best userscripts. Your writing will be better forever. Doesn't detect Amazon Anti-Adblock Killer. Aldous Watts / Scripting Engine for Melvor Idle. It is only available for Windows. I've noticed that userscripts aren't automatically synchronized like (regular) extensions in Google Chrome. AI Transformation Series #1: New Organizational Structures for Training Data in 2022. Here is a sample of the most popular scripts: Manga Loader NSFW - Loads manga chapter into one page in a long strip format, supports switching chapters and works for a variety of sites, minimal script with no dependencies, easy to implement new sites, loads quickly and works on. If you would like a userscript converted, please reply below. Advancedsearch Greasemonkey Userscript for Digikey Website. Currently, Our Paid Anti-Adblocker can bypass userscripts like Anti-Adblock Killer and Anti Adblocker Fuckoff, etc. IXL offers hundreds of sixth grade math skills to explore and learn! Not sure where to start? Go to your personalized Recommendations wall to find a skill that looks interesting, or select a skill plan that aligns to your textbook, state standards, or standardized test. Userscripts, Extensions, and Software. exports jQuery Plugins jQuery Highlighter - highlight new items since the last time a site was visited jQuery Pagerizer - mark up web pages with next/previous page annotations. After doing that once, a list of your installed scripts displays at the top of . Want to use J and K keys to scroll through the new Facebook UI?. So Mod Userscripts ⭐ 94 Stack Overflow Moderation Userscripts. Violentmonkey provides userscripts support for browsers. I've removed, re-added the scripts without success. js) are open-source licensed add-ons for web browsers that change web pages as they are loaded. Tampermonkey With more than 10 million users, Tampermonkey is the leading userscript manager. This is the second time YouTube has been changed after the launch of the social network - seems like Google wasn't convinced with the earlier design. SET, The Family Game of Visual Perception, has won over 35 best game awards including MENSA Select. While Safari finally supports webpage translation, the feature currently has limited language and region support. Tampermonkey makes it very easy to manage your userscripts and provides features like a clear overview over the running scripts, a built-in editor, ZIP-based import and export. The userscripts are easy to install, and there are literally thousands of them. Sync to Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, or a WebDAV service. The Bash is over, but the season lives a little longer. Userscripts ⭐ 102 My userscripts Rain Classroom Helper ⭐ 97 Make rain classroom easier to use on PCs & tablets. They’re triggered when you visit specified websites, and can change the way these sites look and behave. no complete hots logo? its al right. Learn about what makes us an A-rated district in AZ!. Link is a free Premium Link Generator that allows you to to download files from filehosting services without any download restrictions, wait time, or other limits. THIS IS A STATIC MIRROR OF USERSCRIPTS. This is a great way to immerse yourself in the biggest collection of free chegg discord reddit 2021 to enjoy up to 50% discounts for today!. So, these were some of the best User Scripts that you can add to your browser we are Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey. She enjoys writing about any tech topic, including programming. It puts the name of the article in the languages you specify on top of the page as hyperlinks. Lets say you’re looking for a script that’ll change Facebook’s colour from the monotonous blue to something else; for this you should search for something like ‘facebook colour’ or ‘change facebook. net/projects/roboking&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&sl=de&tl=en. The Best STFC Bot for 2022 Auto Play Unlimited Game Accounts with this Star Trek Fleet Command Bot. Use Greasemonkey Scripts In IE, Chrome, and Safari. Enhance your web browser's capabilities with these free extensions · Install and Use Greasemonkey · Install and Use Tampermonkey · The Top User . ⚠ Firefox 79+ (Fenix) versions broke add-on support Iceraven Browser (a better fork of Firefox Fenix) works with (at least) Violentmonkey. Reddit Video Downloader - Download buttons when viewing Reddit videos. Seen as MPC is no long in active development, MPV is becoming, and should have become, your go to player. As a start: @cooljingle's userscripts: @cooljingle's Memrise Monitor Chrome extension @monalyah's Extension Memrise + (Charts, timer manager, modify font hebrew, Text to speech, help-me function, t'chat) On Chrome, Opera, and repository on Github @raneksi's Memrise Chrome Extension (user link from old Memrise General. These are random people who may have good intentions or not. ORG - LOGINS DO NOT WORK By Best Video Downloader 2 — Last update May 4, 2014 — Installed 2,648 times. Our bot can run on Android, iOS, PC & MAC and includes features like auto train, build, gather, shield, and more. My best dark theme for Scratch 3. Bottom line: This add-on might feel a bit overloaded, but it's probably the best simulator at the moment. 