380 lead bullets. 380 bullets have a hollow point. I used a starting load of AA#2 and Missouri bullets 380 lead. Make sure you heat the mold by dipping a corner in the lead otherwise you will get bad bullets till it heats up. 380 ACP handguns are what we call pocket pistols — very small with short barrels. Cast or jacketed data with the same grain weight and profile will work with our bullets. Standard sizining for these bullets is. We make hardness optimized bullets for the velocity of the loads you shoot. Granted, it's not exactly most people's fault if they aren't shooting cloverleafs at 25 yards. We use a commercial alloy mix containing 92% lead, 6% antimony, and 2% tin. Load data for our Superior Plated Bullets® can be found in any manual or on any powder manufacturer’s website. The sprue plates come pretty tight so I like to . 380 Caliber Hard Cast Lead Bullets. Anybody have experience with this? If. They were merely interested in getting away from the heeled bullet and use an "inside lubricated bullet". Coated with PolyLube Hybrid Coating Technology. Magtech 380 ACP AUTO Ammo 95 Grain Lead Round Nose ammo review offers the following information; Since 1926, Magtech has manufactured its own components, bringing their customers full quality control over every stage of the manufacturing process as well as the final product. com: Cheap 380 ACP Ammo in Bulk. 380 ACP is as accurate as the person shooting it. Coated Bullets Reach the Pinnacle of Your Shooting Game by Reloading with Kimberlin Creek Bullets Choose Your Caliber MEET THE NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN Premium Coated Bullets From Kimberlin Creek Reloading your own ammo starts as a way to save money. 356 Bullet Weight In GRAINS: 95 Bullet Style: Lead Round Nose Bullets Per Box: 100 Boxes Per Case: 10 Jacketed: N Other FEATURES:: Cast Bullet Composition: 92% Lead, 2% Tin, 6% Antimony, 15 BERNELL Hardness, Polymer Coated For Jacketed Bullet Performance. Hp-38/Win 231 and unique are what i used. Excellent 380 auto, 380 acp Lead Cast Bullet for Reloading. I have used coated cast lead bullets from ACME Bullets, Missouri Bullet Company, and Bayou Bullets. 380 diameter 100 grain "TMJ" Round Nose Flat Point copper plated ultra-hard lead-antimony core projectiles which are die cast/swaged, plated, and re-struck. 380 ACP is a handgun round designed by John Moses Browning. 380 load here features a 100gr hardcast lead bullet with a flat nose. 380 Auto 90gr JHP Bullets. Bullets; Cast Performance Bullets 38-55 WCF (380 Diameter) 260 Grain Lead Flat Nose Gas Check Shop All Featured Ammunition Featured Reloading Supplies Featured Gun Parts Featured. 380 ACP, Hydra-Shok JHP, 90 Grain, 20 Rounds. 380 and 9mm jacketed bullets seem most often 0. If a bullet is not listed below, use load data for LEAD bullets, adjusting for bullet profile and length. Commonly called bullet tips or projectile tips, and are just one component of what is needed for reloading bullets (ammunition). 357 115 grain round nose, it is heavy so the charge has to be light, try 2 grains of Bullseye. Moly coated cast and swaged bullets. 380 diameter 100 grain “TMJ” Round Nose Flat Point copper plated ultra-hard lead-antimony core projectiles which are die cast/swaged, plated, and re-struck. 380 Automatic Colt Pistol, more commonly known as:. The 4750 bulk case option weighs 65 pounds and utilizes a large bage inside of a medium flat rate box. Each bullet in this box of 1000 is a 100 grain Round Nose Hollow Base (RNHB). These bullets are then sized and lubed with a quality wax lube from White Label Lube Company. Does anyone have experience loading this bullet? If so, what have been your results? Would you share your load data with me? The powder I primarily use is Unique. Hard-hitting top performance, with value for target shooting and training. " One must load and shoot 380 grain bullets in a 375 to appreciate the wonderful satisfaction. ACME Bullet Company manufactures 380 95GR RN (Round Nose) hard cast bullets and offers a variety of reloading supplies; lead cast bullets, range brass for . 380 Caliber 356 Diameter 100 Grain HBRN 250 Count by BERRY'S BULLETS Plated bullets occupy a position between cast bullets and jacketed bullets. Our process starts with a lead billet that is extruded into wire. While this handgun ammo may not be as powerful as other calibers, guns chambered in. Discover the benefits of using these 380 Caliber 95 Grain RN Hard Cast Lead Bullets for Reloading Qty 1000. 380") Keeping vintage firearms shooting like they were designed to do! Filter by All 38-55 Caliber (0. Yet instead of being round, these. Lyman 46 has a listing for a 121 gr. Powder I've tried is Titegroup and Bullseye. Gold Dot or 102gr Golden Sabre for defensive loads. Loaded the 95 gn with 4 different powders-Shot the same as with fmj and plated bullets. 