aligned with the drum’s adjuster screw. Tighten the manual screw to pull the tool tight. Rear drums should just slide off the studs. Inspect the drum after removal. Loosen bleed plug for wheel cylinder. Hello All, I went to retrieve a full set of brake wheel cylinders off one of my spares parts vehicles on the . But drum brakes can be a real pain in the @$$ and I would guess that many especially on the older model trucks don't stay in adjustment for various reasons. I have tightened down on the center puller lug . Re: 1972 C50 brake drum removal for dummies. it will slightly compromise the braking of the car for a while. Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable Brake Drum Removal Tips. Turn the adjuster screw counterclockwise until it comes to a halt. Admittedly, they're pretty large, with plenty of surface area on the shoe, but they just don't cut it when it comes. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 16 of 16 Posts. Just take out the two set screws if you just want the drum off. Usually pops loose afer a few good raps though. Replaces GM# 609807, 3703638, 3754300 Specific Applications: This part is heavy and special freight charges will apply. Thread starter Ryan_260z; Start date Sep 29, 2007; Ryan_260z Well-Known Forum User. Rear drum removal 28 December 2006, 18:21. I don't remember when I last had the brake drums off, but it has been a long time. Joined Jan 4, 2010 · 21 Posts. My Cougar doesn't have drums on the back, but maybe the adjuster is something else to try. Boy do I feel dopey asking this. Joined Nov 16, 2010 · 71 Posts. The nut should be screwed down until it is flush with end of shaft, then apply puller in the regular way. Then remove the drum with the correct puller. In order to maximize the service life of your Gunite brake drums, proper installation, periodic inspection, and maintenance. Insert a brake adjusting tool through each of the two adjustment holes in the backing plate and turn the adjusters so that the shoes move inward enough to clear the ridge on the brake surface. The drum may still stick to the hub because of 45+ years of intimate contact. You will need to raise your car's wheels off the ground to remove the wheels and the brake drums. Sometimes the cable is so tight that it will keep the shoe out and against the drum. I just can not seam to get the drums off. My drum wiggles slightly, but is no where close to coming off. Brakes: Remove rear brake drum from hub. Part 4 of 4: Install the brake drums and replace the wheel. Tap the top of the drum and the outer bearing will slide off. To accomplish this, use a safe and sturdy car jack to raise your car. dont think the drums were slip off type in these. bodgit and leggit garage how to remove hub/cv/wheel bearing/ drive shaft (part 1 of 4). This is best done with the car still on the ground and wheel on to hold. Joined Apr 18, 2009 Messages 21 Location Lancashire. part of the top brake came off with removal. I am trying to remove the front brake drum on a truck that has been sitting for a long time. Completely loosen square nut of the rear parking brake cable. I have a '65 Belvedere sedan; slant 6. Ask Question Step 4: Method #4. The friction surface of a brake drum naturally wears with use, which enlarges the inside diameter of the drum. First thing to do, obviously, is jack up the car, secure it safely, and remove the rear wheel. Remove the rubber grommet which will give us access to adjust the automatic adjuster. The instructions say to place a block of wood on one side of the chrome protector and hit it with a hammer. Then clip the jaws on the outer . Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 7:56 pm Post subject: removing rear brake drums: For the life of me I can not remove the rear drums. Get the drums machined with the hub and that takes out the tolerance stack up. • After any wheel fixing removal. This keeps the drum running true to the centerline of rotation. You need to remove the plug from the back of the boot and then use a thin metal rod to shorten the adjuster. 1966 Ambassador Brake Drum Removal. Center of the hub should have a depressed area where the puller's center bolt can be places. I think You can unbolt the hole thing from the back side of the drum if you do not have the massive 20 or 23 mm socket it takes to get the . Joined Nov 28, 2003 Posts 2,159 Reaction score 0. Knock the back of the brake drum lightly with a hammer. Use one screwdriver to hold the lever . Is there a trick to get stuborn drums off? 1965 Chevy C-10 Fleetside. This may reduce the liklihood of the key and keyway damaging the seal. Completely "un-adjust" the rear brakes. It seems like the drums are rusted to the hub. I am sure that '40s Chryslers were the same. I feel like a bit of a noob here - or perhaps increasing age just makes one more cautious - but I am unable to remove my rear brake drums. TA, TAC - Drum LUBRICATE CAMSHAFT BEARINGS • Recommended maximum at 3 monthly intervals. After getting it home and starting the process to update/upgrade everything, I realized the. Such as a rusty nut, broken bolt or exhaust manifold stud, or especially a steering wheel. Can anyone walk me through the process. Not sure if brake shoes or brake drum were replaced. 