1 A multi-touch gestures, a streamlined User Interface in Nexus Mini Browser v. Custom Snap skin (userscript). • Cruz's unique "Browsa" plugin allows you to view multiple web pages simultaneously in sidebar split views. It's not free, so if you're looking for a free alternative, you could try Violentmonkey or Userscripts. Best Video Downloader 2 - Youtube MP3, M4A, AAC Downloader for Greasemonkey Download every YouTube video you want and you can download them as HD MP4, FLV, 3GP, MP3, M4A and AAC formats. It implements a code editor right in your browser for a simple method of creating, editing and saving your code. Whether you’re looking in UserScripts or IE Scripts, make sure that you search with accurate parameters to get the best results. Continue browsing in r/userscripts. These are not hosted anywhere except here on github. I've made some userscripts for the Stack Exchange sites you may be interested in: My SOOF userscript, now Stack Overflow Extras, has a bunch of optional features you can add to 'enhance' SE (examples of these features are: pre-defined edit reasons; side-by-side post editing; highlight answerer's names in comments, and so on). Whether you’re catching up on Facebook or speaking up on Twitter, the Greasemonkey browser add-on can make everything easier–if you’re. If you want bleeding edge functionality, link against git versions of FFmpeg or if a package for your platform is not available or updated, you can build mpv from source code. It's not accessible normally or with the 8080 port attached to it. To activate a Browsa sidebar, click one of the "compass" toolbar buttons on the right…. Automate clinical documentation. The helper build scripts are recommended for most users since they perform a static build of FFmpeg and libass as well as mpv. regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), and Futu Securities International (Hong Kong) Ltd. The old Www site will be closing on Dec 15th, 2017. (Please be aware that some miscreants have posted scripts which steal your session cookies, friend people you don't know, and do other bad things. It's pretty amazing how powerful userscripts and -styles are!. He was initially working on that in May 2010, and it emerged from a Greasemonkey user script that wrapped to work as a Chrome extension. Sunrise solutions help organizations automate their tissue and implant processes with electronic documentation, providing clinicians with immediate access to implant records. Adds automation and functionality to Melvor Idle, combining several userscripts into one. org/ Created by the maintainer of http://userstyles. The best would be to get google-chrome userscripts. Alternative site to userscripts. Type Greasemonkey into the add-ons search box at the top right of the browser. Once you find the geocache, sign and date the logbook. IXL offers hundreds of sixth grade math skills to explore and learn!. We have experienced, full-pro writers standing by to give you words that work for you!. Now you can slide your slider or press the play button to watch an. Make your web surfing faster, safer and more comfortable with AdGuard! User Reviews: 4. I think it's hit the fan for now. Userscripts are javascript programs that can be installed at the discretion of the user to alter the presentation of Web pages. by OyyoDams Fri Feb 14, 2014 12:48 pm. The best userscripts to use on MangaUpdates. Dec 27, 2018 - Here are some of the best user scripts for the popular Greasemonkey and Tampermonkey browser extensions used to tweak website appearance and . mpv is a media player based on MPlayer and mplayer2. Find Greasemonkey in the list and click on Install. Additionaly every week 3 subscribers will win offline bot with golder. Looking at the data, however, we find 52. Creating a Fluid App out of your favorite website is simple. I also stream Live Hacking CTF's twice a week on Twitch. For all other engines, or multi-engine scripts, use the "Userscripts" tag. There is a community of script writers at userscripts. Hundreds of thousands of backgrounds, color schemes and more at Userstyles. A user script's install button. Some of its features were: Full integration with GTK 3. Userscripts is an open source Safari extension that lets you save and run arbitrary bits of JavaScript (and CSS) code for the websites you visit. It's also available in all the major navigators. Use this tag to post a userscript that operates on Stack Exchange sites and/or uses the Stack Exchange API. See Greasemonkey#GreaseMonkey 4 incompatibility. In fact Greasemonkey is not an application in itself. Much of the day-to-day busy work of knowledge workers can be enhanced, made more efficient, or perhaps completely automated through some kind of programming: Feedly looks a lot better and is a lot more useful with the userscripts enabled. Upload a file or provide a URL and click on "Convert file". Note that they don't change the AO3 itself, just the way your browser interacts with it. Exact this one is a fake! For info the code has nothing to do with a WME extension: Code: Select all. Scripts General Direct links out - Removes all "You are leaving our site" and redirection stuff from links. Sociology Of Aging Essay Topics, How To Write Userscripts, Nursing Consent Essay Assignemtns, Nursing Cv Cover Letter Sample. Userscripts primarily refers to JavaScript extensions for web browsers, used to automate or. Just right-click each one that you want, select "copy URL" or "copy link location" and paste it into your address bar. What We Don't Like Doesn't detect Amazon links. How to write your own userscript. For Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Opera using Tampermonkey ( . It's available for Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, . Tampermonkey is the most popular userscript manager, with over 10 million users. This is a