380/9mm 95 grain Pentagon Hollow Point. Titegroup is right above that on the burn rate list so use 2 grains as your starting point. OhioBrian, I started with HP-38 & Berry's 100 gr. ACME + Coated Bullets are coated in red Hi-TEK coating and nicknamed "Lipstick" rounds. 380 Auto, 9mm Luger, They tend to be about 25 percent lighter than lead bullets of the same . Berry Bullets / Ammo Boxes & Accessories (42) · ACME Bullets (18) · Missouri Bullet Company (18) · Hornady (17) · Sierra Bullets (16) · Speer (12) · Lehigh Defense (9). As loaded by the major ammunition companies, the. MISSOURI BULLET COMPANY CAST 380c(. I used to load 380s using 95 gr lead bullets. These bullets feature a precision drawn copper jacket and a lead core in a hollow point profile. -- Constant Contact universal code --> HOME VIEW CART MY ACCOUNT ORDER STATUS. Flat Point [bag of 1000] NOT LOADED AMMUNITION. Solid copper, lead-free projectile 9-11″ of penetration 3-4″ diameter spread 7 separate […]. We're striving to produce the absolute best hard cast bullets on the market. phone: (417)708-5279 toll-free: 1-866-848-9834 fax: (417)763-3207 Payment Options. The monolithic bullets won't be negatively effected by a fast twist but lead core bullets can blow apart if they're spun too fast so you would need to keep that in mind. At the time, I was using a SIG P230 for off-duty carry and I was using the reloads for training. Hollow base bullets are designed to maximize contact with the barrel's rifling to improve overall accuracy. 380 round nose bevel base polymer coated projectiles. 5 which are moderate fast powders are well suited to cases like the 38 Super Auto. Product Compare (0) 380 Auto 65gr. 358) 158 Grain SWC Cast Lead Bullets. (Note H110 & W296 are the same as of 2008 as is . ATTENTION: This product is a component for reloading. 54 Caliber (348 Grain - Aero Tip) Our Price: $29. Lead Round Nose (LRN): When a shooter's goal is to buy. 355″ (9mm) (jacketed or lead) in diameter. Your home for hard cast lead bullets. Our Soft Cast Bullets are cast from pure virgin 20-1 alloy and will measure about 9 BHN. If they are shedding the plating, the you are loading them way too hot, or you are over-crimping them. Often times, the lighter copper projectile will fill the same volume as the lead and copper projectile, despite lacking the mass and weight. We work with certified analysis foundry alloy in two hardnesses in order to provide you with the bullet hardness that works best for you. 380, and one of the best is the Winchester White Box. Add To Cart · Home · Shop by Category · Shop by Brand · About Us · Bullet Information . They are soft lead and but have a hard outer shell on them. 380 I'm still experimenting with Oregon Trail . Berry's lead bullets are totally enclosed in 100% pure copper plating to cut down on airborne lead and reduce fouling, while costing much less than jacketed projectiles. 356) 95gr RN BULLET COATED 500/bx. Hunters Supply 380 Caliber/9mm/357 Sig 100 grain Flat Point Lead Bullet. Model; Product Name+; Price; View: List Grid. For reference, the 9mm Luger/Para is. 380 Bullets | FMP (Frontier) CMJ 100GR RN,. I have loaded the 380 in 80-85-90-95 -100 grain projectiles these were Jacketed, plated and pure copper. Handgun Cast Bullets; Why Cast Bullets? Bullet Casting Equipment; Supplies Needed; Equipment Needed; Getting Ready – Melting The Lead; The Process . 380 ACP - 90 Grain - Copper Plated Hollow Point Bullets- Pulled. 380 and 9mm Hard Lead Cast Bullets Shop for various 380 and 9mm cast reloading bullets. 356 380 Caliber, 9mm 95 gr PHP. X-Treme Bullets are proudly made out of the finest materials available in the United States in order to ensure performance delivered down range with each and every shot. The powders I have are 700x, Unique, and Power Pistol. The lead wire is then swaged into a core. 30 Caliber 115 grain Round Nose. While velocity and grain play roles in the accuracy and impact energy of the bullet, neither should be the primary focus for choosing a self-defense round. Nipples, Flash Cups & Touch Hole Liners (53) Used Firearms (19) Muzzle Loading Firearms & Kits (35) Replacement Gun & Lock Parts (264) Catalog (1) Custom Rifle & Pistol Components (471) Gunsmith Tools & Supplies. " The following 115gr PRNs OAL 1. Berry recommends loading plated bullets using low- to mid-range jacketed load data from a trusted load manual. Our competitive shooters tell us that a group that was the size of a quarter is now the size of a dime. Every box of our bullets displays the Brinell Hardness Number (BHN) of the bullets. The base of the bullet is also fully coated in copper. Casting Bullets has saved me the most money when it comes to reloading. Uniform in weight and dimension, our swaged lead bullets match jacketed bullet ballistics! · 2. 380 ACP / 9mm Kurz (Using Hornady Bullets) reloading data with 39 loads. 