25 threading insert them in the threaded holes on the brake drum or rotor and use some force with . Rear Brake Drum Removal on Camry 2005 LE. General Technical & Electrical - Brake drum removal - i spent the past hour trying to get the drivers side drum off sarahs ranger and it wouldnt budge. Remove the cotter pin then remove the crown nut. Do not work under a vehicle supported only by jacks. Re: 1947 Removal of Brake Drums. Depending on how the drum is stuck will affect which method is needed t. The drum sits on the hub, so either the rust is holding on tight or the brakes are in a groove. The Toyota Repair Manual says to remove the drum set screws, tap the drum, and remove the drum. Hello, is there anyone out there who can explain how to remove the rear brake drums on our 2011 Fiat 500L Twinair? The rear brakes have an . BTW, I have a drum puller like the first one in RemcoW's post. Brake drums are typically inexpensive to manufacture and easy to service. Tacomas (2005-2015)' started by jerimiahcontreras, Mar 11, 2017. Step 1 - Preparing Your Car for Safe Removal of Brake Drums. Use a flat screwdriver to pry the cover off of the nut. They provide a way to push the drum out by . Brake drums wear evenly under normal operating conditions. The rear drums slipped right off over the studs and hub, but the front drums look different; it looks like the studs. The drum covers and protects the shoe as well as the springs and the internal slave cylinder. Release emergency brake to allow drum to rotate and be removed. Once it is free to turn, the adjusters can each be turned maximum counter clockwise to move the shoes away from the drum to remove it. Is the hub and the brake drum a complete assembly and is there a torque value for the spindle nut. Bestong 44220 Emergency Brake Cable Release Tool Compatible with Vehicles with Rear Disc Brakes. Brake Drum Removal Ok, both my front drums are reluctant to come off. The removal of a rear brake drum is necessary in order to change the rear brakes. ABN Brake Tool Sets w/ 18 Pc Disc Brake Caliper Tool Kit & 8 Pc Drum Brake Tool Kit – Removal and Installation Tools. The ULTIMATE Guide on How to Replace Drum Brakes. Look inside the backing plate at the bottom. There are four ways that I’ve used to remove the brake drum screws & all four worked for me. My 1985 C20 Suburban has rear drum brakes. If they still don't come loose the get your BIGGEST hammer and BEAT on the end of the axle. 1 Removal Remove the wheels, brake drum, the cover of the planetary gear housing, the planet carrier, drive shaft, annulus, annulus hub and wheel hub. We use this tool if we have problems removing the drum. rear drum brake removal and refitting and adjusting please any diagrams i can print and step by step guids please as i have done them once . This is my first time working on drum brakes. In a Toyota, you will find the brake drums located with the rear wheels. Joined Mar 24, 2015 · 233 Posts. axles, a hub puller may be necessary to assist in drum removal. Brake drum removal With close to 160,000 miles on my car, I'm wondering if I need to replace the brake shoes in my rear brakes for my 2000 4Runner. There is a place to adjust the brake shoes. Step 1: Prepare the new drum brake. Pick-Up Trucks, Large Passenger and Cargo Vans, Campers, Trailers, RV's and Motor Homes - Brake drum removal - I have a 94 Dodge Ram 2wd PU with a leaking rear wheel cylinder. With a few good knocks from a club hammer i. Use a wrench to loosen and remove the nut. Some drums have cooling fins cast into the drum and some drums have a coil spring around the circumference of the drum to dampen noise and vibration. I got the nut off and noticed that it will need a puller to take off. That way the shoe is full retracted from the drum. PDF Brake Drum Wear Conditions. Next get an appropriate socket from the auto parts store. REmove the brake drum from teh hub bearing unit. I found the thread on rear brake replacement and the Evilution thread on drum removal but I'm doing something wrong. all our other vehicles have rear drum brakes and all are easily removed by . How tight do you put the nut back on when i go to install it. While you've got the durm & Hub off