wiki, click the green pencil at the top right to edit. Video download from video site such as youtube. To run userscripts it's best to have a script manager installed. ) That will take you directly to the script install page (as long as userscripts lasts. So what are some of your favourite userscripts? Anti-Adblock Killer | Reek Pinterest without registration Pandora Freemium GreasyFork Bullshit Filter SoundCloud Downloader Reddit Tidy Reddit Enhancement Suite Image Auto Expand Xtube Download Button ExtendPornHub ThePirateBay Fixer Wide Github YouTubeCenter 11 comments 98% Upvoted. This is the ticket for business leaders who want to transform their company over the next decade to be an AI first company. Registering a user script instructs the browser to attach the script to pages that match the URL patterns specified during registration. YouTube HD Ultimate is a userscript which forces YouTube to select the highest video quality a user's computer can handle (with options to lower it if the computer has problems playing 1080px videos). I also started a new series recently that is called The Ethical Hacking Diaries, where I write weekly digests of. The verbal warning triggers if the faction page isn't open OR if torn is experiencing high latency (beyond 10 seconds or so) Helcostr. This format is known by most ebook readers. The graduate in MS Computer Science from the well known CS hub, aka Silicon Valley, is also an editor of the website. Userscripts run in the web browser and make on-the-fly local changes to specific web pages. You can customize Wikipedia in ways that make your editing easier with user scripts, which are written in JavaScript code. Scripts are usually JavaScript and usually browser extensions/userscripts. (It is the best open source userscript manager. Install a Chrome Extension From Github: How to do it in. GreasyFork seems very reliable and I have had no problem getting scripts from there. Most mobile device browsers don't have the option to apply userscripts, so unfortunately these tools can. Tampermoney was created by Jan Biniok. Best UserScripts (Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey. Tampermonkey is used to run so-called userscripts . I do sincerely hope you find some of them useful somehow! 😃. The add-on puts a small monkey icon in the bottom right corner, from where. Click "Create", and within seconds your chosen website has a permanent home on your Mac as a real Mac. The Best Mobile Rewards App - Get Paid Apps For Free, Free iTunes, Amazon, Xbox Gift Cards. Re: Attention: new WME Color Highlights on userscripts. Provides the ability to use side-by-side diffs inside of Komodo. To run Userscripts you will need Firefox and the Greasemonkey addon. If no history data is found the hasroot icon will turn red. Jan 30, 2015 - Addoncrop is an online webstore that offers quality browser extensions for all the major browsers including chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge and others. userscripts for Tampermonkey/Violentmonkey/Greasemonkey. Old Reddit intermixed ad hider Instagram story stealer (ctrl/cmmd) + M when viewing an Instagram story to open the video/image in new tab YouTube skip ad Press alt + s to skip or close. I want to run some custom userscripts in Firefox but without add-ons like Greasemonkey. Google launched a new layout for YouTube early this month, in align with the Google's new look post Google+. I have posted the ones that I found below. io is a fun and cute multiplayer cat game in which you control an adorable little cat! You must provide your cat with food, help them grow, and fight against the other cats in the arena for domination! Throughout the map, there are a limitless number of gems to collect that give your character XP and help them grow. User scripts have unlimited access to your account by their very nature - unlike Huggle, where you can control access levels, the script runs in your browser. 4chan X is a script that adds various features to anonymous imageboards. This is a tracking issue for the implementation of a userScripts API. Out of popular requests, it is time to put together a list of the Best Hacking Books in 2022. 66666666666667 special: 0: 1: 1234: 10 hours ago GCComment. (sort by last updated then look at reviews). Аlsо thеіr lоts оf аgе-rеstrісtеd vіdеоs whісh rеquіrе. gm-compat - portable monkey-patching for userscripts gm-storage - an ES6 Map wrapper for the synchronous userscript storage API UnCommonJS - a minimum viable shim for module. Best productivity Safari extensions for iPhone 14. So, if you are a Google Chrome user, you have to use Tampermoney, which is equally good. License keys for developers. Sociology Of Aging Essay Topics. Greasemonkey allows you to customize the way popular websites look and behave by tweaking their functionality with a script. 