380 5 Items ArmaForceTM bullets begin as a lead core that is swaged and NOT cast for its superb . Hunters Supply Hard Cast Bullets 380 ACP, 9mm (356 Dia) 95 Grain Lead Pentagon Hollow Point Box of 100. Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. Our hard cast 380 and 9mm bullets are triple hand sorted before being packaged. Commonly, these pocket pistols will have a barrel under 3-inches. For practice shooting, competition matches, small and medium game. Choose an option 250 PK 500 PK 1000 PK 4500 CASE. 380s are straight blow back operation and can get battered with the use of heavier than normal bullets as the slide velocity to the rear is a function of the mass/velocity of the bullet/powder gasses going forward. We carry a large selection of grains, rounds & bullet types of. TCFP (100 Count) Missouri Bullet Company 44 MAG. 380 diameter 100 grain “TMJ” Round Nose Flat Point copper plated ultra-hard lead-antimony core projectiles which are die . 44 Mag, 45 ACP, 380, 38 Special, 9mm, 357 Magnum and many more. 380 ACP 70 grain Lead-Free Ball Centerfire Pistol Ammunition | 18% Off 5 Star Rating on 2 Reviews for . 115 Grain FMJHB Not Loaded Ammo Winchester Bullets 9mm cal. lead bullet reloading components manufacturer, dealer, seller of proprietary reliable clean coated 380, 9mm, 38 Special, 357 Mag 40 S&W, 10mm, 45ACP pistol and PCC firearms FREE SHIPPING! Fire some Super Slick J-Ames BULLETS® through your barrels!. Going with flat nose full metal jacket ammo can be a good compromise for the. 380 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) pistol cartridge is a rimless, straight-walled pistol cartridge developed by firearms designer John Browning. 430 in length and if I press it to the recommended amount of COL. I am wanting to load 380ACP for the first time and i am having trouble finding loads for 95 grain lead round nose. So there's no lead fouling in the bore and the splash-back on steel targets is minimized. 9mm 125gr Round Nose/Bevel Base/Groove (820ct. Using bullets from Hornady HP-XTP. 380 ammo was as reasonable as 9mm, I probably wouldn't bother to handload for this caliber, but since it isn't I'd like to give it a try. JHP useing 231 powder start load of 2. 454 Diameter 255 Grain Flat Point Cowboy Lead Bullet 200 Count. This ammunition is loaded using. I avoid using 115 gr JHP bullets, and simply use a hard cast LRN 95gr lead bullet. 6311 N 25th St OZARK, MO 65721. the 380 is so short that it builds pressure kind of quick so be sure and use the correct load data. 355 diameter, and lead bullets seem often 0. Underwood Xtreme Defender Ammunition 380 ACP +P 68 Grain Lehigh Xtreme Defense Lead-Free Box of 20. All my 380's have shot best with 0. 99 Add to Cart Berry's Superior Plated Bullets 380 ACP (356 Diameter) 100 Grain Plated Round Nose Hollow Base Box of 250 $29. I used these 102 grain bullets to develop my 5 cent 9mm and. The World's Largest Selection of Bullets. 115 grain round nose polymer coated cast bullets. 680″) and should not be confused with this caliber. 9gr, the cases where sooty, so I went to 3. Normally when we think of debates over what type of ammunition is the best for self-defense, we think of caliber wars. Brand new for June of 2018, introducing the all new. 380 Auto, 9x17mm, 9mm Kurz, 9mm Browning Short or simply "380" is a cartridge designed by John Moses Browning and introduced in 1908. 356 inch UNLESS it is a lead bullet. They also have a load for a 115 gr. The short answer is that a 9mm Kurz FMJ bullet is supposed to be. not like Berry plated which I use exclusively in my 38s but have been led to believe are slightly oversized like bare, cast lead bullets. 3mm 8mm 32 Remmington 270 Caliber Cal 280 Ross 50-110 38-40. A 130gr bullet at close to 95gr speeds just helps up the bullet energy. Available in boxes of 250 or 500. 99 X-Treme Bullets® Copper Plated Pistol Bullets are made of premium materials in the United States to deliver downrange performance with every shot. 380 acp load for the 95gr JRN bullet data. Most orders have FREE SHIPPING. I have tried to find WIN231 and HP-38 but everywhere I have looked is out of stock. 380 up off of its knees and provide stopping power similar to the. 380 Auto (ACP) Load Data The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. Cast Performance Bullets 38-55 WCF (380 Diameter) 260 Grain Lead Flat Nose Gas Check Shop All Featured Ammunition. 380 ACP Ammo at Sportsman's Guide. FMJ bullet from Rocky Mountain Reloading! Made right here at our factory in Lewiston, Idaho, these bullets are perfect for your. I can find plenty of loads for jacketed but have not found much of anything for lead. X-Treme Bullets Copper Plated Pistol Bullets. (Note: With regard to posted reloading data, mistakes, typos, etc. BA1105 Dixie Cast Conical Bullet 45/70. 