repack the front wheel bearings. b) loosen the emergency cable adjuster to that wheel. Anyone tried one of those 3 prong gear pullers? The biggest one, a 6 inch jobby, in my local shops can only go 150mm wide - is that going to be enough?. Once the drum is removed, check for moisture or dampness at the wheel cylinder. Based on my older Komet and 1992 Cobra (they both use ALKO axles): remove the grease cap, then remove the cotter pin and large spindle nut. Brake Drum Removal (2005 Ford Focus) Trying to remove both rear brake drum and cant get it off. using the screw/bolt method can cause damage to the internal pieces if you are not extremely careful. Usually the drum is held on by the wheel. any ideas on how to remove the brake drum i tried with a hammer but didnt wanna hit too hard so imma pick up a rubber mallet tomorrow and see if. But the shoe hold down cup broke !! Parking brake was off , well not sure if its normal. The first problem is having a tool that fits between the brake backing plate and the wheel spindle. Yes, he tried a variety of methods (heat, pressure, time, etc) but no luck. Sep 29, 2007 #1 Im having trouble removing my 260z brake drums. I am attempting to replace the rear brake shoes and having a SMALL problem, I can't get the drum off. It may be necessary to back off the brake adjuster to remove the drum. Take the lockout apart, undo the wheel bearing nuts, come off as a unit. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. Drum brakes are often applied to the rear wheels since most of the stopping force is generated by the front brakes of the vehicle and therefore the heat . I mean fuckin really hit the damn thing. Front drums come off with the hub. Unfortunately, he broke the puller trying to remove the right side drum. I felt it was about time to remove the drums to check for dust and assess wear, although the car has only done about 40K, so I wasn't expecting to find much. Release the brake shoe automatic adjuster. I even have the Bentley manual, but I'm not sure what they mean by "adjusting wedges. It appears I would remove the bolts for the drive gear offset reduction housing to access and remove the axle flange. I have a 1951 MG TD and am trying to remove the brake hub, which is stuck. How To Remove a Stuck Brake Drum. Alternatively, remove the brake drum with a brake drum puller. This should give you more clearance between the shoes and drum and it should let you pull the drum off. ABN Brake Tool Sets w/ 18 Pc Disc Brake Caliper Tool Kit & 8 Pc Drum Brake Tool Kit - Removal and Installation Tools 4. Advance Design Brake Drum Removal. Kawasaki Mule - Brake Drum Removal- Please help - I went to change a flat tire on my 2012, Mule 4010 today and found 2 of the wheel studs . If not, Jack up the rear then release all brakes, remove wheel and strike drum with hammer. On that page select Stepdown brake drum removal and you will find a pictorial description of how to remove rear drums. Such as a rusty nut, broken bolt or exhaust manifold stud , or especially a steering wheel. (Joe) I think that this method would also apply to drum removal prior to 1957. There will probably be cone washers behind the 8 axle nuts that are sometimes hard to remove. Do this by spinning the drum so you can insert a flathead screwdriver into one of the lug holes. I read one thread on here from a while ago about them not coming off the traditional way. Hello All, I recently purchased my 1st 3 wheeler, 1986 honda 250sx. No surprise really as i dont suppose they've been off in 10 years. The parking brake would have to be disengaged totally to be able to remove the drum or else the brake shoes will be pressing on the drum keeping in place. Support the drum during the removal process to prevent damage to the axle spindle threads. aluminum oxide? probable loose for a while. The rear brake drums on many vintage Volvo models are a press fit which makes removal difficult - especially after years of use. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws securing the brake drum to the wheel. There are no holes in the drum for release bolts. Two screwdrivers are needed, insert the first screwdriver into the hole, push back the lock. If you look in by the star wheel, you'll see a little lever against the teeth that acts like a ratchet. Brake Drum Removal, Inspection, Reassembly Notes first published 2/09/R. First make sure both the major and minor adjusters are full backed off. Per the manual, I jack up the rear wheel, remove the tire and *should* be able to pull the brake drum off. Set of the three most popular drum brake service tools. Changing brake calipers is a straightforward process involving several steps. Gain access to the rear of the drum assembly and look for an inspection while which is closed up with a rubber grommet. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 33 Posts. Installation is the reverse of removal. Some vehicles will also use screws to hold the drums in. Re: Brake drum removal with buddy bearing? You should be able to get the bearing buddy off without taking off the nut. The correct way would be to remove the adjustment plug on the inside of the backing plate & loosten the star adjuster. We have been using these tips and tricks at our shop for almost 30 years. So I would end up with the brake drum and the ring gear housing removed as one unit. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jan 27, 2021. Joined Feb 15, 2006 · 96 Posts. 18pc Brake Caliper Tool Set & 8 Pc Drum Brake Tool Kit - Removal and Installation Tools. Use a screwdriver and rubber mallet or a brake drum puller to take the drum off of the wheel if you are unable to remove the drum by unscrewing it and pulling it. In many cases, simply rotating the brake drum back and forth while you are pulling on it will be enough to break it loose and get it off if you apply enough muscle. The inner bearing cone will be retained by the seal. WARNING To prevent serious eye injury, always wear safe eye protection when you perform vehicle maintenance or service. The brake drum on some vehicles is held in position by a cap covered nut. Maybe Bob needed them or we put them on a red 53. I have been unable to get the rear drums off of my Chrysler. WARNING To prevent serious eye injury, always wear. Turn the brake drum so that the access hole is aligned with the drum's adjuster screw. SKANDIX "Heavy-Duty" puller for loosening the brake drum on the rear axle with a hammer blow. Spray some penerating oil in each of the lug nut holes, spinning it. If you follow these steps diligently, you can easily remove a brake drum from Toyota models. Another Stuck Rear Brake Drum. You have to insert a small screwdriver or probe into the star wheel access slot and hold the rachet lever off of the star wheel while you turn . Its just like removing the drums off a 64-70 bus (same 46mm nut those years). There are two shallow threaded bolt holes on my rear brake drums that are 180 degrees apart. a) remove the brake cylinder bleeder screw just in case some pressure is keeping the shoes out against the drum. Use a hand-held impact driver & a BF hammer. The brake drum can usually be removed by moving it back and forth, while pulling it away from the hub. It's not necessary to heat it until it's red hot or anything like that, just hot enough to expand and loosen the drum. If the drum still doesn't come off, then your brakes are probably stuck open preventing the drum from coming off. It's possible to find 55 gallon drums through many sources. drum only had minimal service wear. Had a little problem, the car was up on Jack stands handbrake disconnected, and a drive shaft was taken out. Simply find 1 or 2 metric bolts with 10X1. The easiest way to remove the brake Drum. How to take off a brake drum that is stuck to the axle flange. In this video I give a few tips on how to remove rear brake drums. Honda Civic / Del Sol (1992 - 2000) - Rear Brake Drum Removal - 96 Civic - having trouble - I expected to see a rubber cover on the back to remove to adjust . I removed the wheel and the clips on the studs. The brake drums are located with the rear wheels on the Toyota Camry and many other vehicles. Easiest way for me is to remove the rear hub with a 46mm "whacker" tool and then smack the hub out of the drum on a flat surface. Drums stick for a couple of reasons, corrosion and tight fit at the interface to the hub, and because the brake shoes are tight or are behind a ridge left on the edge of the drum as it wore from brake use. Postby challenger » Tue Dec 28, 2010 3:18 pm. Tried to remove the rear brake drum to inspect the . Many drums will become coated in a thin oily film to prevent them from rusting during shipping and storage. On '39-'41 brakes; if you unbolt the wheel cylinder and remove the nuts from the lower anchors and tap the anchor bolts inward; the shoes will come with the drums and you can pull them pretty easily, the shoe retainers bend (but are easy to straighten later) and there is enough slack in the e-brake cable. com and goto the forums, more help over there for the older jeeps. I'm a newbie when it comes to drum brakes. The puller excellently loosens stuck brake drums on the rear . If you back off on the two brake adjuster bolt heads, spray some penetrant around the drum-to-hub interface. Step 2: lock the car’s front wheels to prevent any movement of the car. I wanted to check the rear brake system, but I cant get the drums off.