6, High Resolution Entire Viewable Screen (With Built in smooth Zoom in & Zoom Out. 0 by LemonDev LemonMod is a MooMoo. This post encouraged me to go through my installed userscripts and There is a Firefox extension that is better than the userscript . My hope is that this really changes the conversation and moves us towards a better understanding of what methods really work in what contexts to improve annotation. ( Log Out / Change ) You are commenting using your Twitter account. Fast rendering, due to the WebKitGTK engine. It includes the ability to download the video you're watching, auto selecting your preferred video quality and much more. Wikipedia:User scripts/Ranking. Here, you'll find thousands of scripts. They give users the power to make websites do what they want them to, rather than what was originally intended. Tampermonkey, the most popular userscript manager, now on Android!. Our experts proofread and edit your project with a detailed eye and with complete knowledge of all writing and style conventions. Displays the dislike count of videos accessed via Invidious. To report a user script, use the following template, and report only one script per. Reddit Premium: now with less suck. Primary audience: power users, content curators, people who like flagging posts a lot in general. userscripts · GitHub Topics · GitHub. Userscripts is a reliable open-source safari extension that enables you to save and run random bits of JavaScript code for the web pages you visit. The 8 Best Free Skype Alternatives of 2022. All books can be found in the Ceos3c Amazon Store. Matched Userscripts List - this list shows the currently matched userscripts relative to the current page being displayed in the browser, all userscripts that match to the domain will be showed, whether they are active or not. Best of all! Author Punisher Daily installs 56 Total installs 40,197 Ratings 101 5 1 Created 2019-01-03 Updated 2021-11-25; 全网VIP视频免费解析去广告;解锁B站大会员番剧、B站视频解析下载;全网音乐直接下载;油管、Facebook. Get a full report of their traffic statistics and market share. Violentmonkey is currently the best supported userscript manager for Firefox. How To Write Userscripts specific degree. [See ( 11, 12) for examples in the life sciences. On any web page it will check if the clicked links goes to userscripts-mirror. No matter if you ask us to do my math homework for me or do my programming homework, our homework helpers are always available to provide the How To Write Userscripts best homework solutions. Gmail Rolls Out Attractive New Look: Better Conversations, Improved Search. User scripts can improve your browsing experience, and open a lot of possibilities to make the sites you visit better by adding features, making them easier to use, or taking out the annoying bits. NOTE: The number of mentions on this list indicates mentions on common posts plus user suggested alternatives. Our Age of Z Origins Bot is a safe & super powerful game bot that auto plays unlimited accounts. Just a few simple steps can get you a rooted device within minutes. ) Rather than trying to package extensions (which seems like a low benefit-to-hassle activity), Chrome provides two mechanisms to (selectively) disable this new annoyance:. Tampermonkey is the most popular userscript manager, with over 10 million weekly users. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Short deadlines are How To Write Userscripts no problem for any business plans, white papers, email marketing campaigns, and original, compelling web content. Use the Tampermonkey tag if running Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey, use the "Greasemonkey-4" tag if running that engine on Firefox. The browser will ask if you're sure etc, then needs restart: Open current profile folder (Edit > Configuration > Profile Folder), close browser, wait a moment, delete the StartupCache folder, start KM again. Select from a wide range of models decals meshes plugins or audio that help bring your imagination into reality. I haven't yet used any userscripts or APIs (aside from KaniWani and KameSame), but I'm wondering what the best or most useful ones might be . One of the most fundamental parts of the Desmos Graphing Calculator: variables. Userscripts to add functionality to GitHub. The web browser is pretty light on resources, and it's definitely the best AdBlock browser for Android. We're around (554, 216) level 1 · 2 days ago. The videos either won't load or they won't play in HD automatically. Use this API to register user scripts, third-party scripts designed to manipulate webpages or provide new features. NB this works in OM12, but the OM14 beta doesn't seem to support userscripts at present. How To Write Userscripts media writers are true professionals with vast experience at turning words into action. Оvеr 35 hоurs оf vіdео bеіng uрlоаdеd tо YоuТubе еvеrу mоmеnt. Is there any way to install userscripts on a current version of Firefox for Android (including beta or developer. The Green Cross Combat Simulator The Green Cross- Tiberium Alliances Combat Simulator by Peluski is an advanced simulator with a boatload of information and options (mirror army, save formation) coming with it. xyz Ads remove - Alter The Url on the GO. Unlike many other addons that let you do one particular thing, possibilities with this one are incredible. Make best use of screen space as it enables distraction-free, absolute focus on writing a synopsis, treatment or script, outlining or collecting ideas; Part 2: Free Screenwriting Software for Windows 8. Improved edit notes (thanks @zas for the suggestions). And thousands of other assets to build an immersive game or experience. Winter/Summer Bash 2021 has come to an end. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website Sociology Of Aging Essay Topics to function properly. To create a variable, simply write a letter followed by a '=' sign and a number, a slider will appear. They're triggered when you visit specified websites, and can change the way these sites look and behave. org database is quite rudimentary, and hosts a great many . Download Now Free! WORKING IN 2022. You can still view them by going to the review or recommendations page. Enter the website's URL, provide a name, and optionally choose an icon. This extension is used to enhance your Agar. Press CTRL+0 (CMD+0 on Mac) to reset back to default zoom. Userscripts is an open source Safari extension that lets you save and run arbitrary bits of JavaScript code for the websites you visit. H & B Sketching Pencils Set, 48-Piece Drawing Pencils and Sketch Kit, Complete Artist Kit Includes Sketch Pad, Graphite Pencils, Sharpener & Eraser, Professional Sketch Pencils Set for Drawing. Why user scripts? Free Code Camp has a lot of great real world projects that will enrich your skill set and portfolio. It's available for Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera Next and Firefox. How to Sort YouTube Videos by Date. There are more than 10 alternatives to Greasemonkey for a variety of platforms, including Mac, Windows, Linux, Google Chrome and Firefox. The Greasemonkey scripts are always monitored in the forum to prevent malicious content. This switch will not affect any userscripts that are for made actually working on HITs (keybinds, noblis. awesome-userscripts - 📖 A curated list of Awesome Userscripts. Check out our website statistics, analysis & more. As you level up you can evolve and learn new abilities such as a lunge. A userscript is a script that usually helps make the web a better place. Userscripts ⭐ 105 Userscripts for Greasemonkey, Tampermonkey etc. Users can click/tap the userscript to the toggle them on/off. As of October 2020 I can't seem to find a working add-on/extension for Firefox on Android. The Top User Scripts Here are some of the best scripts, listed in alphabetical order. Each userscript gives you additional features for Agar. * The column indicates that the userscript has been included in the Octopatcher browser extension/addon. Support for user scripts and styles. The application comes with the implementation of a code editor in your browser, and you have a very straightforward way to create and save your code. Tampermonkey For userscripts Stylus For userstyles WARNING : Stylish, another extension for userstyles, has had some privacy issues, so it is best to avoid it. 66666666666667 special: 0: 1: 1234: 10 hours ago MoreManga. userscripts - a collection of GreaseMonkey UserScripts. The 25 Best Cyber Security Books — Recommendations from the Experts in Hashing Out Cyber Security Monthly Digest April 21, 2017 277,136 views. Setting parameters that update your whole graph when changed is what they do. Users browsing this forum: 1 Guest (s) Rules. Script Runner Pro is a userscript manager. I would guess application/javascript but I am not positive Sounds like a good question for you to post @dpk! – Josh. If you're using AdGuard and encountering anti-adblock scripts and messages, it's recommended to a) enable and. My 15 Favorite Tampermonkey Scripts [Updated in 2022] Chrome extensions and Firefox add-ons are great to enhance an internet browser's capabilities. how do u know which hits ur qualified for and which ones u will get aproved for. Even though its quality has deteriorated in recent time, it is. Although I’ve used Greasemonkey on Google Chrome previously, I wasn’t able to find it in the Chrome Web Store. Flexible, configurable web search. These userscripts do not automatically update. The best part about playing nitro race games is that they can be operated on all Android, Windows as well as IOS devices. Special input URL types are available to read input from a variety of sources other than disk files. As always, the recent change has got some people their. Here are a few of our favorite userstyles and userscripts for making the best of the Gmail redesign. ‎Cruz is a new web browser for Mac OS X that offers a few special features you won't find anywhere else. As you all know YouTube is the best site to share videos. Greasemonkey is an example of one such script. The Best Age of Z Bot for 2022 Auto Play Unlimited Game Accounts with this Age of Z Origins Bot. org used to be the best place to find scripts but it has since been taken down (a mirror is available). Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email (required) (Address never made public) Name (required) Website. Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET. Save your userscript in that folder with a. org has been down for more than three days as of today. It supports a wide variety of video file formats, audio and video codecs, and subtitle types. Reddit Watcher - Kind of a helper userscript. This new API is going to be similar to the contentScripts. This API offers similar capabilities to contentScripts but with features suited. As most of us transition from one season to another, be it summer to autumn or winter to spring, we wanted to take a look back at how this year's Winter Bash went for everyone. 4% of copies come from answers that are not accepted. My preferred alternative to userscripts. Userscripts Are Fun And Are Still Very Much Relevant. ) Here are the scripts I have listed: Mefi deleted posts. 