355 Dia) Reloading bullets on sale online at discount prices in our reloading supplies department. This allows the bullet to expand significantly more than FMJ bullets, increasing the. The case feeder worked fine without the 380 insert. Kimberlin Creek Bullet Company polymer coated projectiles are all casted from 92/6/2 certified bullet alloy. Marlins and New England Arms will use. The G2 Research® RIP (Radically Invasive Projectile) 380 ACP ammo is as devastating as it looks, creating 7 separate wound channels that absolutely shred soft targets. We have many different calibers to choose from. The cartridge headspaces on the mouth of the case. 310 30 Cal Rifle RB 380/9mm 95 grain Pentagon Hollow Point. Some commercial cast bullets are sized 0. 00 Out of Stock Select options 9mm 115 gr RN. GT Bullets!, Fine Hand Cast Lead Bullets. I agree with Jonnin a 115 gn bullet in. Hand-cast lead bullets, of course, go back hundreds of years before the With a good rifle and expertly cast bullets, sub-minute-of-angle . What started as a small dream has become a multi-million dollar international business selling ammunition, reloading supplies and accessories. The new bullet was hollow based to expand and engage the rifling. The weight of the bullet is measured in grains (gr) and refers to the weight of the projectile. Although these are listed as 380 bullets, I bought them for light 38 loads because the listed diameter is 0. Reloading your own ammo can save you tons of dollars. 1 grains and they all feel about the same. Re: 380 ACP with Copper coated lead. You will find the most common sizing listed for each. 380 Caliber 100gr Round Nose Flat Point. I have always used unique (it is fine in the. ♦ Brass and Bullets for 380 ACP reloading. These cartridges have the same. Available in 9mm, 40, 32, 38, 357, 38/40, 44, 44/40, 45, 45/70 Caliber. We offer lead bullets in several different calibers and bullet designs. 5 - 2" of penetration four blades are engineered to shear off and radiate out in a star pattern while the Blunt Trauma BaseTM continues to penetrate 14 - 16" in. RNFP per 50 in a plastic ammo box. These lead cast bullets are made with 92-6-2 lead alloy and then coated in Hi-TEK Coating. No bullet is inherently inaccurate; if anyone says that. Bare Gel test: 380 lead free bullets; Norma MHP 85 grain vs Novex Pentagon 80 grain from the 2. Gas Checked Cast Lead Bullets. Missouri Bullet Company Cast Lead Bullets. lead bullet reloading components. 380 95 Grain RN Brinell 18 For Secret Agents Hi-Tek 2-Extreme Coating Price per box of 500 Price: $40. Mike your bullets, Oregon Trail can supply bullets the correct diameter. There are surely exceptions but that seems common. This bullet is intended for the 380 acp. 40 Cal/10 mm 475 Caliber 512 Caliber cast bullets, casting, cowboy action shooting, . Ordered 100 to try in a Glock 42 that is real picky about ammo-dont wont to cycle slide on all ammo-started hand loading with Dillon 550B-Really picky on bullet weight and type of powder. 380 operates at lower chamber pressure compared to the 9mm Luger, so propellant charges and bullet velocities are correspondingly reduced. different loadings for different projectiles of course. Those products are listed on this page. 40 S&W vs everything, your favorite caliber vs my favorite caliber. This design allows for maximum expansion and weight retention, becoming one of the most reliable self defense bullets available today. 380 auto 95 gn-rn coated bullets. 355) Handgun Bullets For Reloading. 380 caliber round nose bullets weighing 95 grains. However, it will launch 80- to 95-grain bullets fast enough to ensure adequate close-range energy to stop a perpetrator. The sizes (below) are expressed in inches in decimal form. It was created as a rimless round with the headspace on the case mouth rather than the rim for better accuracy. Though not common in the industry, this restrike process . I just ordered some SNS Cast Bullets for. When I loaded for the 380, W231 was my choice for 88gr-102gr bullets, but many powders work. 380 ACP: 95 grain Lead Round Nose - Polymer Coated. Casted from Lyman 358242 light version. 380 ACP (9mm Corto & 9mm Short) (Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook 3rd Edition) reloading data with 0 loads. Precision Delta 95 grain FMJ bullets make a great choice for any 380 Auto hand loader. 380 ACP ammo for but the insides of the bullets are still made out of a lead core. 980 OAL Max OAL length for a 380 is 984. by John McCormick 3/23/2019, 4:58 pm. 380 is on the heavy side, but if you follow a good recipe and be careful of powder charge and OAL it ought to work fine. The Magtech brand name is commercially recognized internationally and sold in more than 50 countries worldwide. These can be easily purchased at www. Barrel Length, Velocity, and Weight. Made from a swaged lead core and copper jacket, our FMJ bullets are renowned for their consistency and accuracy. Flat Point [bag of 100] NOT LOADED AMMUNITION. We double check every single bullet. Flat Point [bag of 500] NOT LOADED AMMUNITION. 100" were charged with HP38 and fired from my CZ75B (full size 9mm, 5-shot data): 4. 9MM 147 Grain flat point coated bullets now available at Northeast! These bullets start life as ingots consisting of 92% lead, 6% antimony, and 2% tin, the optimal lead composition for the making of projectiles. shotgun too! For bullets, I like any 90-95 gr FMJ or plated bullet for plinking and the 90 gr. 380 or for lightning-fast 9mm or. 351 SL 33 WCF 348 Winchester 50 Beowulf 38-55 9. At DRT™ we are proud to introduce you revolutionary lead free penetrating frangible ammunition in time proven calibers. You can use a taper or a roll crimp. For your convenience, we accept the following: as well as checks and money orders. Field Proven pistol and handgun ammo. We've used a flash suppressed powder for all . 380 ACP is inaccurate what they actually mean is that they don't, can't or haven't ever shot it well. I had two problems reloading for it: bullet setback (not much bearing surface) and sifting through all those 9mm and 32 ACP. 356 Tags: Lead Cast Bullets , 380. CMJ bullets have a lead bullet core, covered completely in a copper plating rather than a traditional copper jacket. This 75 grain HG Raptor designed for. (Because a lead bullet tends to experience more base erosion and excessive, 'gas blow-by' when it is fired. Just place the sprue at the top as you load the ball. our Superior Plated Bullets®, they start with a swaged lead core that is then . 380 ACP ammunition with a bullet weight of 95 grains. 380 95 Grain Round Nose - Red Coated - 1000ct. The bullets are individually weight sorted and visually inspected to. 380 95 Grain Round Nose - Red Coated. Though not common in the industry, this restrike process produces a bullet that is more uniform, with a more precise diameter and a smoother finish for a better shooting and better looking bullet. It was introduced in 1908 by Colt, and has been a popular self-defense cartridge ever since. 380 ACP, and debating Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) vs Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP). HARD cast bullet with a flat nose. The monolithic bullets won’t be negatively effected by a fast twist but lead core bullets can blow apart if they’re spun too fast so you would need to keep that in mind. The cartridge itself is a variant of Browning's earlier. THE DIFFERENCE IS PRECISION! · 1. Buy 380 lead cast bullets for reloading and other reloading supplies online at ACME Bullet. Rafter T Bullets – Premium Lead Bullets – Made in the USA. Showing all 5 results 380 90 gr RN $ 11. 380 ACP is about 40 to 50 percent less than the 9mm Luger. Missouri Bullet Company offers premium lead bullets at affordable prices. Just did a search on 380 auto and found only one thread in GT I have a 380 Auto that I'm reloading for. 380 95gr Round Nose Coated Projectiles. 380 typically weighs in at 80 to 105-grains for a traditional lead and copper constructed projectile and between 50 to 65-grains for a solid copper variant. I like it's versatility I use it for 12 GA. 355/9mm) bullets are commonly used in the 380 ACP, and 357 SIG. PC Ammo is a polymer coated - no copper jacket. J-Ames BULLETS® are exotic polymer coated reloading component bullets for sale to small arms ammunition manufacturers and recreational shooters who require top tier components but without a high price. 45 ACP 230gr Swaged Lead RN Bullets. I have no faith in JHP bullets properly expanding in a 3" or smaller barrelled. Hi, I wonder if anyone has experience in terminal ballistics of the 95 grain lead flat nose 380 acp bullet? I just reloaded my new cast 95 . 380 RN Hard Cast Lead Bullet Order Form / Product Cart. They all chambered and fed manually just fine. fixed sights that are regulated for 158 grain lead round nose bullets. These bullets are great for target rounds and general plinking. I don't have any data for this caliber/bullet combo. Skip to main content; Skip to primary sidebar; Skip to footer. 75 inch BDA (Browning Double Action). 50 AE Bullet Type: Hard Cast Lead Bullet Weight: 380 Grains Rounds: 20 Rounds per Box Muzzle . DRT™ lead free centerfire ammunition is designed to out-perform all other ammunition, whether related to accuracy, reliability or terminal ballistics and it is environmentally friendly. 