4 Common YouTube Annoyances & How To Get Rid Of Them. New to JavaScript? You should tinker with userscripts. We currently have 1,897 members registered. They have common roots (Scriptish is a fork of Greasemonkey), both are still maintained, both (roughly) cover the same field. Enter userscripts to clean things up. Best Practices Our combined shared knowledge about CRO and Crazy Egg all in guide formats. Whether you're catching up on Facebook or speaking up on Twitter, the Greasemonkey browser add-on can make everything easier-if you're. Can plugins see your passwords if you don't save them to the browser?. Best practices to increase the speed for Next. GreasyFork GreasyForkis maybe the most popular userscript hoster. My most useful userscript by a country mile is Wiki language switcher. With the click off an mouse button! THIS IS A STATIC MIRROR OF USERSCRIPTS. You can not select more than 25 topics Topics must start with a letter or number, can include dashes ('-') and can be up to 35 characters long. Midori was a lightweight Webkit-based web browser developed by Christian Dywan. In case you did not know, it is a popular directory for so-called userscripts which you can install in web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to add, change or remove functionality from websites. It's been 357 days for me (as of September 23rd), as development started on October 1st, 2020. Hakorr/Userscripts Alternatives and Reviews (Feb 2022). Now is the best time of year to purchase a software license code or subscription. Greasyfork is probably the best userscript repository right now. Please see our privacy policy to learn more. Greasemonkey extension lets you add so called 'user scripts' which can add more functionalities or change the behavior of a web page. Sync between different browsers. Userscripts developed for the Www site will not work on the new Worker site and will have to be converted. If you want to get started with Ethical Hacking or Bug Bounties, feel free to follow my YouTube Channel where I regularly publish beginner-friendly Ethical Hacking tutorials. Userscripts to aid moderators and moderation activities for Stack Overflow. Seems to be the new way to go since Firefox 79+ (Fenix) broke add-on support But I've had. Installing Userscripts As Bookmarklets. Click the "Install" link next to a script's name in order to install it. For over 100 years Gilbert Public Schools has focused on exemplary education that inspires academic excellence and prepares students for success. which may cause minor layout issues. register API (Bug 1332273) but it will execute each registered userScript into an isolated sandbox (instead on a sandbox per extension / target frame) and the userScripts will not have direct access to any of the WebExtensions APIs (the extension will be allowed to. The first step to installing the Mega Scratch Userscript is to get a userscript manager. Our collection contains all the feature-length screenplays in our database as well as scripts that we have broken down by plot, character, ending, quotes, and more. Suggestion: Pair it with Better Name Colorer so you can see the HP values much more easily. The most popular userscript managers are Greasemonkey, Tampermonkey, and Violentmonkey. If you are using this version and notice problems, it's best to let us know at greasemonkey-dev (and be clear that it's with this version). LemonMod is packed with the latest features and the best autoheal out there. Flickr photos, groups, and tags related to the "userscripts" Flickr tag. Userscripts are browser-specific and website-specific; a particular script . That lets you switch between the versions of the same articles blazing fast and it's also helpful to see what the same Wikipedia article is called in different languages. I haven't yet used any userscripts or APIs (aside from KaniWani and KameSame), but I'm wondering what the best or most useful ones might be and if I'm able to use them on any platform (I'm on Linux Mint at the moment)? prouleau. They allow you to install scripts that people write and will run on certain pages to include functionality and allow for some pretty nifty stuff! Here are a few of my favorite. Links Checker Premium, VBCleanUP, and 8 more. Questions tagged [userscripts] Ask Question This tag should be used to differentiate questions about code to automate or customize actions, the layout, or other aspects of the user experience from other questions. Google Book Downloader *Download FoxySpeed The best firefox browser Integrated with all the best Userscripts & about-configs for fast & easy browsing experience FoxySpeed Video Promo (download link in the description video) : https://www. Forked from Aldous Watts / MICE. 10 Best Mobile Messaging Apps of 2022. 9 JavaScript userscripts VS uBlock uBlock Origin - An efficient blocker for Chromium and Firefox. a userscript project that parses korean news site and then making more readable view. Userscripts are small computer programs that change the layout of a page, Please disable the "Anonymous statistics" setting to do so. In the above example 'script-src' is a directive in CSP. Features: - Open source - Straightforward usage - Multiple domain specific scripts. Hi David, UserScripts has been up and down for a while now. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Userscripts Alternatives and Similar Apps. Violentmonkey - Chrome, Firefox, Maxthon, Opera Supports both GM 3 and GM 4 userscripts. Komodo theme inspired by Arc-Red-Dark. Userscripts are little Javascript programs that run inside your web browser. Crazy Egg Knowledge Sharing Learn what value our customers have found with their use of Crazy Egg. Note: A number of popular userscripts for MusicBrainz no longer work on Firefox 57+ and Greasemonkey 4+. Userscript name: Advanced Flagging. A 900p or larger screen is recommended for the best experience. We explore the results of this poll — and the divides in opinion by age, vaccination status and politics. Download userscripts to enhance your browser. It switches itself in place of the. Creating a simple Userscript is pretty simple, you simply install ViolentMonkey (on Chrome, use TamperMonkey for other browsers), hit the Create Userscript button and you will be preseneted with a pretty decent code editor showing a userscript template. It is tightly integrated with Chrome by context menus, toolbar buttons, and key shortcuts. For other tools, the [app] tag may be more appropriate. If you're using Firefox, Greasemonkey is a great option . I already have a CSS I made to "feature" the image by removing all other content except the image's DIV. This can be used to report user scripts that you use and the global window. Refresh the tab (s) affected by the script to start using it. Yahoo Messenger Is Gone, But There Are Alternatives. AM Waldviertel (NÖ)/Forest quarter (Lower Austria) / CM Austria / GC. 01 of 14 Amazon Smile Redirect Amazon What We Like Easy to support charities. Member 7:18 pm, Jan 23 2015 Posts: 86. If you think this add-on violates Mozilla's add-on policies or has security or privacy issues, please report these issues to Mozilla using this form. It was created as a response to the abandonment of userscripts. Other great apps like Greasemonkey are FreeStylerWs (Free), Shortwave (Free), Site Connector (Free) and Launchlet (Freemium, Open Source). Tampermonkey is one of the most popular browser extensions with over 10 million users. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. To use a certain script, you need to go to the script page and click on the "Install this script" button if the script is on the UserScripts . For those of you who don’t know, userscripts are small snippets of JavaScript code that change the behaviour of a website. Greasemonkey and Tampermonkey, available for both Chrome and Firefox, allow you to run custom user scripts that modify website behavior and appearance. Don't forget to bring a pen! 3. There are a lot of userscripts repositories like greasyfork or openuserjs. This scripts loads all pages (images) from the current chapter of the manga showing them in one page in a list type structure, witch helps reading faster. The document-idle injection point is selected automatically by the browser for the best user-perceived performance. Google Duo: A Solid Person-to-Person Video Chat App. Simran works at Hackr as a technical writer. A long time ago it was possible to do so by putting scripts in a folder named userscripts\\ inside the Firefox. A curated list of Awesome Userscripts. This results in accurate documentation, increased staff efficiency, successful Joint Commission audits and improved inventory management. The best online guitar lessons are free! Learn to play guitar with fast, fun, and effective courses and song lessons for beginners and up! Community support! Something For Everyone. It was originally developed for 4chan but has no affiliation with it. Now, this list doesn't only contain Hacking Books that were released in 2022, but simply all the books worth mentioning as of this year. Tampermonkey's page says the add-on is not compatible with Android, but I think it used to work fine a while back. Greasemonkey is only available for Firefox. With the Opera web browser, you will get a VPN, Adblocker, tracking protection, customisation options, etc. More posts from the userscripts community. For more information, see the Greasemonkey 4 Announcement, 20 Sept 2017: With the upcoming Firefox 57 release, … Mozilla is completely replacing the extension system in. Best I found for now is the "@run-at context-menu" directive of Tampermonkey. All the options below will enhance a specific aspect of your remote team's day-to-day operations and interactions. Our Star Trek Fleet Command Bot is a safe & super powerful game bot that auto plays unlimited accounts. MAL Greasemonkey Userscripts. org will return the rating of the current user script. Only runs when you go to Amazon. In this way, javascript libraries are loaded only from userscripts. Better handling of indentation and the TAB key when editing posts. User scripts put you in control of your browsing experience. Best Java Tutorials; Java Programming Java Programming Languages Java Cheat Sheet Cheat Sheet. 5 - by DeathfireD Removes Reviews and Recommendations from MAL anime and manga pages. automatically by the browser for the best user-perceived performance. Select the userscripts folder created in step 1. Let's start making some of them official! Update 14. We the Chrunos team have gathered a list of software deals in one place for you. Whether it's your PC or your laptop, players still have the ability to generate cheat codes and hacks for playing the game. Many scripts Features like script sync from Github A very active open source development GitHub/Gist You can search Github and Gistfor scripts and install them by a click at the "Raw" button. You can still find related User Scripts on the site mentioned in the article. Chegg is one of the best online tutor services having over 3 million students and growing. Best Userscripts for Tampermonkey and Greasemonkey May 30, 2014 For those who don't know, Greasemonkey and Tampermonkey are addons for Firefox and Chrome respectively. I think moomoo is the best platform there is and have compared it to others. >> Full Screen Streaming Video Playback. Download at the max of your connection speed!. For time consuming reasons, we rarely test our Roblox Scripts after publication. 