9MM 147 Grain Accu Coat Flat Point (250 Count) $35. Product is out of stock Choose the product options first Coming soon g/ch 7. We manufacture Partition, AccuBond, E-Tip, Ballistic Tip, BT Lead Free, Custom Competition, Solid, and Handgun Bullets. Can You Use 9mm Bullets in a 380?. Maybe they didn't want the general public running that ammo in small pistols. Brass Lead Bullets [NOT LOADED AMMUNITION] Leather Yaki Slide Holsters Frangible Projectiles [Not Loaded Ammunition] Pistol Ammunition Rifle Ammunition Lead Ingots for Bullet Casting. I've got the recipe for each powder, but my concern is the COL. 380 ACP rounds are between 85 and 95 gr. When Colt changed brass length and created the 38 Long Colt they didn't change the gun. Shop Federal Premium Centerfire Handgun Ammunition. "Given adequate penetration, a larger diameter bullet will have an edge in wounding effectiveness. Here at Palmetto State Armory, we offer a wide selection of Bullets from top brands such as Federal, Hornady, Nosler, Sierra, & more. RNFP per 100 in a plastic ammo box. | 35675 Minesinger Trail, Polson, MT 59860 USA | PHONE: (406) 883-1899. Jacketed, Lead & Copper Coated Bullets These are jacketed, copper coated & soft cast bullets for sale only and not loaded ammunition. Hunters Supply 380 Caliber / 9mm 95 grain Pentagon Hollow Point Lead Bullet. Don’t over crimp the brass after seating. 38 Special, particularly in short barreled pistols designed for discreet concealed carry. They Maintain Their Original Weight And Track Stra FLAT SHIPPING! BACKORDERED. Don't over crimp the brass after seating. Bullets are measured in grains, so when researching ammunition look at what the projectile weighs before and after the test. 38 Special are two different, but comparable rounds. 380 auto and 9mm ammunition are all the same caliber. 380 ACP / 9mm Kurtz (Lee Precision Data) reloading data with 124 loads. ACME Bullet Company manufactures 380 95GR RN (Round Nose) hard cast bullets and offers a variety of reloading supplies; lead cast bullets, range brass for reloading, starline brass, speedloaders, reloading manuals and Shooter's Choice gun care products. 4gr of Win 231 with a 95-100gr bullet. Using bullets from Jacketed, XTP, Lead. Lyman's 47th edition lists 2 grains of Accurate Arms #2 with a 100 grain cast lead bullet in the. Not safe for lever/pump action rifles. 665 inches, Distance from bullet nose to the top edge of the first driving ring =. Our Cast Lead Bullets are manufactured with a 92-6-2 alloy which results in Brinell hardness (BHN) of 16. We use a commercial alloy that is 92% lead, 6% antimony and 2% tin. 380 Auto, 9mm Browning, 9mm Browning Court, 9x17mm and 9mm ShortBullet Weight: 95 GrainBullet Type: Full metal jacketMuzzle Velocity: 1,000 FPSMuzzle Energy: 215 ft. I shot 5 and they worked great. Our balls are hand-cast in pure lead and very uniform in size. 956 OAL The Lyman mold number for 121 gr. 380 (Also known as the 9mm Kurtz ((short))) has been the standard for the minimum power that was truly considered acceptable for pocket pistol use. 380 ACP delivers an 85-95 grain FMJ bullet at 955-960 fps with 190 ft. Discover the joy of using our Hard Cast Lead Bullets and see why they are the Best. Bullets intended for higher-velocity applications generally have a lead core that is jacketed or plated with copper alloys, or steel; a thin layer of harder metal protects the softer lead core when the bullet is passing through the barrel and during flight, which. They all went boom, and most of them hit where they were supposed to. 38 Caliber, 357 Caliber Hard Cast Lead Bullets. I think it was Winchester that made the ammo for a short period of time. 380 ACP 90 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point bullets made in the USA. com/Cartridge/380-Auto-380-ACP-9mm-Corto-9mm-Short-Lyman-Cast-Bullet-Handbook-3rd-Edition/5237 380 Auto /. 380 through it, the bullet will be destroyed and lose effectiveness, and the firearm itself could sustain serious damage. 38-55 Winchester Bismuth Core Bullet California Certified Lead Free Lee Factory Crimp Die Non-Toxic projectile semi-jacketed Semi-Jacketed Bullets for. This flat nose is great for creating crushing damage and will also offer straighter penetration through bone and tissue. I'm jumping into cast bullets for my own Marlin Cowboy 38/55 The groove diameter is about. 380 ACP Ammo is a popular self-defense cartridge trusted by law enforcement and CCW owners alike. 358) 158 Grain SWC Cast Lead Bullets are cast using our standard 92-6-2 lead alloy. 380 Caliber bullets that you are looking for, you can always count on getting low prices at Sportsman's Guide! Use our Ballistics Charts to determine the specifics of your. 380 ACP 95 Grain Lead Round Nose. 380 ACP (9mm Corto & 9mm Short) (Lyman Cast Bullet loaddata. Ammo Inc 22 Caliber Rifle 62gr Reloading Bullets - 2000 Count. You can view all of Badman Bullets products here. A copper jacket provides additional strength to the lead-cored hollow point bullet. 38-55 Winchester 255 gr bullets. 380, other rounds like JHPs are still available (for a price). Made famous by Ian Flemmimg as the caliber/ gun of choice (The Walther PPK) in the James Bond 007 stories. 380, except for a smaller charge weight, not much difference. 970, very little of the bullet will be seated into the case. Since I posted, I called Extreme Bullets and they advised using data for a cast bullet and give a light crimp as the plating is very thin. Bullseye is a fast burning powder and perhaps better suited to the small cases like the 380 Auto. Category: Hard Cast Bullets Product Code: MB-380-92. I am as well wondering why I preferrably take my . This is a Copper Plated Lead Bullet. 356 Diameter 125 Grain Round Nose Lead 500 Count. Order today! Key Specifications Item Number: 635662Caliber:. So far I've reloaded some Rainier 100gr Plated Round Nose and some cast lead 95gr Round Nose. One is 2% tin, 6% antimony, balance lead for harder bullets at 18 BHN and the other is 2% tin, 4% antimony, balance lead. 380 95 Grain RN Brinell 18 For Secret Agents Price per box of 500 Price: $36. Precision Bullet Casting & Reloading. 356 Diameter 115 Grain Hollow Base Round Nose Thick Plate 1000 Count. 377" is the smallest we go with this bullet. A bullet with a copper gas check. It was developed in 1908 for a variant of the Colt automatic pistol line's 1908 pocket hammerless semiautomatic. Hunters Supply Hard Cast Bullets 380 ACP, 9mm (356 Dia) 95 Grain Lead Pentagon Hollow Point Box of 100 $18. 45 180gr SWC/Bevel Base/Groove (573ct. 380 (95 Grain) Bullet Specification. 380 auto 90 grain RN Hard Lead Cast Bullet. Powders include Hodgdon, Vihtavuori, IMR, Alliant, Winchester. Hard cast bullets made to order, lubed and sized to your exact specifications. Unfortunately, I measured 10 bullets and . Rifle Hollowpoint 41 Caliber 45 Rifle 40 Cal/10 mm 475 Caliber 512 Caliber cast bullets, casting, cowboy action shooting, 500 S&W, mold, mould, semiwadcutter, keith, round nose, wadcutter. I'm thinking that it's worth trying to suggest to my club that in view of the shortage of lead-bullet ammo, common sense might dictate a relaxation of the lead-only rule for the indoor range. It penetrates 9-11″, and defeats all known barriers, including sheet metal, sheet rock, windshields and plywood. AGUILA AMMO 9MM 124gr FMJ 50rd box $ 20. X-Treme Bullets features copper plating applied electrochemically to a precision swaged lead core. 356 diameter) Swaged with certified 6/2 lead alloy. 5 gr Bullseye loaded in just about any case with CCI or Winchester SP primers. The balls do have a sprue as they are cast. Yeah, you should have mic'd the bullets. In this article we'll take a look at the best. We guarantee our standard bullets to handle velocities up to 1,250 fps, and up to 1,500 fps for the bullets designated as TP (thick plate). In our testing, we have found 92/6/2 was the optimum alloy for our bullets. Each bullet page will provide the manufacture, diameter, common uses, covering and tip description as well as how many per package. TR1824 TRADITIONS SMACKDOWN BULLETS. Come take a look at the calibers, weights, and styles we make. Underwood Ammo offers the most comprehensive and innovative Underwood Ammo™ Supersonic Handgun Ammo for personal defense & hunting. They are incredibly uniform in wieght and diameter, there is no exposed lead on rear end of these bullets so they are a great clean burning option for indoor ranges. After a visual inspection, they are sized to the appropriate diameter and lubed with a commercial-grade lube from White Label Lube Company. GT Bullets! : - 45 Caliber 9mm 38 Caliber 40 Caliber 400 Corbon 41 Caliber 30 Caliber 44 Caliber 32 Caliber 380 ACP 45-70 Shotgun Gift Certificates 25 Cal Lead ecommerce, open source, shop, online shopping, store. 380 95 Grain Rounde - Red Coated - 1000ct. 0gr & 1000 rounds later, all is well. TMJ bullets have no exposed lead, thereby avoiding lead exposure upon firing. The bullet zipped right through the animal making an full caliber entrance and exit hole. 07 grain variance , that is excellent for cast bullets C. Federal Premium Personal Defense Low-Recoil,. 58 cal Bullets & Sabots; Lead Bullets; Round Balls & Buckshot; Bullet Starters; Cannons; ACME 380 (. I reloaded 10 rounds without a hitch. Over the years commemorative rifles have been made using. Cast Lead bullets for handguns, pistol, and rifles are available at Hunters Supply online store. Badman Bullets offers the finest quality hard cast and polymer coated lead bullets for reloading along with Slixprings black powder parts and upgrades. The 380's penetration is 8"-9". 355" Bullet Weight 95 Grains Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket Precision Delta 95 grain FMJ bullets make a great choice for any 380 Auto hand loader Out of Stock Quick view. Modern bullets and powders have gotten the. 356 diameter) projectiles from Berry's are a great choice for accurate and affordable range loads. 380 ACP: Customers Also Viewed. 