0 Swift userscripts VS BTTV-for-Safari Unofficial BTTV/ FFZ Safari Extension for Twitch session-buddy - 85 0. PlutoTV - Free Live TV and Movies. If the file is hosted on Github or Gist, click the "Raw" button. Take a look and save yourself some money when you take advantage of these software deals. We use a popular brand of network camera as a baby monitor at home. Should also work with other userscript engines. Userscripts Rating Install now Subscribe to Travian Tactics news. Opera is the faster browser with less processing capacity than other browsers with a built-in ad blocker that helps load webpages faster. Mate translate - Safari extension for quick translation. Things like removing the points from HN so that it doesn't consume attention. Our 24/7 services protect people of all ages and types of medical conditions, from communicating your health information, to storing your care wishes, to reuniting loved ones, we're there when you need us. Using it can and likely will break websites. The best alternative is Tampermonkey. It was part of the Xfce Goodies project. This page lists unofficial third-party userscripts intended to enhance the Duolingo experience. Best Userscripts for Tampermonkey and Greasemonkey · Youtube Center · Colorful Reddit Usernames · Google Images Direct Links · Random Episode Button . First popularized with the Greasemonkey add-on for Firefox, userscripts alter websites on the fly as you visit them. User scripts are snippets of JavaScript that are executed The userscripts. But that’s not going to stop us. Until then, the best advice is to use either Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey instead of Greasemonkey. userscripts greasemonkey youtube awesome privacy awesome-list list picard - MusicBrainz Picard Python. The following 4 tips took me 3 years of writing to collect, but will only take you 2 minutes to learn. Therefore, if you are short of money in buying all the latest cars for the game, you need to be on. Read more Badges View all badges. This simulator gets updated on regular bas. Domain Label: userscripts: Global Traffic Rank: n/a:. When we think of an accepted answer, we may think it is the best one, and infer it is copied much more than non-accepted answers. Finally, the release of v6 is in sight. Google Chrome (my browser of choice) supports userscripts out of the box, however, to make the whole process of writing and testing one a little more comfortable, the first thing I did, was to install Tampermonkey , a. But on average, accepted answers get seven copies per unique post while non-accepted answers get five copies per unique post. Tampermonkey makes it very easy to manage your userscripts and provides features like a clear overview over the running scripts, a built-in editor, ZIP-based import and export, automatic update checks and browser and cloud storage based. Please don't use this form to report bugs or request add-on features; this report will be sent to Mozilla and not to the add-on developer. In plain English, these are javascript codes that work with a browser using clients like Greasemonkey and Tampermonkey. Translated version of http://derjulian. Customize the appearance and behavior of popular websites. Tampermonkey is used to run so-called userscripts (sometimes also called Greasemonkey scripts) on websites. net will automatically warn you about scripts which are older than 4 weeks. Our Anti-Adblock Script can identify active adblockers and request the user to disable adblocker or whitelist the site by showing a popup dialog box or even prevent access to the webpage contents until the user disable adblocker. iTop VPN - Save up to 90% ITop…. Extension category - Embedded. audio windows player gui video mpv userscripts mpc mpc-hc hexchat shinchiro mpv-np. So I use a combination of userscripts and userstyles to batter the YouTube client until it does what I want (i. I haven’t yet used any userscripts or APIs (aside from KaniWani and KameSame), but I’m wondering what the best or most useful ones might be and if I’m able to use them on any platform (I’m on Linux Mint at the moment)?. Chrono can save your time as all the download management is done inside a browser tab. Learn with me from the very beginning! If you already play, improve your skills and discover new tips and techniques. Here are a few userscripts that cope with all of these annoyances effectively: YouTube HD Ultimate. A fresh new script runner chrome extension with material design. Also removes the new AD image that displays on the my. Browse through the categorized sections on the left to learn more about Opera browsers. С 1995 года — продукт компании. For questions about user scripting and Stack Exchange, or its API, use the scripts tag instead. Open source, hosted on GitHub. If you have a specific question, we recommend you search in the FAQ section. 0d just released! As promised finally YOU can get creative again with UserScripts which is the next best thing to the original UserCheats! Check the Discord for more https:// discord. js file and save it to the userscripts folder created in step 1. Use the app to navigate to a geocache nearby. In comparison, Mate could translate text into over 103 languages, even if you are offline. GreasyForkis maybe the most popular userscript hoster. help Reddit coins Reddit premium. Greasemonkey is an excellent addon which makes Firefox a lot better. The camera's been great, but I have one minor quibble with its web interface . Разработан в 1994 году группой исследователей из норвежской компании Telenor. >> Best Speed in 2G network also. It has many scripts in its inventory and is created by Jason Barnabe, the author of Stylish.