380 ACP are usually smaller and easily concealed. If you are looking to purchase ammunition, Click Here. We manufacture a proprietary exotic polymer coating applied over a heat treated match winning consistent hard cast bullet. Powders include Alliant, Hodgdon, IMR, Vihtavuori, Accurate, Winchester. These cartridges have the same lead bullet, but these aren't jacketed, making them less expensive than other . OAL as always, bullet & gun specific. We carry both the popular 115 gr TC RN and the 125 gr RN. 356) 95gr RN 500/BX · Product Information · WARNING · Technical Notes · Customers Who Bought This Also Bought · Read 2 Reviews - . ♦ Brass and Bullets for 9mm reloading. Loaded with quality Hornady® bullets. Even slower powders with these big charges for this small round can produce higher velocities and lower pressures. In Stock Now Deal Of The Week; Copper Plated Bullets. The cores are copper plated, then restruck once more. 358 diameter 158 grain Semi Wad Cutter nose bullet suitable for cartridges like 38 Special, 38 S&W, 38 Colt New Police, 357 Mag. 356 cast lead bullets that I want to load for my LCP. (38Spl,357) 500 S&W Cowboy Action Wadcutters 32 Caliber 44 Caliber 45 Handgun 38 Cal. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. It is traveling over 1,150 fps out of my 3. Add to Wish List 380 Auto 13 item; 40 Cal. NOTICE: THIS IS NOT LOADED AMMUNITION Caliber. This time though, we are sticking with one caliber, the. I've settled on the Lee 356-102-1R bullet over 2. These bullets feature a precision drawn copper jacket and a lead core in a hollow point . Bullet Mold lube and handles sold separately. Frangible projectiles are made using a copper/iron metal blend that gives the product the best possi. Best ammunition for pistols and handguns for sale. 356 95 Grains Lead-RN Poly 100CT. At this time, Polycase bullets come in,. Eggleston Bullets are Available in 100, 250 or 500 Packs. However, if it's a lead Bullet then drop the start load by 0. OBTW Berry's plated bullets are good to 1200 fps, IMO that's more than "moderate" in 9mm. In extreme cases, the velocity behind the bullet when it impacts the barrel could lead to it shredding into multiple pieces by the end of the barrel; So, while a 9mm gun (probably) isn't going to implode if you fire a. I fired this load through a SIG SAUER P238, which is one of the best. 380 95 Grain Round Nose - Red Coated - 500ct. 380 Auto is a cartridge with more than 100 years of service and lineage behind it and to. For the Titegroup I've loaded from 2. 380 ACP: 95 grain Lead Round Nose - Polymer Coated Does anyone have experience loading this bullet . The cartridge that just keeps coming back over and over and over again. PC Ammo is coated, there is no metal contact with the bore, thus no lead fouling. Berry's Superior Plated Bullets 380 ACP (356 Diameter) 100 Grain Plated Round Nose Hollow Base Box of 250. yea, can't help with any lead bullet. significantly reduced from those specified for heavier, conventional lead-core, bullets. I think I will go ahead and use the 380 dies I have, just so I don't have to keep changing the. 56 PPR) Magtech ammunition has never let me down and these bullets are no exception. 380 Auto /. Design to function in automatics with light recoil. Load data for our Superior Plated Bullets® can be found in any manual or on any powder manufacturer's website. 380 auto and 9mm ammunition are all the same caliber. Moran , Lawrence Ks on 15th Apr 2016. Barnes Bullets 380 ACP 80 Grains TAC XP 40/Box Designed For Law Enforcement And Personal Defense, 100-Percent Copper TAC-XP Pistol Bullets Meet The requirements Of Lead-Free Practice environments. We keep these in stock in four diameters. My intent is to load these for practice/plinking. Yes, the 95gr bullet is already subsonic. I poured lead from my LEE 10lb pot set to "5" on an 80 degree day, and by the third pour the bullets completely filled the mould and were of shooting quality. 380 ammo cheap, they can find it with LRN rounds. 380 AUTO handguns is an excellent choice for personal protection, and also makes for a great, high-velocity 9mm handgun option as well. 356" diameter, 160 grain Round Nose (RN) Bevel Base (BB) cast coated lead bullets are made from 92-6-2 commercial casting alloy and coated. 125 +/- This… Choose Options 45 Caliber 230 Grain RN Hi-Tek coated bullets. WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. 380 Automatic Colt Pistol ammo gets a bad rep as being a "mouse gun" caliber, but these bullets provide plenty of power to stop threats in their tracks. Factory and bulk reloading bullets , in lead, plated and jacketed. If load data for your powder or bullet is not displayed here, search for data that uses Cast Lead (CL) or Plated bullets. 380 ACP bullets' stopping power and wound size. MISSOURI BULLET COMPANY CAST 380c(.